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Home » Activate account » – 2022/23 – Rich Guide – 2022/23 – Rich Guide TBN’s channel is one of the world’s most popular religious networks and” America’s most-watched faith channel.

It has inspirational programming throughout the day.

Their channels are broadcast across the globe via 78 satellites, thereby allowing it to reach over 100 million people in the US.

However, in this article, we will be giving you some easy tips to help you set up the TBN channel on different streaming devices with

What is TBN TV?

The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is an international Christian-based broadcast television network and it’s the world’s biggest religious television network.

TBN was founded by Paul and Jan Crouch In 1973.

Hence in 1973, its goal was to “build a Christian television network that spans the whole world.”

TBN also offers a wide range of original programming and faith-based films from various distributors.

The programming offered is available not just in America but also in Europe and Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Central Africa, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Brazil, and more.

It offers more than 9000 live programs available on-demand through its extensive media library.

It is hosted by various groups of ministries from Evangelical, traditional Protestant, and Catholic denominations, non-profit charities, and Messianic Jewish and Christian media personalities.

However, some countries offer original programming and shows that are translated and broadcast in their native language.

Hence, the dream of Paul and Jan Crouch is now a reality.

How do I sign up for TBN?

If you did sign up with an app, either an iOS or Android app, the app won’t accept your subscription instantly.

However, follow these steps to connect your subscription to the app:

Sign out from your user account in the app.

On the main sign-in screen, click the “Restore iTunes subscription” or” Link to an existing iTunes subscription” option within the iOS application

On the other hand, for Android “Link your existing Google Play subscription”.

This option will appear at the end of the screen.

Click on it and follow the prompts to complete the process.

How do I log in to TBN?

You must create an account before you can log in to the app.

However, if you’ve created an account already proceed with the steps below to login to the TBN app:

  • Log in to the login page via
  • Enter your email and your password.
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, you can just click on the “Rest your password” option below
  • If you’ve selected “forgot password,” you will receive an email from TBN to change your password.
  • Check your inbox for emails and click on it to set your password.
  • After you’ve created your password, you’ll be able to log into the TBN app using your new password.

How to Activate TBN Network on Apple TV?

Follow these steps below to set up the TBN network on Apple TV:

  • Turn on your Apple TV
  • Search for the “Watch TBN” app on your app store.
  • Choose it from the search result
  • Install the “Watch TBN” app on your Apple TV.
  • After the installation is completed, launch the app and sign in with your details to obtain an activation code.
  • Once, you’ve got the code, proceed to the next step
  • Using a browser, visit
  • Enter the Activation code.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process
  • Now you can access TBN content on your Apple TV

How to Activate TBN Network on Android TV

Follow these steps below to set up the TBN network on Android TV:

  • Turn on your Android TV
  • On your Google play store, search for “TBN”
  • Select the app, from the search result
  • Download/install the app
  • After installation, launch the app and sign in using your details to obtain an activation code.
  • Once, you’ve got the code, proceed to the next step
  • Using a browser, visit the
  • Enter the Activation code.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process
  • Now you can access TBN content on your Android TV
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How to activate TBN Network on Amazon hearth TVs

Follow these steps below to set up the TBN network on Amazon hearth TVs:

  • Search the Watch TBN app on the search icon that appears on your home screen.
  • Select the Watch TBN app from the search result and click on Download.
  • After the installation is completed, launch the app and sign in using your details to obtain an activation code.
  • Once, you’ve got the code, proceed to the next step
  • Using a browser, visit the
  • Enter the Activation code.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process
  • Now you can access TBN content on Amazon hearth TVs

How to Install TBN on Firestick

Follow these steps below to TBN on Firestick:

  • Make sure you connect your Firestick to your TV.
  • Navigate to the top side of the Fire TV home screen and highlight the magnifying glass icon.
  • Search for “TBN” using the keyboard displayed on the screen.
  • Select the app from the search results.
  • Navigate to the Games and Apps category and click on the TBN app
  • Click on Download at the bottom of the page to download the app.
  • Once you’ve clicked on download, TBN will be downloaded to your device and added to the Firestick.
  • After downloading the app, you can now start the app by going to your Apps and channels section.

How to Activate TBN on Firestick

Follow these steps below to set up the TBN network on Firestick:

  • Launch the TBN app on your Firestick.
  • Click on the login option and log in with your details to obtain an activation code.
  • Using a browser, go to
  • Log in with your existing account
  • Enter your activation number.
  • Then click on the “Connect device” option.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process
  • Now you can access TBN content on Amazon Firestick

How to Use TBN on Firestick

Follow these steps below to utilize TBN on firestick:

  • Visit the homepage using the Fire TV remote.
  • Click on “Read More” to know more about the show you choose to watch.
  • Select the Play button to stream the video.
  • Click on the “Add to My Playlist” option to play it later.

How do I subscribe to the Roku channel?

Using the TBN Roku channel, you can enjoy TBN content on your television.

However, follow these steps below to subscribe to the Roku channel:

  • Connect your TBN Roku channel on your Roku.
  • Go to your TBN Roku channel on your Roku and then click on “subscribe”.
  • Choose to subscribe for Monthly or Yearly
  • Fill in your payment details and confirm your subscription.
  • Once you’re done, you can now access the show instantly and also receive a link to view it on your computer or other devices.

How to Activate TBN Network on Roku?

Follow these steps below to set up the TBN network on Roku:

  • Turn on your Roku-connected device.
  • Visit the Roku channel store, click on the streaming channel, then click on Channels.
  • Select the TBN channel and click Add channel.
  • After that, the TBN network will be included in your Roku.
  • Go to the Watch TBN, and click Sign-in to obtain an activation code
  • Then, using a browser visit
  • Enter code Activation code.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process
  • Now, you can start watching live streams as well as sacred online content on Roku.


The best method to stream content to the Smart TV is to download the app from the TV App Store if you own an approved Apple TV or Android TV.

Hence, if you own a different Smart TV model, such as Samsung, It may not be able to log in or stream the contents from the built-in web browser.

On the other hand, it might work, although its browser is not among the browsers currently supported by TBN.

If you want to try this, follow these steps below to stream TBN on smart TV:

  • On your TV, start the web browser and go to the website.
  • Enter your email, click submit the form, and you’ll be sent an email with a hyperlink.
  • On a different device, open your email and click the Login link.
  • Reload your TV browser, and you’ll be logged in to view TBN’s content.
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Follow these steps below to watch TBN on your computer:

Connect your computer to an internet connection that is reliable and uses a supported browser.

Visit the TBN Browse page via

Click on the item or collection you wish to view.

The page for the video will load, and the video will begin playing right away.

Hence, you can change its view to full screen and switch on subtitles (if there are subtitles available) or even leave your comment.

TBN shows

Below show on TBN, they are:

  • Abraham Accords
  • Allen Jackson Ministries
  • Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor
  • America’s Hidden History: Memorial Day
  • Andrea Bocelli: The Heart of Christmas
  • Andrew Wommack: Gospel Truth
  • Andy Stanley: Grace of God
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Better Together
  • Beyond Blessed
  • Billy Graham Crusade Classics
  • TV
  • Celebrate Christmas with Natalie Grant & Danny Gokey
  • Centerpoint
  • Charles Stanley: Jesus, our Perfect Hope
  • Christian World News
  • Christine Caine
  • Christmas with the Chosen: The Messengers
  • Connect with Skip Heitzig
  • CREATION with David Rives
  • Creflo Dollar
  • Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power
  • James Kennedy: Truths that Transform
  • Daniah Greenberg TLV Bible – The Messiah
  • Dave and Kate Sumrall
  • David Holland: Christmas Grace
  • Derek Grier
  • Robert Jeffress
  • Tony Evans
  • Drive Thru History Holiday Special: Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Drive Thru History: Acts to Revelation
  • Drive Thru History: American History
  • Drive Thru History: Ancient History
  • Drive Thru History: The Holy Land
  • Ed Young TV

  • Elevation Worship
  • Frankie Mazzapica
  • From His Heart: Jeff Schreve
  • Gaither Gospel
  • God Bless America Again with Pastor Allen Jackson
  • Gospel Worship Experience
  • Gregory Dickow: Power to Change Today
  • Hagee Ministries
  • Harvest with Pastor Greg Laurie
  • Healing Power Bundle
  • Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller
  • Huckabee
  • I Have a Dream: Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
  • Inexplicable
  • Insights – Israel and the Middle East
  • It Is Written with John Bradshaw
  • Jason Sobel: Aligning With God’s Appointed Times
  • Jesus in the Storm
  • Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis
  • Jim Scudder, Jr.: InGrace
  • Joel Osteen – You Are Stronger Than You Think
  • John Bevere: Multiply Your God-Given Potential
  • John Hagee: Storm Proof
  • Jonathan Cahn: The Book of Mysteries
  • Jordan Rubin: CBD
  • Jordan Rubin: CBD Capsules
  • Jordan Rubin: CBD Powder Ultra
  • Jordan Rubin: Herbal Cider Vinegar/Bone Broth
  • Jordan Rubin: Lion’s Mane
  • Jordan Rubin: Lion’s Mane & Turmeric
  • Jordan Rubin: Multi Collagen Protein
  • Jordan Rubin: Organic Supergreens
  • Jordan Rubin: SBO
  • Jordan Rubin: The Maker’s Diet
  • Jordan Rubin: Turmeric
  • Joseph Prince
  • Joseph Prince: Healing Scriptures
  • Joseph Prince: Provision Promises
  • Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life
  • K-LOVE Fan Awards 2022
  • Kerry Shook Ministries with Kerry Shook
  • Kingdom Connection with Jentezen Franklin
  • Leon Fontaine
  • Life Today with James Robison
  • Live with Passion with Father Cedric
  • Living Proof with Beth Moore
  • Love Begins
  • Love Comes Softly
  • Love Speaks

  • Love’s Abiding Joy
  • Love’s Enduring Promise
  • Love’s Long Journey
  • Love’s Resounding Courage
  • Main Stage
  • Mark Lowry’s Simply Christmas
  • Michael Youssef
  • My Story
  • New Season with Samuel Rodriguez
  • One Night with the King
  • Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope
  • Pastor Robert Morris Ministries
  • Pastors under Fire
  • Power Point with Jack Graham
  • Praise with Matt & Laurie Crouch on TBN
  • Praying Grace
  • PTL
  • Rabbi Jason Sobel: Mysteries Of The Messiah
  • Rick Warren: The Purpose Driven Life
  • Robert Jeffress: A Place Called Heaven
  • Robert Jeffress: Courageous
  • Robert Morris: Beyond Blessed Life
  • Robert Morris: Seven Words of Christmas
  • Ron Carpenter
  • Sabina: Tortured for Christ, The Nazi Years
  • Samaritan’s Purse
  • Samuel Rodriquez: Persevere with Power
  • Scott Hannen: Stop the Pain – Telehealth
  • Sekulow

  • Sight & Sound: Queen Esther
  • Somebody’s Gotta Do It
  • Steven Furtick
  • D. Jakes: Crushing Series
  • Takeaways with Kirk Cameron
  • Taking Care of Business
  • Tauren Wells Special
  • The 700 Club with Pat Robertson
  • The Easter Experience
  • The Eric Metaxas Radio Show
  • The Harbinger II: Jonathan Cahn
  • The History of Easter
  • The Impact of TBN
  • The Potter’s Touch with T. D. Jakes
  • The Story Behind the Story with Mike Rowe
  • The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck
  • The Winning Walk with Dr. Ed Young
  • This Christmas Night
  • This Dangerous Book
  • This Month in Christian History
  • Touching Lives with James Merritt
  • Transformation Church with Michael Todd
  • Triumph Over Trials
  • Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
  • Ukraine Crisis
  • Unsung Hero: A Mother’s Day Special
  • Unwrapping the Unexpected With Max Lucado
  • VeggieTales
  • Why Israel Matters
  • Worship with the Binions and Friends
  • Your Move with Andy Stanley
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TBN preachers

Below are TBN preachers, they are:

  • Bernard
  • Aaron McManus
  • Aaron Moses
  • Alex Kendrick
  • Allen Jackson
  • Alveda King
  • Alyn Waller
  • Amy Grant
  • Andrea Bocelli
  • Andrew Ripp
  • Andrew Wommack
  • Andy Crouch
  • Andy Stanley
  • Angela Primm
  • Anthony Evans
  • Becky Davis
  • Ben Courson
  • Beth Moore
  • Bethel Music
  • Bill Gaither
  • Bill Johnson
  • Billy Graham
  • Blynda Lane
  • Bob Hasson
  • Bobby Schuller
  • Brandon Lake
  • Brian Houston
  • Brian Tome
  • CeCe Winans

  • Cedric Pisegna
  • Chad Gunderson
  • Charles Stanley
  • Charlie Kirk
  • Che Ahn
  • Christ Church Choir
  • Christine Caine
  • Chrystal Evans Hurst
  • Clark Hunt
  • Cody Crouch
  • Community Music
  • Craig Stone
  • Creflo Dollar
  • Cristian Ionescu
  • Dallas Jenkins
  • Daniah Greenberg
  • Daniel Grothe
  • Dante Bowe
  • Darryl Strawberry
  • Dave Ramsey
  • Dave Stotts
  • David Barton
  • David Binion
  • David Friedman
  • David Jeremiah
  • David Rives
  • Deitrick Haddon
  • Derek Grier
  • Don Wilton
  • Donnie McClurkin
  • Doug Batchelor
  • Doug McKelway
  • Ed Young
  • Ed Young Jr.
  • Eric Metaxas
  • Erick Stakelbeck
  • Erskin
  • Erwin McManus
  • Francis Chan
  • Frankie Mazzapica
  • Franklin Graham
  • Garry McFadden
  • Geron Davis
  • Gordon Robertson
  • Greg Laurie
  • Gregory Dickow
  • Herbert Bailey
  • Jack Graham
  • Jackie Green
  • Jackie Hill Perry
  • Jaime Jamgochian
  • James Brown
  • James Merritt
  • James Robison
  • Jamie Kern Lima
  • Jason Crabb
  • Jason Sobel
  • Javen
  • Jay Haizlip
  • Jay Sekulow
  • Jefferson Bethke
  • Jekalyn Carr
  • Jenn Johnson
  • Jennie Lusko
  • Jentezen Franklin
  • Jerry Cummings
  • JJ Hairston
  • Joel Osteen
  • John Bevere
  • John Hagee
  • Jonathan Bernis
  • Jonathan Cahn
  • Jonathan Evans
  • Jordan Rubin
  • Joseph Prince
  • Josh Axe
  • Joyce Meyer
  • Ke’Erron
  • Kelontae Gavin
  • Ken Graves
  • Kerry Shook
  • Kierra Sheard
  • Kim Burrell
  • Kirk Cameron
  • Laurie Crouch
  • Leanna Crawford
  • Leon Fontaine
  • Les Parrott
  • Leslie Parrott
  • Levi Lusko
  • Lisa Harper
  • Louie Giglio
  • Love & the Outcome
  • Lynda Randle
  • Madison Binion
  • Mali Music

  • Mark Batterson
  • Mark Burnett
  • Markel Hutchins
  • Matt Crouch
  • Matt Hagee
  • Matthew West
  • Max Lucado
  • Michael Tait
  • Michael Todd
  • Michael W. Smith
  • Michael Youssef
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Mike Rowe
  • D. Victor Carsrud
  • Natalie Grant
  • Nick Caine
  • Nick Hall
  • Nicole Binion
  • Nicole C. Mullen
  • S. Hawkins
  • Pat Robertson
  • Patrick Yoes
  • Paul Daugherty
  • Paul Mills
  • Phil Thompson
  • Priscilla Shirer
  • Rachel Cruze
  • Ray Lewis
  • Reza Safa
  • Rick Rigsby
  • Rick Warren
  • Rob Kessinger
  • Robert Jeffress
  • Robert Morris
  • Roma Downey
  • Ron Carpenter
  • Ron Radachy
  • Samuel Smadja
  • Sarah Jakes Roberts
  • Scott Drew
  • Scott Hannen
  • Shannon Bream
  • Shawn Bolz
  • Skip Heitzig
  • Stephen Kendrick
  • Steve Green
  • Steven Furtick
  • D. Jakes
  • Tamela Mann
  • Tasha Layton
  • Tasha Page-Lockhart
  • TAYA
  • Tim Barton
  • Tim Bowman
  • Todd Dulaney
  • Tom Newman
  • Tony Dungy
  • Tony Evans
  • Toure’ Roberts
  • Travis Greene
  • Tye Tribbett
  • Vernon Stanforth
  • Victoria Osteen
  • Voices of Lee
  • William Murphy



How can I connect with TBN for prayers?

The Prayer Department of TBN is accessible 24/7

Hence, you can connect them via:

  • Phone (U.S.)

(714) 731-1000

  • Email

How to Watch TBN without Cable TV?

TBN is typically available at no cost with a high-quality TV antenna using the air (OTA) television.

Hence, you don’t need a Cable or Streaming TV contract to view the channel.

It means that it is possible to watch TBN for free.

How can I donate to TBN?

For Questions about donations and resource offers, contact TBN via:

  • Phone

(714) 832-2950

  • Email

Can you stream TBN using an Antenna?

TBN can typically be watched at no cost with a good TV antenna by using Over-the-Air (OTA) television.

It means that viewers don’t require a Streaming or Cable TV contract to access the channel.

Streaming Services Carrying TBN Live

This is a local television channel that’s usually accessible through an antenna for TV.

However, certain live streaming services may carry it.

Hence, you can stream this channel for free online since it doesn’t require the use of a Cable TV login.

To begin watching TBN online, go to their website at

Also, some channels offer IOS and Android app users similar things.


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