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Home » Activate account » – 2022/23 – Rich Guide – 2022/23 – Rich Guide DISH Anywhere is a video streaming platform that allows you to quickly watch thousands of TV shows, movies, and clips on your Web, iOS, Android, and Fire TV platforms, all for free.

Hence, DISH users can log in to unlock more content from the networks they subscribe to, such as; Starz, TNT, and more.

However, in this article, we will give you tips to help you activate your account on different devices with

Hence, make sure you read through this article to get every info you need

Without delay let’s get started.

What is DISH Anywhere App?

The DISH Anywhere App allows you to quickly watch sports, movies, and TV shows on your computer or mobile device, all included in your DISH service.

You can also watch all live or recorded films and TV shows whenever you want.

Hence, it is auto-accessible if you subscribe to an original DISH anywhere streaming service.

With the DISH Anywhere App, you can access hundreds of On Demand movies and shows on Starz, EPIX, Showtime, and more

That’s not all, you can take also watch DISH Anywhere content on your Smart TV with the DISH Anywhere app and view all TV channels that you can access at home with the iPhone and iPad.

Also, you can arrange your home DVR from any location.

DISH Anywhere App Features

With DISH Anywhere App, you can bring your Live TV with you and watch all of your favorite shows, news films, sports, and other shows straight from your device.

Use your DISH Anywhere app with your Apple TV to airplay your show or movie on your TV.

You can also take the purchased films and shows to watch offline.

Hence, you can follow your teams of choice in the Sports section.

That’s not all, you can control and plan your DVR recordings from one central location.

On the other hand, you can transfer the DVR recordings to an iPhone, iPad, iPhone, or Mac and enjoy the recordings offline.

Also, you can get updated info on scores and games for NHL, NCAAB, NCAAF, NFL, NBA, and MLB.

How can I download access to the DISH Anywhere app?

Before downloading the DISH Anywhere app, make sure;

  • You are connected to the internet
  • Sign in to your account using your current username and password to access all channels, including premium channels.

How to do it:

Download and access the DISH Anywhere app on Google Play or the App Store for tablets and smartphones. Google Play or App Store.

For computers and laptops: Visit to start watching.

How to use to log in?                 

Follow these easy steps below to access your DISH Anywhere account:

  • Go to the DISH Anywhere and Activate the official login site via
  • Type in Your Username as well as Password into the blank field.
  • Once you have done that, hit the Login button to log in to your account.

How to activate Dish anywhere on Samsung smart TV

Follow these steps below to set up Dish Anywhere on Samsung Smart TV:

  • Open your Samsung TV and go to the search section.
  • Search for “Dish Anywhere” and install the app on your device.
  • Launch the Dish Anywhere app on the Samsung TV to get the activation code.
  • Then, using a browser, open
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to enter your activation code and complete the activation process.
  • After activation has been completed, sign in using the credentials for your TV provider.
  • Now you can enjoy Dish anywhere content on your Samsung TV

How to Activate Dish Anywhere on PS4 via

Follow these steps below to set up Dish Anywhere on PS4 via

  • On the PlayStation Store, find PlayStation 4 accessories
  • In the search field, search for “Dish anywhere”, download, and install the app.
  • After installation, you can launch the app to obtain an activation code.
  • Using a browser, open
  • Log in with credentials provided by Your TV’s service providers.
  • Enter the activation code and click on continue
  • After that follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process.

How to Activate Dish Anywhere on Chromecast via

The most logical way to connect DISH Anywhere through Chromecast is by casting.

However, the app doesn’t offer a casting function.

Therefore, you’ll need to access it by mirroring it.

Hence, follow the steps below If you own the Android device to proceed:

  • Download the DISH Anywhere app on your Android smartphone.
  • Launch Google Home on your smartphone.
  • Connect the device to the Chromecast.
  • Your smartphone will be mirrored on Chromecast.
  • Start your DISH Anywhere app on your smartphone.
  • Log in using the account that is linked to DISH Network.
  • If you are successful, choose a video you want to cast.
  • You will see the video that you released mirrored onto your Chromecast.

How to Activate Dish Anywhere on Amazon Fire TV via

Follow these steps below to set up Dish Anywhere on Amazon Fire TV via

  • On the Amazon Fire home screen, scroll to APPS and GAMES.
  • Choose from the DISH Anywhere icon.
  • If required, enter your Amazon Video PIN.
  • If you’re not yet downloading the DISH Anywhere app, use the Alexa voice remote included in your Fire TV to search for the DISH Anywhere app.
  • After that, click on Download.

On the other hand, you can still set up Dish Anywhere on Amazon Fire TV via

  • Click on the home button and search for the DISH Anywhere app.
  • Install and download the app and start the app.
  • Your TV will show an activation code on your screen.
  • Using a browser, go to
  • Enter your login and username.
  • Then, enter the activation number and select ACTIVATE DEVICE.
  • Once you’re done, the activation page will display you have registered your device successfully.
  • The page will show your DISH Anywhere app homepage and let you stream every single piece of content.

How to Activate Dish Anywhere on Android TV via

Follow these steps below to set up Dish Anywhere on Android TV via

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • Search or browse for games and apps.
  • Then select search and type in the word “DISH anywhere”.
  • Choose Install when you locate the app.
  • Launch the app after the installation.
  • Your TV will show an activation code on your screen.
  • Using a browser, go to
  • Enter your user name and password.
  • Then, enter the activation number and select ACTIVATE DEVICE.
  • Once you’ve done that, you can now stream all films, TV shows, and other videos through DISH Anywhere.

How to Activate Dish Anywhere on Xbox One via

It is true that the DISH Anywhere app is not accessible on Xbox One.

However, you can utilize the benefits of your DISH subscription to sign in to specific applications on the Xbox One.

Also, you’ll be required for the console to be connected directly to the DISH receiver to view DISH TV.

How to Activate Dish Anywhere on Smartphone via

Follow these steps below to set up Dish Anywhere on your Smartphone via

  • Download and install the DISH Anywhere app on your iOS or Android
  • Launch the app on your device following the installation.
  • Accept and read Accept and read the End User License Agreement.
  • Log in with the details of your Online ID as well as your password.
  • After you have logged into the service, you can access the service from your smartphone.
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Note: you can also screen mirror the app on Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV.

How to Activate Dish Anywhere on Roku via

DISH Anywhere is not available on Roku as a stand-alone channel or app.

The only method of accessing the service via the Roku device is through screen mirroring.

It’s a feature that lets you replicate the display of your gadget (Android as well as Windows) wirelessly on the Roku device.

This means that you’ll need to turn on DISH anywhere on your device before you can mirror its screen to your Roku device.

How to Activate Dish Anywhere on Apple TV via

Follow these steps below to set up Dish Anywhere on Apple TV via

  • Go to your App shop on your Apple TV and search for Dish Anywhere app.
  • Download Dish Anywhere and launch the app, click on login.
  • Using a browser, open
  • Log in using your cable TV login details.
  • Enter the Code
  • Verify and Continue
  • After that, you are done and can now enjoy Dish Anywhere content on your Apple TV

How to Activate Dish All – Around on a new Platform/device Complete 2022

Here are the steps for installing Dish Everywhere on Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick:

  • On the search bar/ Magnifying Glass Icon, search for “Dish anytime”.
  • Download the app to your TV and then install it.
  • When the app is activated, launch the app.
  • Your TV will show an activation code, make sure you take note of it.
  • Then, using a browser, open
  • Log in using your login details.
  • You can sign up for accounts by entering your email address and password.
  • Enter the code on the screen and then select “Activate Device” to activate it.
  • Once you’ve done that you can now enjoy Dish anytime content on your device.

How to Fix DISH Anywhere Error Code

  • If you’re experiencing any issues when trying to access the DISH Anywhere app, this article is for you.
  • Hence, following the prompts on the screen are sure to aid you in solving your problem.
  • However, follow this prompts below to proceed:
  • Determine if the device currently has support for this or does not support it, by going through the required requirements
  • Check out the conditions to establish a reliable connection and also all Android devices that are supported.
  • Also, you must be sure that the receiver you’re currently using is the correct one and works well for DISH Anywhere.
  • If you’re using multiple receivers and want to ensure that each one is in good working order to DISH Anywhere.
  • Also, check the internet connection on the device you’re using to connect to the DISH Anywhere.
  • If you notice a delay in response or general, it is time to start your system again.
  • When the intelligent device is back on, connect it to the DISH Anywhere.
  • Check your connection to determine if the “Can’t connect” error message remains or it is not.
  • If the issue persists, you can contact DISH anywhere on the official website at for extra troubleshooting assistance.

Is DISH Anywhere Free?

DISH Anywhere is totally free.

Hence, you can only access thousands of films and TV shows when you subscribe to an active subscription.

However, if you’re already a DISH customer, you can sign in to DISH anywhere using your account username and password.

This will enable you to access content from any network you’ve subscribed to from home using a DISH service.

Hence, anyone can access DISH anywhere, but only DISH customers can benefit from top content and features.

Can I access the dish anywhere app via the Amazon Firestick?

Yes, you can.

All you have to do is to download the app on the Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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Hence, you will need to enter the activation code via once you’ve installed the app.

After you’ve completed these steps, your account with DISH anywhere will become activated on the device.

DISH Anywhere Contact Information

If you need an assist on DISH Anywhere, contact them.

They can assist you in resolving all of your issues and difficulties quickly.

Hence, you can contact them via:

  • Call


  • Official website



What are the requirements for unlocking the superior Dish Anywhere functions?

  • It is favorable to be equipped with the benefit of having a Dish DVR.
  • It is good to have an HDTV that can support Sling.

Once you’ve met the requirements above, you will be able to access Dish Anywhere premium features.

How to Download Dish Anywhere Videos?

Dish anywhere makes it easy to download videos.

Hence, follow the steps below to begin:

  • Open Dish Anywhere.
  • Navigate to the video file you want to save.
  • Click on “+” under the video player.
  • Choose Download.
  • Dish Anywhere users can only download content to devices via

Do I need to pay to use DISH Anywhere?

DISH Anywhere provides access to thousands of TV shows and movies that are part of your subscription package.

However, DISH customers can log in with their DISH user ID and password to start watching TV.

What On Demand content is available on DISH Anywhere?

DISH Anywhere features over 50,000 full-length TV shows and movies from over 150 of the top networks including ABC, CBS, Bravo, and many more.

Hence, DISH customers can log in to watch even more content from the networks they already subscribe to through their home DISH account such as; Starz, A&E, TNT, TBS, and more.

What are the DISH Anywhere system requirements?

  • Network and Bandwidth

An upstream and downstream bandwidth of 4Mbps or higher for the smoothest playback experience.

Hence, you can test your bandwidth via

However, to launch the speed test, select an icon on the map that is closest to your geographic location and click “Begin Test”.

Once you’ve completed this, your downstream bandwidth will be displayed in the DOWNLOAD box.

  • Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or above
  • Macintosh OS X 10.9 or above
  • Android version 7 or above
  • iOS version 12 or above
  • Fire OS 5 or above
  • Recommended Browsers
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

Hence, JavaScript and cookies must also be enabled.

How do I connect my DISH DVR to the Internet?

For detailed instructions, please visit

Can I download videos from DISH Anywhere?

Yes, you can download your purchased movies or transfer your DVR content to your iOS or Android mobile device for offline viewing using the DISH Anywhere mobile app.

How do I find my favorite TV shows or movies?

Make use of the Search feature (magnifying glass icon) in the upper right corner.

Type in the show, movie, actor, or keyword, and view the results of the available content on DISH Anywhere.

Once you’ve done that, you will always be able to watch your purchased content on DISH Anywhere in the My Purchases section.

Hence, Purchased content will also be available in Video on Demand on your DISH receiver.

Also, you can view your Movies & Shows Purchase History at

Why are some episodes of shows not available?

The TV shows on DISH Anywhere are provided under licensing rules that can limit the number of episodes served online and the length of time they are available on the site.

If you can’t find the episode you want, it might have expired; it’s also possible that it is not yet made it available on the website.


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