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EzcourtPay Traffic Tickets is a payment platform for Georgia residents who would want to pay for Traffic citations through the online traffic citation payment portal at with their login credentials. Citation payment can be made from any device; Computer, desktop, and even with mobile devices (smartphones), more so, payment on the EZcourtPay is accessible anything, and payment is accepted through credit

EZCourtPay Login – Online Traffic Tickets Citation Portal

EZcourtPay is taking off the stress of long-distance journeys with great service, the platform also saves the time and money you would have spent going to pay in person. But that is without login access with your username and password.

Login Guide

When you visit the for citation payment, you will need to provide your login details.

  1. Last name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Citation number

When you have provided the above-listed information you can proceed to click on the search button to look up your citation payment info and an option to pay citation with a credit card will be provided.

Click on the payment option and key in your credit card details, proceed to pay your citation.

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EZCourtPay Assistance – Customer care Service Desk

In the event you can’t use the to make your citation payment, probably because you are having difficulty accessing the portal or you have an issue with the login access details, perhaps, you can’t find the citation payment information you are issued…You can contact the customer care service line and make payment via telephone.

Pay Citation Online Via Telephone

To pay citation via phone you will need to contact a customer representative and provide your citation payment details such as your state driver’s license, date of the citation, and any other personal information that will help to pin down your citation payment information on their system. The telephone number to call is1-800-262-0128.

EZCourtPay Customers Notice

A few things need to be clearly said, so you really understand what is associated with citation payment.

  1. If you have trouble locating your citation number it is located in the upper right corner of your citation.
  2. When using your citation will be available for online payment between 7 to 21 days from the date you received the citation.
  3. You must be 17 years or older to make online payment
  4. When making a payment the offender is pleading guilty to the charges brought against them and giving up their right in court to argue their case
  5. Any questions about the ticket should be brought to the attention of the court from which the ticket was issued, not EZCourtpay
  6. Once payment is made to EZ Court Pay it is applied to the person’s record immediately, no refunds can be processed at any point
  7. eZCourtpPay will send a text message and/or email to you when the citation(s) is available and/or has been paid.
  8. eZCourtPay does not process refunds of any type once payment has been submitted/confirmed.
  9. If your citation is paid after your court date, the court may have already sent notice of your failure to appear in court to the Department of Driver Services and additional steps may be required to release your license.
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About EZCourtPay

EZCourtPayis a customer service portal that accepts and processes No risk, No chargebacks, and No cost to the court payment to Georgia residents who would want to pay their citation online. The payment portal offers convenient options for offenders to pay their citations as well customer service Call Center with a toll-free number to call if you are out of reach of network or having an issue making payment through the web platform.


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