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Your choice of payment is made easy for all with TouchPay payment services. Are you a government agent? There is a new way of managing your customers’ payments. There are a list of fines to pay from such as;Touchpaydirect

  • Probation and Parole: supervision, program fees, drug testing, and monitoring.
  • Courts: child support, fines, collections, and related fees.
  • Municipalities: Utilities, permits, fees, and parking.
  • Correction: bookings, trust accounts, inmate phones, bail (self-release cards), and other related fees.

This is made possible when customers log in to the TouchPay market at the direct website.

Getting Started with TouchPayDirect Online Services.

You can get started by visiting www.touchpaydirect.com.

A list of options will be given to you, select your chosen option:

  • Correction -Deposit
  • Probation and Parole- Make a payment now
  • Court- Make payment now
  • Municipalities Make Payment now
  • Enter name of agency and State payment is being made to.
  • Enter Email Address

However, if you have not registered with TouchPay, you may not access these quality services. Therefore, it is expected that one registers.

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Login to the website at www.touchpaydirect.com

Click the “Register button”

Enter the details:

  • Firstly, First Name
  • Thus, Middle Name
  • Also, the Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Also, Date of Birth
  • Then, Email address
  • Lastly, City, State, and your Zip Codes.

With these, you can fund any government bills at ease without demanding rules.

Furthermore, TouchPay brings to your service ways in which you may pay your bills, viz

Pay via Online

  • Firstly, Visit the link at com.
  • Complete every detail as required.
  • Also, Make an online payment for courts and municipalities.
  • Make an online deposit for someone.
  • Use TouchPay Online Support and Emails.
  • Lastly, Accept visa and Master Credit& Debit cards online.

Lobby Kiosk

You can pay while visiting a lobby [email protected] govt. facilities

Make transactions as much as you can.

Walk-in Retail Payment

Walk into any retail shop. Pay to any retailer who is a member of the TouchPay Network.

How TouchPay Retail Payment works

  • Firstly, log in to touchpaydirect.com.
  • Insert amount to be paid.
  • Also, Select payment mode as “Cash”.
  • Follow subsequent guidelines to receive an order of confirmation.
  • Lastly, Take the approval order to any retail location.
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They will make the payments for you and hand you a receipt from TouchPay.

TouchPay Direct Phone Number

Contact TouchPay services at the following:

Call 1-866-204-1603 (Mon- Fri) 7am-7pm CST

Saturday (9am-5pm)

Sunday (1pm-5pm)

TouchPay Information

  • Firstly, TouchPay offers 25 years automated payment solution.
  • TouchPay products and services are to serve government payment purposes.
  • Also, They have the most developed payment platform in history.
  • Provides all-around accesses for payments always.
  • Next, Operational at fund deposits for correctional facilities.
  • Lastly, Leads a real-time electronics Kiosk payment service.

Looking for an automated payment solution? TouchPay is everywhere for you. Make payments from any of the locations above to brace a quality govt. services.


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