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Direct General Insurance Company/Agency – Claims, Phone Number, Quotes

Direct General Insurance is an auto/car insurance company that offers driver, vehicle, and policy discount coverage of up 25% irrespective of customers’ past insurance history. The company offers a complete Emergency Protection Plan for auto insurance coverage. Its coverage area is in the twelve Southeastern states in the United States.Direct General Insurance Company

Direct General Insurance Company Policy Benefits

This sounds like the best you can get out there. However, before we jump into conclusions, let’s review what the company offer in full. Direct General Auto insurance for drivers, vehicles, and policy benefit provides supplementary auto insurance services to drivers. It also comes with Roadside Assistance and Emergency Protection. More so, the company offers motorcycle insurance, Mexico, commercial, Term Life Insurance, Medicare. It also offers, Accident Medical Expense, Health Marketplace and lots of other products served to its users.

Direct General Insurance Coverage – Products & Services

Emergency Protection package – To be specific, apart from the standard package you enjoy, the Emergency Protection package has broad services entirely.  It’s no doubt that lot of drivers seek their packages daily. Just take a look at what beneficiaries enjoy;

  • Up to $125 per day up to a year of hospital stay benefits.
  • Enjoy up to $1,000 of accident medical expense reimbursement.
  • Get up to $10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment.
  • Reimburse up to $100 of your ambulance expense.
  • Get up to $25 for any service call or minor adjustment to your car as Mechanical first aids assistance.
  • Up to $300 to replace items damaged or stolen from a rental vehicle and $500 of legal fee reimbursements. Rental costs are reimbursed (typically reimbursed only through rental options with a collision and total coverage).
  • $300 to replace items damaged or stolen under personal effect coverage added with trip planning and travel discount up to $300.

Sincerely, there is just a lot that direct auto insurance has for its benefactors. But, I mean to tell you that all these benefits go not without a price.  At any rate, can you say the packages are worth it?

This is not to entice you, but surely, you will soon find out…

Affordable and Customizable Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

To be sincere, you can easily find cheap auto insurance on the direct general website that favors your type of driver. More so, designed solely for your needs.  Truly, that is the more reason their services and packages appear more attractive compared to other auto insurance companies. In detail, their unique acceptance of drivers with non-standard driving records.

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For example, the mass decline with other auto insurance companies is a result of strict measures applied. Measures like bank account checking and analysis or the request for consumer’s credit cards.

Infant stated on their website is their ease of service and the endless option available for customers.

By their words “Direct Auto isn’t your average car insurance company. Our friendly agents work with you to get you the coverage you need at an cheap price. Not minding your insurance history. From low down payments to low monthly payments, multiple discounts to multiple ways to pay, you really can have it all when you choose Direct Auto. Depending on your situation, that could even mean cheaper, more affordable car insurance”.

Direct General Insurance Company Customers Complaint Review

Yes, with all I have said about Direct Auto Insurance, there exists a weakness that customers are seriously filing complaints over.

On the other hand, because of the high demand for their services and products their customer’s services lagged with delays. Delay in processing liability and physical damage coverage claims.

Added with laxity in following up phone calls and issues reported to customer care.

Furthermore, the delay in releasing funds for repairs of damaged vehicles. As a result, two companies logged a complaint with the NAIC making the number of complaints lodged against them more in number. This is more than that of its competitor Median Auto Insurer.

Often, people lodged complaints to the Better Business Bureau in the hope to help keep the company accountable for customer care improvement.

Auto Insurance Policy, Discounts, and Coverage in the United States

Let’s go a bit into their packages and service online. It makes experience to say that Direct auto insurance services and products might not have reached to all the states in the United States but has reached at least twelve states as well as major cities.

Thus, on their website, you can use the Direct Auto location near me to find a nearby store. Although, you will need to enter your zip code. Amazingly, you can get quotes online, in-store, and over the telephone.

Discounts – Driver – Vehicle & Policy

Above all, you can customize your plan and factors in your personal needs and budget in their order. More so, you can get discounts up to 25% for safe driving, multi-product, and lots more.

In addition to low rates and low down payment options that make car insurance with Direct General more affordable and even cheaper. All of these benefits are available at no much stress.

Location Coverage

As earlier noted, Direct Auto insurance now covers the states of Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina. Next, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and North Carolina. Although not all mentioned state is covered in total. Some states only have their major cities covered. Take for instance, in Florida, cities covered are Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Port St. Lucie, excluding the market of Miami, FL.

Get Direct General Insurance Company Auto Quote

In all I have said, it makes sense to say that their quote process online is very easy and simple with a less complex question. Added to the fact that they don’t your sensitive info like requesting your bank or payment details.

More so, they don’t ask for any personal detail that links to your vital account or credit cards. However, you will be required to pay a policy fee of $25 and you will also need to pay your motor vehicle record fees.

In sum, simply visit the site, get a quote, personalize it to fit your needs, and pay your policy fees. That said, you still need to pass an MVR assessment.

As a result, after you apply, your driving confidence will change. In the same vein, you will drive legally and feel more secured while driving knowing the Direct Auto got your financial future protected. That includes your car and its damages in the case of road or auto fatal accident or collision with another car.

Hope this was helpful?

Direct General Insurance Claim – How to File a Claim

Amazingly, you can file a claim in three ways, first, via telephone by contacting the Direct Auto customer service phone number at (800) 403-1077.

Second, you can file a claim in-store by using the store locator when you visit here. Third, you can file a claim on the direct auto website and even check the status of your claim at each point in time.

How to file Claim Via Telephone Number

Above all, If you want to file a claim via phone, you will need to contact the customer care using the phone number above. But you need to understand that not every customer care person can process your claim. Only the FNOL team process claims.

Besides, other customer care can attend to other issues or keep a record of your details. Customer care are available 24/7. But the First Notice of Loss team is only available Mondays through Fridays from 8 am ET to 7 pm ET and Saturdays from 8 are ET to 4 pm ET to file a claim.

General Customer Service Phone Number: (877) GO DIRECT

When you call, press 1 to file a New Claims

OR press 2 to check the status of an Existing Claims

Direct General Login – MyAccount Login

Use the online login that offers easy access to your merit. To file a claim online, lodge a complaint, or even check claim status alongside other online features.

As a result, you will need to login to your account with your username and password when you visit the login page at Here.

  1. Visit the login page using the URL above
  2. Key in your username
  3. Enter password
  4. Hit on the login button

Direct General Registration – MyAccount Registration

Indeed, you can register to pay your bill, view ID card, or view coverage data. You can register from your mobile phone; iPhone and Android as well as from your desktop computer or laptop provided you are connected to the internet.

Therefore, you will need to visit the signup portal using the signup URL at The below details is required to register.

  • Policy Number
  • Birthday
  • Policy Owner First Name
  • Policy Owner Last Name
  • Email Address
  • First name and last name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Answer to a security question
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Next, when you have provided the above-listed details, you can click on the continue button to complete your account sign up. Then, start enjoying even life insurance and medical expenses as that is included in Direct Auto products.

Direct General Insurance Company Payment

Payment Links as published on the Director Auto Insurance company website;

Pay with Credit or Debit card
Click here to pay with credit or debit cards.

Auto-pay with Credit or Debit Card
Click here to set up an automatic scheduled payment using your credit or debit card.

Pay by Text
Mobile bill pay is a text message-based payment service that allows you to receive and pay your bill using a credit or debit card or checking account. This is over your wireless device. Learn more or click here to register.

Pay with Cash
Click here to find the nearest Direct Auto location.

Pay with Online Check
Click here to pay online using your bank checking or savings account.

DirectDrive App

The Direct Auto Insurance mobile App helps with safe and responsible driving. It also helps in locating a nearby Director Auto location and to make payment as well.

Furthermore, the app is available for download for both iOS users and Android users on Google play store and Apple App Store.

Direct Claims Contact Details

To file a new claim:

For your comfort, you can file an auto claim online or over the phone. Simply log into MyAccount and follow the steps indirect auto online portal. Or call 1-800-403-1077 to speak to a claims specialist.

To check on a current claim:

If you filed or reported a claim and you want to check how the processing is going you can call claims representatives through the phone number below.

Call us at 1-800-403-1077

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., EST

Claims office by fax:

Dial 1-800-924-0273

Include your name, policy number, and claim number on each page

Claims office by mail:

Direct Auto Insurance Claims Department

PO Box 1623

Winston Salem, NC 27102

Include your name, policy number, and claim number

Medical providers ONLY:

Submit medical bills by mail to:

Direct Auto Insurance PIP Department

PO Box 2989

Clinton, IA 52733


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