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American Home Shield Review: Customer Complaints Make This

First, for new customers who are not yet familiar with American Home Shield not to talk of what Home Repair Insurance Companies are? Not to worry, this post got you covered. I will discuss all you need to know about the American Home shield, what they sell, and if actually, it’s the best Home Repair Insurance company out there. Let’s start.American Home Shield Review

As far as I know, American Home Shield claims to be America’s most preferred home warranty company. More so, according to their customer statistics, they project to have over 1.8 million members and 17000 contractors. However, American Home Shield has poor customer service according to users’ ratings.

American Home Shield Review – Plans

What products do customers buy from American Home Shield? To start with, customers pay a monthly fee for home warranties (System and appliance repairs and replacement). Though you pay a service fee for each repair. American Home Shield states on their website they offer three Home Warranty or Protection plan: System Plan, Combo Plan, and Appliances Plan for Homeowners, Homebuyers, and home sellers.

Home Warranty

The home warranty products offered by American Home Shield sell a policy that covers costs of repairs and replacement of home systems and appliances with a flat service fee. Though they exist a maximum payout of $3,000. With 1700 contractors registered with American Home Shield, who offer repairs and replacement on customers’ request.

That said, according to customer reviews, it’s said that these contractors offer poor services in most cases.

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AHS Repairs & Replacement

AHS repair and replace essential and critical home systems and appliances which you include in your plan during quote calculation.

However, note that AHS in terms of replacement offers the same features of appliances or systems replaced but does not guarantee the same quality or brand/model or color. You might be allowed to take cash in repairing your appliance but it’s always equivalent to the amount the company would have spent fixing the appliances or system themselves.

AHS Products Offer

AHS allows customers to customize what appliances or systems they want to be covered. The System plan covers critical home systems while the appliances plan protects essential appliances but customers can choose to sign up for the combo plan which combines both policies.

AHS System Policy

The AHS home shield systems plan protects 11 critical home systems both parts and components with no coverage limit in dollars. It includes;

  1. Firstly, Plumbing
  2. Water heaters
  3. Also, Garbage disposals
  4. Instant hot/cold water dispensers
  5. Central vacuums
  6. HVAC with ductwork
  7. Also, Electrical
  8. Doorbells
  9. Also, Smoke detectors
  10. Ceiling fans
  11. LAstly, Rekeying door locks

AHS Appliances Policy

The Appliances protection plan covers 10 essential home appliances for repairs and replacement, with a coverage limit of not more than $3,000 for each item. It includes;

  1. Firstly, Refrigerators
  2. Ranges/ovens/cooktops
  3. Clothe Washers
  4. Also,  Clothe dryers
  5. Dishwashers
  6. Built-in microwave ovens
  7. Trash compactors
  8. Free-standing ice makers
  9. Garage door openers
  10. Lastly, Built-in food centers

AHS Extra Coverage

  1. Firstly, Electronic Extended Warranty
  2. Pools and Spas
  3. Well Pump
  4. Septic Pump
  5. Lastly, Guest Unit

AHS Optional Add-Ons

  1. Firstly, the Swimming pool
  2. Hot tub
  3. Guesthouse
  4. Septic pump
  5. Lastly, Well pump
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What Damages Does American Home Shield Warranty Cover?

AHS cover some damages such as normal wear and tear, poor maintenance, rust or corrosion, improper installation or previous repair, and unknown pre-existing conditions.

What are the AHS Warranty Exclusions?

Just like other home insurance companies, there are still a set of damages excluded from AHS protections such as misuse or neglect, lightning, fire or earthquake, manufacturer’s defects, cosmetic damage, and items still under a manufacturer’s warranty or routine maintenance.

Customer service reviews and Experiences

To sum it up, a lot of complaints by customers who use American Home Shield warranty have been to things; first poor customer service and contractors delays and incompetency in delivering the services they are assigned to.

AHS Additional benefits

We cant talk about American Home Shield Review without talking about AHS benefits. The protection plan mentioned above is not all there is to AHS warranty coverage. Thus, the company offers additional benefits such as; refer a friend and win a $25 Amazon gift card, additional property discount, discount on appliances, and discount on air filters.

American Home Shield Login

To sign in to your AHS account you will need to provide your login credentials; username and password. With which you can visit the sign-in page at after which you enter your email address, followed with your password and tap the login button to manage your AHS home warranty.

AHS Online Access

There exist a couple of things customers can do online, hence they register for an AHS online account. It includes; request service, login to manage your AHS warranty, Register, and renews plans including getting quotes online.

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In sum, if you can make out-of-pocket payment for potential repairs and replacement for your home appliances and system. I would suggest you give up signing up or buying home warranty insurance coverage or policies. As many of them out there struggle to meet up with their service products promises.



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