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Car Insurance Policy Number – Car Insurance Policy Number Look Up

I guess the first thing that comes to mind if it’s your first encounter with the word “Car Insurance Policy Number” is what exactly is the number and in what ways is it of help to you? Don’t worry, this post got you. To begin with, let’s say you want to contact your insurance provider, pulled over by the police, or after a car accident, your car insurance policy number is vital.Car Insurance Policy Number

That said, a Car Insurance Policy number is a unique number issued to you by your insurance company. This number is used to identify your account.

To be precise, the insurance policy number is an 8-10 digit number written on your insurance card, on bills, and statements received from your insurer.

In this post, I did my best to bring to you all you need to know about the car Insurance policy number, how to identify it, pull it, and use it for your own good. Only keep reading.

Car Insurance Policy Number Lookup – Where can I find my car insurance policy number?

To begin with, you can view your policy number on your car insurance card, which is usually an 8-10 digit number. They can list all your cars on a single card or they may have different cards with only the last number changing among the cars if you have multiple cars. E.g 77777777-1 and another will be 77777777- 2 and so on.

It is important to know that your car insurance policy number stays the same for a long time, except you change insurance providers.

It is also important that you know another 16 digit number on your insurance card known as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your car. The number is unique to your vehicle identification. VIN is located near your car’s make a description. And model on the card and contains both letters and numbers.

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You will have a separate card and account identifier when you get insurance coverage through AAA. Or any other roadside assistance provider. And also your insurance policy number will be different from your AAA membership number.

When Will I Need My Policy Number?

There is a specific moment when your Car insurance policy number plays a major role. So much so, that without it, you might get into trouble. So you will need your Car policy number;

  1. First, after a car accident.
  2. Second, when you’re pulled over by the police.
  3. Third, when You Contact Your Insurer.

After an accident, they will use the information on your insurance card while filing a case. And also, you hand over the card to the police if they arrive at the accident scene.

When you’re pulled over by the police. The police check your card to ensure you comply with your state’s mandatory insurance coverage laws.

When you contact your insurance company for any of their services. Thus, your insurance card serves as a pre-requisite for them to attend to you.

What Do I Do When I Lose My Policy Number?

I will start by saying that you must have a digital copy and a paper copy in your glove box.  Be it as it may, you can use your electronic proof of insurance on your smartphone everywhere in the 48 states except Connecticut. Next, New Mexico and Washington.

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Be it as it may when you lose your proof, most insurance companies will mail you a paper copy and allow you to print out from your online account new cards for your use.

When Will I Need Someone Else’s Insurance Policy Number?

To start with, when you did get into an accident, no matter the severity.  Thus, you should ask for the driver’s insurance card. And it is wise to offer your first to show faith and trust for the other driver to release his.

More so, you should snap both the front and back of this other driver’s card and send it alongside the driver’s name and phone number to your insurance company.

After calling your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company, you can start the process of filing for claims.

What Do I Do When I Don’t Have All The Other Driver’s Information?

Usually, there are tension and panic attacks after an accident which may make one miss out on some vital information from the other driver’s insurance policy card. Thus, you can call the other driver for more information if you do have the contact.

On the other hand, if not, you can seek out the information from the police report taken at the accident from the police station. As they entitle you to any police report bearing your name.

If all these fail, you can seek help from your insurance company. When you do, they can use their professional experience to help out to identify the policy number. Or the insurance details of the other driver.

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In the End

To cap it up, don’t forget to comment and share the post with friends using the share button below. Thanks for reading.


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