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eTenet – How to Login for an Employee and a New User

eTenet – how to log in for an employee and a new user. If you are an employee or a new user who is confused about how to log into the eTenet account, then you are on the right page. We will be showing you just how easy it is to accomplish this task using just a few steps. But first, let’s talk about eTenet.eTenet – how to log in for an employee and a new user

eTenet is a web portal especially designed for the Tenet staff members. Tenet is one of the biggest public healthcare companies which has been in existence for over 50 years. Tenet has under its company hundreds or even thousands of clinics and hospitals as well as other health care facilities. Currently, Tenet Healthcare Corporation has about 115K employees.

eTenet was birthed as an avenue of keeping tabs on every single employee. The online platform was designed to gather all the necessary information on the staff and store in a secure environment. The eTenet login portal, stands as the most popular part of the hub. Employees are to visit and provide their login details to gain access to the portal and also get access to their track record, schedule, paycheck stub and much more information.

How to Log In as an Employee

Before you can successfully log into the eTenet portal, you’ll have to ensure you have the following in place:

  • An internet-enabled device, be it a desktop computer, laptop or smartphone.
  • You must have your unique ID and password handy.

To Login:

  • Launch a functional web browser and log into the eTenet web portal
  • Key in the identification number
  • Enter your password
  • Log into the system.

If you have forgotten your password, simply notify the system, and a new password will be sent to you through the email you registered with.

Note that IDs are issued to employees of the company once they are officially employed into the system. As such you can’t go around this. So if you forgot your ID, you have to contact Tenet’s support agents.

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How to Log In as a New User

You can’t log into the eTenet system if you have not first created an account. It is easy to create an account and I’ll be showing you just how you can do that here:

Create an Account

  • Visit the login portal of eTenet
  • Click on “Employees and All Other Users” tab in the New User Registration menu.
  • Thereafter, you’ll be transferred to a secure environment for registering new eTenet users.
  • On the next page, type in your one-time ID into the Registration/Unique ID blank at the bottom of the page.
  • Then you’ll be prompted to enter the last four digits of your SSN.
  • Enter the Month and Day of Date of Birth
  • Confirm your identity
  • A new account is created.
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Other Options

If you click on “Credentialed Providers”, you’ll get transferred to another page where you’ll need to:

  • Provide a Registration/Unique ID which is not your SSN but your NPI (National Provider Identifier).
  • Click on the “Next” tab
  • Then the system will walk you through all the necessary operations of registering your eTenet.

To Unlock a Blocked Account

To unlock a blocked account, do this:

  • Choose the corresponding option in the login portal. (only registered and verified users can do this).
  • Choose the right option which is Tenet User or a Credentialed Physician).
  • You should get your account back in no time.

If you have questions or still have some unresolved issues, then you should contact Tenet’s customer support agents. They are ever ready and willing to help out. Just make sure you have the necessary details handy, because they may need them in order to better serve you.

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