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How to Strike Through Text in Microsoft Outlook

Are you wondering how to strike through in Outlook? Especially if you have seen a line through text before and want to use it in your own email? Have you used text formatting in Outlook that involves bold, italicized, or underlined text?. If you have or haven’t, you should understand that these are common formatting choices that are available in many applications.How to Strike Through Text in Microsoft Outlook

You can format in many ways the text that you type in a document. So if you are using an application with a robust set of formatting tools, like Microsoft Outlook, then you have many options. These options will enable you to make your text look just the way you want it to look.

There’s an option that you can use which allows you to draw a line through some text. This option is known as strikethrough and is a great medium to let your email recipient know that a particular word or phrase should be ignored.

How to Strike Through Text in Microsoft Outlook

Single Line

  • Start with highlighting a word or line of text while composing a message.
  • Click open the Format Text button, then click the abc (strikethrough) icon in the Front group.

Double Line

  • Click open the Format Text button, then click on the small arrow shaped icon in the Font group.
  • Check the box close to the Double strikethrough and then click OK.
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Additional Information on Strikethrough in Outlook

  • You can decide to click the strikethrough button before you start typing. This will make any text that you type after it has the line drawn through it.
  • You can use either of the methods outlined above to remove strikethrough from text also.
  • You can only add strikethrough if you are writing in the HTML or Rich Text format for your emails. But if you are in Plain Text mode, then you won’t be able to add strikethrough. Additionally, if you switch to Plain Text, understand that any existing strikethrough will be removed.
  • Using the Clear Formatting button which is located in the Basic Text section on the Message tab, you can remove strikethrough formatting and any other formatting.
  • You cannot apply strikethrough to your email subject. It can only be added to content in the email body.
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You can agree that striking through a text in Microsoft Outlook is not as difficult as you thought it would be. You can try out these steps now if you haven’t done so already.


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