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Fix TV doesn’t support the program’s content protection – 2024 – Rich Guide

DIRECTV, previously known as AT&T TV, is one of the largest pay-TV providers in the US. It also has a large number of channels and is reliable.

If you are a DirecTV user, you might have come across an error message: TV does not support this program’s content protection.It includes the suggestion of replacing the TV’s HDMI cord with the component cables that will let you see your program.

Some users try to switch off and on their receivers occasionally. This makes the issue go away, but you keep seeing pictures in 720p. Hence, it will be difficult to see pictures in 1080p. DirecTV does not have many 1080p channels, apart from a few PPV movie channels. All the HD channels are in 720p or 1080i.TV doesn’t support the program’s

What causes TV to not support the program’s content protection issue?

You might want to know why you got that error message. Below are some reasons why you face the issue:

  • The DirecTV server is down.
  • In the 1080 mode, there is an error.
  • The cable connection is unstable.

How to troubleshoot issues with TV doesn’t support programs’s content protection.

Try the steps below to fix this issue:

  1. Reset your TV connection.

Most channels on DirecTV have HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). HDCP helps to limit the interception of the audio and the digital video content when it moves across DVI or HDMI interconnect cables.

When you come across a DirecTV error message, just restart your receiver and HDTV. You can accomplish this by turning them off for a few minutes, then turning them back on. But if the error is still there, simply try the next step.

  1. Reset your HDMI cable, receiver, and HDTV.

If you are still experiencing the same problem or have a ‘no video signal issue’, try unplugging your HDMI cables, receiver, and HDTV. Then, plug them back in. To do this:

  • Detach your HDMI cable from the HDTV and receiver.
  • Switch off the TV and receiver.
  • Disconnect the HDTV and receiver.
  • Then, plug the cable into the receiver.
  • Connect the HDTV and receiver.
  • Switch on the HDTV and the receiver.
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If, after trying the steps above, the error is still there, try the option below:

  • You can replace your TV HDMI cable with component cables. Also, where necessary, make use of another HDMI input on the TV and redo the steps above.
  • Plug the receiver straight into your HDTV if you have an AVR or HDMI switch.

If the replacement cable does not work, try using another HDTV.

  1. Disable 1080p

As pointed out above, DirecTV does not have many 1080p channels. Hence, if your TV does not support 4K, it means you will have to lower the resolution. In case you are facing an error message, just disable 1080p on your receiver, HDTV DVR, or video setup. Then, go to your settings and change it to 720p or 1080i.

  1. Update TV firmware.

You may be experiencing this error message because of HDMI handshake issues. Update your TV software or firmware to fix the issue. Otherwise, you might need to use the component video cables or just get a new set of TVs that supports HDCP.

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In addition, be sure your TV and inline equipment are not compliant; you will have no choice; the DirecTV app updated to version 2.0 may damage your HDMI functionality. Hence, you will get this error message: “DirecTV HDMI output is not supported.”


  • Why does my TV say your TV does not support this program’s content protection?

DIRECTV error message: TV does not support this program’s content protection. This error message appears if your HDTV is not responding to our content Restart your HDTV and receiver, and unplug your equipment to resolve this error.

  • Why does my TV say to replace HDMI with component cables? Why does my TV say to replace HDMI with component cables?

Replacing the TV’s HDMI cable with component cables will allow you to view the program when users try to access any stream or channels on their smart TVs. 28 June 2021

  • What is an HDCP connection?

High-bandwidth Intel Corporation developed Digital Content Protection (HDCP) as a form of digital copy protection to prevent the copying of digital audio and video content as it travels across connections.

  • How do I make DirecTV 1080p?

  • Click oon “INFO.”
  • Using the right arrow, go to Audio/Video.
  • Click on the down arrow to change the resolution. Then press SELECT to view the different screen formats. TV doesn’t support the program’s
  • Why is my DirecTV not in 1080p?

DirecTV does not use a normal 1080p format, so it’s likely your TV doesn’t support it. All HD channels (except the 3 4K channels) use 1080i or 720p, which are the HDTV broadcast standards.

  • What resolution should I use for DirecTV?

The highest resolution HDTV has 1080 lines top to bottom (1080i), which gives you the best picture quality.

  • What is the difference between 1080i and 1080p?

These two resolutions differ in how they display images. The letters “i” and “p” refer to the display mode used: 1080i refers to “interlaced” and 1080p to “progressive scan.” 1080i uses an interlaced display, whereas 1080p features a progressive scan display.



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