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Sling TV won’t fast-forward? Fix Here! 2024 – Rich Guide

How annoying can it be when your Sling TV won’t fast-forward or skip ads while streaming? Aside from having to watch a boring scene, you can’t even dare rewind. Rewinding will make the video start all over again. These are the issues people go through when their Sling TV won’t fast-forward.

You can’t view a previous scene you missed or enjoyed. You may have experienced these restrictions if you’re streaming a recorded video via the FOX network.Sling TV won’t fast-forward


However, if you are watching a program that doesn’t have these restrictions but you are unable to forward, rewind, or pause, it could be due to a couple of reasons.

Although the program’s licensing allows you to fast-forward, you may still find it difficult to do so. That is, you can’t rewind, pause, skip commercials, or even fast-forward.

The Sling TV won’t fast-forward issue may be due to some other factors.

Before you begin to employ any of our solutions below, you must first check that the progress bar on your Sling TV is full.

If full, it implies that you’d be able to fast-forward, skip, pause, or rewind.

This is because for some fast-forwarding-restricted channels, the bar will be empty. As a result, you may receive the notification, ‘This actis not available on the said channel’.

Once you’ve confirmed that the issue is not due to a restricted channel, you can proceed to apply any of the solutions below:

Solutions to Sling TV “fast-forward not working” Sling TV won’t be a fast-forward issue.

  1. Ensure your remote control is not faulty.

As obvious as it may sound, a broken remote or a dead battery could be to blame for your frustration. It might just be a control issue in that your TV is not receiving signals from the remote control.

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When did you last change the batteries on your remote control?

Before changing the batteries or getting a new remote, confirm that the remote control is the cause of the issue.

On another video on Sling TV, try using the same remote control to fast-forward or command other functions. This will help you know if you were trying to fast-forward or skip on a restricted channel.

Also, try performing other functions using your remote to see if it responds. Now replace the batteries with new ones and try again.

If the control isn’t active yet, then you’d have to get a new remote control.

Keep in mind that if a dead battery or a malfunctioning remote control were to blame, this would be the solution. Otherwise, you have to keep reading to find more solutions.

  1. Update for the Sling TV app

A deficiency in the current version of the Sling TV app may be the cause of the fast-forwarding issue. Updating the app to the latest version can be the solution to this issue in your case.

If Sling TV has updated its apps, it may have resolved those deficiencies.

Updating the Sling TV app will also help fix the issue with the progress bar and enable fast and other functions.

  1. Reboot the Sling TV app.

If your app is overloaded, you may be experiencing the Sling TV won’t fast-forward issue. To solve this, you’d have to restart or reboot that app. That is, to log out and log in again.

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If you’re using your mobile device, ensure that you wipe out the activities on your screen after you’ve logged out to ensure that the app is not operating in the background.

  1. Reinstall the Sling TV app.

If fast-forwarding appears to work while using a browser but is malfunctioning on the Sling TV app, uninstall it.

Installing the app will fix what mere app updates couldn’t.

Uninstalling will clear all previous settings on the app. It will also clear all data, cache, and cookies associated with the app, freeing up some space.

Done uninstalling? Locate the app and reinstall it. The new app is void of cached data and comes with a default setting. This is what you need to do to fix the error.

Can you DVR local channels on Sling TV?

Yes.With DVR on Sling, you can record videos you’ve got to see and watch them on Sling-supported devices anytime, anywhere. Record up to 50 hours for free, or upgrade to 200 hours for just $5/month.

You can also watch live shows wherever you are, at home or on the go! With Sling TV, you get to choose the television option that’s right for you, including channel add-ons, premium add-ons, DVR Plus, and more.

Does Sling TV offer on-demand?

The on-demand feature available on many Sling-compatible devices helps you browse what’s available and quickly find something to watch whenever you want. It’s located at the top of the Sling interface, next to the Sports tab.

Sling TV offers a variety of shows and movies that you can watch on-demand. Some of these channels included in the paid package are often available free of charge.

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In most cases, these free on-demand channels come with commercials, and you can’t skip them.

How do I access VOD on Sling TV?

Here’s how to access video-on-demand on Sling TV:

  1. Go to the mini-guide and select the channel you want to watch.
  2. After selecting the channel, press the up arrow. This brings you to the channel details. The ribbon(s) under the schedule display the on-demand content for this channel.
  3. Select your show and enjoy!


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