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Roamans Credit Card – How to login – Appy – Payment

To be honest, you can rely on Roaman’s credit card. I know you might ask why. But I have many reasons. However, I will tell you that the best way to get rewards for everyday spending is to apply for the Roamans Credit Card.Roamans Credit Card

Additionally, picture yourself earning rewards every time you use your credit card. That’s a lot of benefit. I’m not done yet; cardholders also enjoy birthday gifts. Furthermore, all Roaman credit card customers are eligible for free shipping four times per year. However, the Roaman credit card is not for everyone. As a result, the card only favors exclusive fashion stylists who frequent stores to buy clothing and other fashion items.

To be precise, the Comenity Bank’s goal is to make people spend less while earning more rewards and special offers. As a result, considering the above-listed benefits, Roaman’s credit card is without annual fees.

Roamans Credit Card Review

What exactly is Roaman’s credit card good for? By the way, which set of people need credit cards issued by Comenity Bank for store purchases the most? Before I go into that, let me first help old card users access their account by helping them do Roamans credit card login. However, suffice it to say that the card is primarily for fashion shopping and accessories. And it’s especially beneficial for women.

Roamans Credit Card Login: How to Sign In

To begin with, when you log in to your Roamans credit card account online, you can do a lot. Thus, you can pay the bill and make transfers. Additionally, check transaction history and view monthly statements. Next, check your account balance and set up email alerts.

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As a result, all you need to do is:

First, access the login page using the URL

After this, locate the sign in the area. Next, key in your login credentials: username and password.

Then click on the sign-in button. That’s all.

In brief, Roaman’s Credit Card Features and Benefits

To tell the truth, there is a lot you stand to benefit from. If you ask me, I would say that the Roamans credit card is the best store credit card for fashion. How do you mean? The list of features below will clearly state what I mean.

  • The first is that the card has no annual fees.
  • Second, cardholders enjoy membership rewards. That way, they can earn up to 200 points, which is equal to $10.
  • Cardholders earn rewards for every dollar they spend on beauty and fashion products.
  • Fourth, think about the beauty of free shipping, which you can convert into purchase cash up to $75.
  • First, as a cardholder, you will receive a special birthday surprise package every year.
  • Finally, although not all of Roaman’s credit card offers are available, cardmembers can shop at all of Roaman’s approved beauty and fashion brands. That includes Jessica London, Ellos, Kingsize, Brylanehome,, and swimsuits for all.

Roamans Credit Card Application: How to Apply Online

Furthermore, applying for Roaman’s credit card is stress-free. In fact, it’s as easy as ABC. However, there are steps to the online application process. But trust me, it’s the easiest step you’ve ever seen.

Visit to begin.

In the second step, click on the “Apply” tab.

In the third step, fill in the information required (first name, middle initial, last name, suffix, SSN, date of birth, and yearly income).

Fourth step: key in your zip code, street number, apartment, city, and state.

At this point, the fifth step is to make sure you provide a valid email and your mobile phone.

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In the sixth step, add an authorized buyer to your account. That’s if you have one or more dependents to add.

If someone has referred you, enter the referral code in the seventh step.

Finally, scroll down, tap on the ‘continue ‘button, and follow the rest of the application process to complete the Roamans card application.

Sign Up: How to Register for Online Access

If you applied for a Roamans credit card and would like to create an account for online access wherein you can manage your account and make online purchases using your Roamans credit card, you will need to register.

Therefore, to sign up  for an account visit the official page, then click on the register link for online access. Next, provide your card number and zip code; also, provide the last four digits of either your SSN, SIN, or AIN. After this, tap on the “FIND MY ACCOUNT” button to complete your account creation.

Forgot your password or username? How to Recover Login Details

In case you forgot your account, you can recover or reset it on the Comenity Bank website. As a result, all you need to do is go to the website and click on the sign-in button. Don’t try to log in. However, tap on the “Forgot your Username or Password” link and follow the rest of the instructions to either recover or reset your password.

How to activate Roaman’s credit card

To begin, activate the card after receiving it in the mail. So, to activate it, you must first enroll in online management using the sign-up instructions outlined above. After completing the previous steps, you can now proceed with the following instructions:.

  • First, open your browser and navigate to
  • Second, locate and click the registration button.
  • Third, after you follow the registration process,
  • Fourth, on your user dashboard, locate the card activation tab and click on it.
  • Follow the activation instructions to complete the process.

Roaman’s online credit card payment: How to Pay Roaman’s Credit Card

Amazingly, you can make payments through several means. First is the fact that you can pay in person. Second, you can pay online. Third, you can pay via email as well as via phone.

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Pay Online

In the end, if you want to pay online, you will have to use your mobile phone or desktop computer to visit the official page of Comenity Bank. However, you can still pay using the mobile app for customers’ easy banking services.

Payment Guide;

To begin, to pay your Roaman’s credit card, you must have login access. First, visit the Roamans Credit Card login page on the Comenity Bank website and enter your login user ID and password. Then, on your dashboard, click on the Bill Payment option, select Pay Bill, enter the amount, and hit Continue. That’s all.

Phone Number

Customer care hours


8 a.m.–9 p.m. ET.

Closed Sundays

Live customer service hours may vary on holidays.

Customer Care




Customer Care Address

Comenity Bank

PO Box 182273

Columbus, OH (43218-2273)


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