Get Login With My Care Plus Online Account

Logging into My Care Plus online account if you are already an account holder will give you access to main website. On the website, you can have access to the medical service you want to access. Just by completing simple login steps, you’ll be on your way to taking advantage of the services offered by My Care Plus.Get Login With My Care Plus Online Account


My Care Plus is specially designed to offer assistance to patients in a convenient and smart way. This online portal allows patients to register and easily check their previous medical records and personal health data and even send an online request. Apart from being a medium via which people can access their medical records, this website also offers other online facilities to patients. In a bid to better understand and cater for the unique needs of patients, the portal has been expanded from Oncology to include many other departments.

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On the site you can get access to – Home Care,, Home Health, get help if you are recovering from illness or injury and even receive medical treatments from home. My Care Plus team is well equipped to take care of you.

To get access to this website, patients are required to provide some important information which are requested for in the form. Once a patient can successfully login, he/she can easily track the past health record. These health record can even be downloaded or saved for a time when it can be shared with other consultants.

Logging in online will help you access the following benefits:

  • View your lab medical test and download them online.
  • View your previous prescriptions as well as recommended prescriptions.
  • Get special treatment for all types of allergies and diagnosis.
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Now that you know that you can get access to your past health record, if you want to get registered at My Care Plus Online website, you can follow our guide.

How to Login on My Care Plus

The following steps will guide you successfully to log into the My Care Plus online account. There are easy detailed steps that you can complete in no time:

  • Visit My Care Plus official website from your web browser at mycareplusonline
  • Once the main page is displayed, you’ll see the login portal at the right wing of the page. This is where you’ll be logging in from.
  • To login through this portal, you have to provide your username and password in the respective fields provided.
  • Go ahead and click on the “Login” button.
  • You can also recover your username or password if you have forgotten any on the website.
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Simply click on the “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” link provided on the site to recover your login details. This is the only key that will give you the access to log in on My Care Plus website.