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Homesite Insurance Review – Support Lines -Policy Coverage

Looking for cheap rates home insurance coverage? You don’t need any further search. Homesite offers cheap home insurance rates than other home insurance providers.

However, it has limited coverage options and low customer services. In other words, if your major concern is the price, then Homesite is the best option. But if you care about customer service. At the same time, a wider coverage option, you might need to check other insurers.Homesite Insurance

Homesite Home Insurance Coverage Review

To begin with, if you are talking about the best affordable Home insurance company, you can count on Homesite. Although, at the point of claim, you might need to pay a little higher deductible. At the same time, buy additional liability protection. But that is if you want to receive coverage from libel or slander suits.

Meanwhile, you might enjoy a low premium, but limited options for an upgrade. Moreover, other limitations lie in its poor customer service when customers file a claim. Furthermore, the poor customer services are as a result of few or no customer representative or online or on phone agent you can talk to.

In sum, if you want a value-packed home insurance coverage. Then, Homesite turns out to be the best I can recommend. But that’s if you don’t mind the poor customer service.

Policy Coverage Options

Policy from Homesite home insurance covers lawsuits expenses filed against you for injury or property damages even libel and slander in the law courts. The liability protection is accessible if you purchase an extra endorsement.

However, there are several things covered when you buy Homesite home insurance policy such as;

  • Personal Property – This insures property theft, damages, and destruction.
  • Loss of Use – In the event you lose access to your home. The loss of use coverage takes care of that.
  • Dwelling – if your home structure gets damaged, this coverage takes care of it.
  • Personal Liability – If you are involved in a motor accident or any other accident and you are sued for property damage or injury. This coverage got you covered.
  • Other’s medical Payments – in the event someone gets hurt or sustains an injury on your property, let’s say a house. This coverage foots the bills.
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Additional Homesite Home Insurance Policy Coverage

What else do you expect from the Homesite to truly see them as the best? There is a set of discounts offered by Homesite. Thus, these discounts make their policy attractive and compelling when compared to other home insurance companies. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best you can get out there.

Identity Theft Protection

Here, there are lots of things to put in view. But first, the identity theft sums up to $15,000 expenses. Such expenses include; legal fees, fraudulent credit card charges. That said, in some cases, you receive payment for legal fees and lost work time.

Personal Injury Protection

It’s clear as the name implies when you sustain a personal injury. Be rest assured that you are covered. In other words, Personal injury protects you against claims of libel, slander. At the same time, it protects you against an invasion of privacy under your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Extended Coverage on your Home

Here you enjoy coverage beyond your initial plan. As the name sounds, it provides additional coverage, up to 25%, or 50% of your Dwelling Coverage. But that is if the amount to replace your home exceeds the amount of coverage provided by your policy.

Coverage for Valuables

Are they valuable items you would want to cover? it makes sense because if you don’t, you might end up spending the money to buy a new one should anything happen. So, it’s very easy. the coverage for Valuables offers open perils coverage for your valuable items such as jewelry, furs, cameras. Next, musical instruments, silverware, fine arts, and golfer’s equipment.

Service line breakdown coverage

This coverage isn’t for everyone. It’s only needful if you own a service line. But in my opinion, if you do own a service line. Do your best to go for this coverage.

Sump pump overflow coverage

Here comes a coverage you need to keep your Sump pump in good condition. So, it’s very good to hear that Homesite covers repairs needed after a sump pump overflows.

Homesite Homeowners Insurance Cost

cost is a major factor when it comes to insurance. That’s because you wouldn’t want to pay more than you should and end up with a low payout or benefit.

Like you already know, Homesite offers low rates or cheap home insurance coverage. How cheap? It’s so cheap that homeowner’s insurance plans start from $900 to $1,900 a year. However, quotes differ based on the value of the policy, the location of the covered home, and the amount of coverage.

Homesite Home Insurance Discounts

Home alarm discount – If you have a smoke or fire detector or security system in your home. Thus, you will enjoy lower premiums.

Age-related discount – if you are 55 with a fixed income, you enjoy a discount on policy payment.

Home age discount – Newly built home can receive a discount.

Bundled insurance – Bundle auto and home insurance lowers the premium.

How to file a claim

To begin with, filing a claim can be stressful as well as easy. But that depends on the customer service of the insurance company involved. In other words, as a Homesite customer, you can file a claim online and via a telephone call at 1-866-621-4823.

However, the online claim process requires you to login on the Homesite website or portal with your login credentials. Below is how you can sign in with your password and username.

Homesite Insurance Login

You can log in when you visit the sign page at, enter your username and password, and tap on the login button. After which you can proceed to file a claim, using the claim feature on the dashboard.

Homesite Insurance Sign Up

Before you can be able to buy coverage online with Homesite, you will first need to create an account with Homesite. That account will help you manage certain features of your policy such as;

  • Email or fax proof of insurance.
  • Make payments and manage automatic deductions.
  • Submit claims and monitors status with real-time updates.
  • Learn about policy coverage and deductibles.
  • Manage policy details anytime from your computer or mobile device.

HomeSite Insurance Progressive

The Progressive homeowners’ insurance is a major partner with Homesite. This simply means that when you buy any policy from Progressive – you are as good as having coverage with Homesite.

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About HomeSite Insurance Company

Homesite is a Property and Casualty Insurance Company headquartered in Boston, MA. Thus, they provide individuals, families, and businesses with customized, affordable insurance policies that help protect their home and property against serious financial loss due to unexpected events.

HomeSite Insurance Products

  • Home
  • Renters
  • Condo
  • Flood
  • Life
  • Commercial
  • Auto

HomeSite Insurance Support Lines

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-466-3748

Claims: 1-866-621-4823

Business Insurance Customer Service or Claims: 1-877-515-2196


Corporate Office

Homesite Insurance

One Federal Street

Boston, MA 02110


Homesite Insurance

P.O. Box 5300

Binghamton, NY 13902-9953


Homesite Insurance

P.O. Box 414356

Boston, MA 02241-4356

Business Insurance Payments


P.O. Box 74008159

Chicago, IL 606748159

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