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How Do I Fix Cable TV Static?

Are you also having a problem with Static on TV? If yes, don’t worry. This article is designed to cover all you need to know about how to fix TV Static.

The method we are going to show you will help you fix TV Static on your own without seeking any external help. You can choose from any of the methods listed to fix it.Fix Cable TV Static

We will be showing you various methods that can help you fix any TV Static in no time, let’s get started:

How Do I Fix Cable TV Static

Method 1: How Do I Fix Cable TV Static?

Here’s how it works with this method:

  • Firstly, you have to start the process by checking the power cord of the receiver, to ensure the cord is secure with the wall outlet, or a power strip, based on your setup.
  • If you notice that the setup box is not powering on while the TV is turned on, and the TV won’t receive a signal and displays all the Static on the TV screen,
  • You have to check the coaxial cable. This is plugged at the backside of the cable box.
  • Ensure the cable is securely connected to the receiver’s “ANT IN” port.
  • Tighten the coaxial cable, if it is in the right port. If you notice that the cable is loose, you may also have a problem.
  • You can take a silver or golden metal band which is at the end of the coaxial cable.
  • Rotate the metal band to the right-wing and get the band adjusted closer to the end of the cable.
  • Keep on rotating until the band can’t rotate further. This will have the static problem fixed from the display.
  • Try to check around your TV’s proximity and try identifying any powerful pieces of electronic equipment which may be forming a lot of power. This is because a few devices which draw a lot of power have a way of giving off a lot of electronic interference. Electronic interference can create static as well as different forms of noise on your TV.
  • You must ensure that power electronic devices are being kept away from the TV. It is best you move the TV to another spot if you can’t move the devices.
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If you decide to use this method and follow it accurately, you’ll get the static fixed in no time.

Method 2: How Do I Fix Cable TV Static?

You can also use this method in fixing cable TV static with ease:

  • Start by cleaning the screen with a fabric softener. This will help in reducing the static build-up.
  • Thereafter, apply a liquid fabric softener to a clean cloth and wipe the screen to reduce the static.
  • Place an Air Humidifier in the room. This will help the static in the air, which may affect your TV.
  • Alternatively, you can rub a magnet across the television to get rid of the static.
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This is one of the easiest methods you can use in fixing any static on your TV.

Method 3: How Do I Fix Cable TV Static?

Here is another method you can choose from to help you fix cable TV static:

  • Firstly, try to distance the TV far from windows where noises from trucks, cars can interfere with.
  • Take away the objects from the TV which can cause static interference. You will also have to plug in vacuum cleaners, electric drills, microwaves, as well as hair dryers to another room.
  • Ensure the antenna is accurately attached to the TV. It is best to install a strong indoor antenna that has a wide range.
  • Ensure also that all the video components like DVD, VCR players are connected to the TV accurately.
  • Check the cable cord to see if it’s properly connected to the TV.
  • LAstly, Adjust the sharpness level on the TV by pressing the menu button. Use the arrows to highlight “Sharpness”.

You can also set your TV if it has a video noise reduction. You can do this by: (1)

  • Taking your TV remote
  • Also, Press the Menu button
  • Use the up and down arrows in highlighting “Advanced Picture Settings”
  • Lastly, Click on “OK. Choose “Video Noise Reduction” and select “Minimum”.

All these methods are steps you can apply on your own without any external help.

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Once you follow the steps accurately, you will be able to fix any TV static in no time on your own. You can try it out today.


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