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How Do I Manually Configure My Arris Cable Modem?

Do you know that as an Arris modem user, you can manually configure your Arris modem? Once you are able to do this, it will make it more secure and accessible to your internet-capable devices. Arris is a brand of modems and modem/router devices. It is designed to be used by Comcast Xfinity for its cable internet services. Xfinity subscribers who rent their modem from Comcast may likely be using an Arris modem.How Do I Manually Configure My Arris Cable Modem?

First, we will be starting with an initial Arris modem setup.

Initial Arris Modem Setup – How Do I Manually Configure My Arris Cable Modem?

Before you can configure any of the other settings on the modem, the Arris modem hardware must first be hooked up. To do this:

  • Simply plug the coaxial cable into the “Cable In” port on the back of your Arris modem. Ensure the cable is tightly plugged in.
  • Connect the other end of this cable to your coaxial splitter. You will find this located near your TV.
  • Plug the Ethernet cable into the “Out” port on the Arris modem.
  • Connect the other end of this cable to the computer or gaming console that you want to connect to the internet through Ethernet.
  • If you are using a separate router to provide a wireless (Wi-Fi) signal, then connect it through Ethernet to the Arris model also.
  • Get the power cable plugged into your Arris modem. Then wait for 5 to 30 minutes for the modem to fully boot up before you start setting up the network.
  • You will see a green light appear and stay lit when the Arris modem is fully powered.
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Setting Up the Network – How Do I Manually Configure My Arris Cable Modem?

Now you can start the Arris modem setup by:

  • Launching a web browser on your connected computer.
  • Go to to reach the Arris modem control panel
  • Log in using the username and password for the modem.
  • Except you have changed them, the default username is “admin” and the default password is “password”.
  • Tap on the “Login” button and select the “Basic Setup” button on the top side of the screen to view your network settings.
  • You can change the name for your modem and enable wireless connectivity if this is built in on your Arris modem in the Basic Setup section.
  • If you enable Wi-Fi, you need to name the wireless network (SSID) and set the security mode as either WPA2-PSK or WEP or WPA2/WPA.
  • The recommended setting is WPA-PSK because it is actually compatible with almost all wireless devices.
  • Ensure you set a password for the Wi-Fi network. This is to ensure that only authorized people can access your network. Then click on “Apply” to apply these settings.
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Configure Common Settings

To configure the settings for your Arris modem in the control panel section:

  • Click on the “WAN Setup” button to view the configuration settings for the modem.
  • Here, you can change the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) settings. These are in place for your modem’s wireless network including the It address and subnet mask.
  • Now what you set here, depends on the recommendation of your cable internet provider.
  • You can also tap on the “LAN Settings” button to change these same IP settings for your local area network.
  • Click on the “Firewall” button to set up and enable a firewall for your Arris network. This is to also set up parental controls to prevent people on your network from accessing certain websites.
  • The firewall can keep unwanted connections from your Arris modem. However, it can also make connecting to your own devices a little more difficult. Thus you have to ensure that you check with your cable provider to have the right settings in place.
  • Click on the “Utilities” option to update your Arris modem’s firmware.
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With these, you have successfully manually configured your Arris cable modem.


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