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How To Replace a Laptop Battery (Step By Step Guide)

After some time especially if you’ve had your computer for a considerable length of time, computer batteries lose their ability to hold a full charge. When this happens, you will have to dispose of the bad laptop battery properly and properly replace it with a new one. This is what we want to show you in this article. If you didn’t know how to do this before now, you are more than welcome to learn from this page.

Laptop batteries are important components of portable computers. It is the battery that supplies the power the computer needs especially when it is not plugged into an electrical outlet. In places like airline flights or extended periods where the computer needs to be used outside of the home or office. This is why you need a strong battery for your laptop if you have to use it for hours before plugging it back into an electrical source.

So here, we are going to represent it in steps, to help do it yourself anytime the need arises.

Steps On How To Replace Laptop Battery

  • The first step will require you to turn off the computer to which the battery is attached. Then move the computer away from anything that could potentially be damaged by magnets. Things like televisions or credit cards.
  • Next, get a screwdriver and unscrew the screws from the back of your computer’s battery compartment. Do this according to how many there are (typically 4). Very importantly, you have to note how they came out, so you can put them back in the same places.
  • For the third step, use your hands to pry the battery from the compartment. Do this by pulling upwards toward you and away from the computer. Use even amounts of pressure around the edges. Once it is free, you can set it aside and let it cool off for a couple of minutes. Then you can go ahead to remove anything surrounding the old battery.
  • The next thing you are to do is find the new battery in your computer manual. Then locate how you can slide it into place, as well as how long you need to press any buttons simultaneously. This is to tell your computer that you have inserted a new battery.
  • Then slide your new battery into its slot. Do this using even amounts of pressure around the edges until you hear or feel it click into place. Then press and buttons on your computer that you need to simultaneously.
  • The next thing you are to do is to screw the screws back into their original places in the battery compartment. Then move your computer back to how it was before in order not to damage anything around it.
  • Test the process by turning on your computer and checking if there are any issues. Issues like how long the battery lasts or how hot it gets.
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In replacing a computer battery, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions as detailed in your manual. You have to ensure that you don’t touch any electronics in the process of working on your computer. Why is this so? This is because you could damage them, or cause a short circuit.

Note also that you need to use even amounts of pressure around the edges. Also, you have to clean off excess material from your battery slots to help reduce the risk of damaging your computer.

Learning how to do some repairs yourself is very essential. It can save you money and time and helps you understand your device more. It is not every repair that you have to take to a technician. There are some do-it-yourself repairs you can learn and do by yourself. So if you have been confused about how to replace your computer battery, I hope we were able to be of help to you with this article.

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If your laptop is something you use every day like me, it will be best if you learn how to fix certain issues about it yourself. This will keep your laptop in excellent condition and the best fit for your everyday work. But if there are situations you can’t handle on your own, it will be best to consult a technician.

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