Join PetSmart Customer Satisfaction Survey

PetSmart needs no introduction as most people are already acquainted with and are already using its services to get supplies for their pets. To make its services even better, and better meet your demands, the company needs your feedback. You can give your honest feedback using their online survey platform which has been designed to give you ease in expressing yourself.Join PetSmart Customer Satisfaction Survey

PetSmart stands as the biggest merchant via which consumers buy food, accessories as well as daycare services for their pet(s). To take its business to the next level and better serve it’s teaming customers, the company has launched a customer satisfaction survey online page where customers can give their feedback online. Customers are required to answer the survey questions and thereafter get a unique code. Customers can show this unique code in order to get any type of concession on their next visit. To get this code, customers are to leave their contact details at the end of the survey. Taking the survey requires only some easy steps which you can complete in a matter of minutes. If you are ready to start, let’s get right onto it.

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How to Complete The PetSmart Customer Satisfaction Survey

Now we are ready to take you through the survey process with detailed outlined steps. Here they are:

  • Visit the PetSmart official website from your favorite web browser at
  • On the homepage, key in the 16 digits pin code which is written on your receipt.
  • For the next step, you are to choose the type of survey you want to partake in from the lists displayed.
  • Then click on the “Start” button.
  • When you click on the survey you want to partake in, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll come across a number of questions you are to answer accurately.
  • To get a code, you are to type your name and address at the end of the survey.
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Discount Code Information

After you have successfully completed the survey questions, you’ll be offered a discount code. You can use this discount code for further shopping. The price reduction is quite different from applicant to applicant. You can get the information regarding the discount on the receipt which you can get from the store. If you have questions concerning the survey, you can call the toll