Legacy Credit Card Login Page – www.firstnationalcc.com/accept

Customers who received a pre-approved notification to Apply for a Legacy Visa Credit card on the online portal at visit www.firstnationalcc.com/accept should visit the website as quickly as possible to accept their application request. The notification mail sent to you is written in the Application deadline which soon will elapse.Legacy Credit Card Login

Users can be given a maximum credit limit of $1,500 and a minimum credit limit of $350. The primary focus of the Legacy credit card is to help customers whose credit card score and history don’t measure up get back to their fit.

Online Accept- Legacy and First National Bank Visa® Credit Cards Benefits

When you accept your pre-approved Legacy and First National Bank Visa® Credit Cards Application online, you will enjoy;

  1. Full Control of your Purchases.
  2. You won’t have to pay any Hidden Fees and Penalty APR
  3. Your account will be credit in the event of any fraudulent activities.
  4. You will get a card replacement at no charge if stolen or lost.
  5. Secure Online Account Access.
  6. 24/7 customers support.
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How to Apply for Legacy Visa Credit Card

Applying for a Legacy Credit Card Login is very easy. Just visit www.firstnationalcc.com/accept, the email sent to you contains all the credentials you need to apply. The Application process is in four steps;

  1. Enter reservation Number & Access Code
  2. Verify mailing Address.
  3. Complete the Acceptance form to verify your information.
  4. Accept Offer

The mailer sent to you carries both the Reservation Number and the Access Code. The Reservation Number is a highlighted 12-digit number and the Access code is a 4-digit code both can be found on the mail sent to you.

Account Access Online – Register – Online First National Credit Card Login Details

You would also need to create an account for online access at the First National Credit Card website. The Sign up is free. To do the signup, head straight to the First National CC homepage at www.firstnationalcc.com.

  1. Tap on the account login button.
  2. Chose Register New User link
  3. Enter your account number.
  4. Key in your card expiration date.
  5. Input card security code.
  6. Fill in the last 4 digits of your SSN.
  7. Setup security.
  8. Create your username.
  9. Create a unique Password.
  10. Tap on create an account.
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Payment Options – Account Access online – Legacy Visa Credit Card Payment

You make payment through several Legacy credit card payment options. When you log in with your Legacy and First National Bank Visa® Credit Card login credentials you will be able to;

  • View Your Account Summary
  • Sign Up for Text & Email Alerts
  • Schedule Automatic Payments
  • Manage Your Account


You can carry out different payment using Legacy Visa Credit Card payment options;

  1. Pay monthly credit card bills.
  2. Pay through Electronic debit.
  3. Also, Pay via Telephone.
  4. Pay via Moneygram.
  5. Pay via Western Union.
  6. Also, Pay Via Mail.
  7. Pay in person.

Payment Details – Payment Option & Payment Information

Below are the details of the different payment options to choose from.

Payment Via Mail

First National Credit Card

PO Box 2496

Omaha, NE  68103-2496

Pay ViaMoneygram

Payment code: 3888

Payment via Western Union

Now, Payment Code City/State:  FNCC/SD

Payment via Phone

You will need to contact the customers’ payment desk on the Support line at Legacy Visa Credit Card website.


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