eBay Credit Card Login – Payment with Credit Card – Reviews and Offers

Is eBay credit card worth it? Let’s start with the obvious. eBay credit card offers amazing rewards on Gas and dining on restaurants but could that be the reason to apply for eBay credit. Thereby paying at eBay with eBay Extras MasterCard.This article will circle on all you need to do to complete your eBay Credit Card LogineBay Credit Card Login

To start with, I will first delve fully into eBay credit card reviews and open you up to all the benefits, rewards. You will also be shown cardholders’ offers available for potential applicants of eBay Extras MasterCard. Let me show current eBay credit card customers how to do eBay credit card login. This is is with their login credentials – username and password.

eBay Credit Card Login – Synchrony Bank eBay MasterCard login

The eBay Extras MasterCard login page can be accessed through the synchrony bank eBay MasterCard login site at https://ebaymastercard.syf.com/login/. Hence, on the site, key in your username and password and click on the sign-in button to access and manage your eBay credit card online. Next, access the eBay phone number for a customer service representative, and pay bills online and more.

More so, in case you forgot your user ID or password, you can use the “I forgot my ID or password” link. Then,  follow the stated instruction to recover your user ID or reset your sign in password.

eBay MasterCard Reviews

eBay credit card is best for rewards on a specific purchase line of categories like Gas and restaurants, added with the fact that there is no annual fee attached. However, there is a rewards limit placed on eBay MasterCard. In my opinion and in that of customers who are paying with eBay credit card online, at a gas station and restaurants. It makes sense to say that eBay Extras MasterCard might not be an excellent reward card. But it sure worth applying for. Here is why…

  1. Your points add up every time you use your eBay MasterCard to make a purchase.
  2. Earn 5X points for the rest of the year after you spend $1,000 on eBay in a calendar year.
  3. $30 sign-up bonus
  4. Also, earn 3X points per $1 spent up to $1,000 on eBay.
  5. Earn 2X points per $1 spent on gas, restaurant, and groceries.
  6. Earn 1X points per $1 spent on all other MasterCard purchases.
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However, with the above list of rewards and offers, there still exists why eBay MasterCard is not for all. But for customers looking for credit cards with appealing Sign-up bonus. More so, the rewards limit on the eBay card makes it unappealing for high spending or purchases. In other words, the limited redemption options are a no-no for some customers. Also, the customer satisfaction with the card issuer is below average and lots of customers can’t put up with that.

In all, to help you make the choice of the best rewards card out there, you can check our list of best rewards credit cards below.

  • Amazon Rewards Card
  • Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited®
  • Best Buy Credit Card
  • PayPal MasterCard

eBay Extras MasterCard Review In details

eBay credit card rewards system is some sort of good, especially for eBay shoppers. The rewards come with the slogan “The more you spend, the more you get rewarded for spending”. In detail, eBay cardholders earn 3 rewards points per dollar spent on the eBay online store up to $1,000 annually. But also know, after the first annual accumulation, the rate rises to 5 points per dollar spent.

On the other hand, a cardholder’s also earn 2 points per dollar on gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores. Added with 1 point per dollar on PayPal purchases and all other purchases.

How to Calculate eBay MasterCard Rewards Points

It makes sense to say that every 1,500 points accumulated on this eBay card are worth about $10 when redeemed for purchases during checkout. That is to say, each point earned is worth roughly 0.67 cents.

In contrast with other rewards cards, equating each point to 0.67cents is the far lower point value. Some rewards cards weigh their point’s value as 1 cent or even more, depending on how you redeem them.

That said, lets’ face it, the fact that the eBay Extras card offers as much as 3 or 5 points per dollar spent on Gas and dining makes the eBay MasterCard competitive, despite a low point value.

MasterCard Rewards Limitation

The rewards limit placed on the card makes it very difficult for daily high spending. In detail, the card has a reward cap of 0.83% rewards rate daily purchases such as purchases at grocery stores and for transportation.

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More so, eBay MasterCard holders are under 50,000 rewards points cap per year. In other words, it simply means you can only redeem rewards points or cashback equivalent to just $400 annually.

It might not be that bad, but people that make lots of purchases won’t want to apply for a card with such a redemption cap. Rather, they will choose to go for other credit cards with unlimited cash back with no rewards cap such as Citi Double Cash Card – 18 months BT offer or Chase Freedom Unlimited. Though cardholder still earn a first purchase sign up bonus worth $30 that isn’t such a big deal to compel people into signing up for an eBay MasterCard.

In sum, if you frequent or purchase in category lines like gas and restaurants then I did recommend you apply for an eBay card. And start paying with eBay Extras MasterCard. Also, given the fact that it’s an annual fee-free, it can be among your credit card line of options. But if you are much worried about the reward cap because you are a higher spender, then you did do well to consider other cred cards earlier recommended.


Know that points earned on the eBay Extras MasterCard are subject to expiration. In other words, you lose points earned if not redeemed within 24 months. More so, if you did not use the card at least once every 12 months, you will lose all accrued points.

Outstanding Feature and Benefit of MasterCard – Price Protection & Extended Warranty

All MasterCard comes with outstanding features aside from the features offered by the credit card partner. For rewards card like eBay MasterCard. It takes three-party to manage – the issuer – synchrony Brank, the credit card network – MasterCard, and the Partner – eBay.

So, most, if not all MasterCard credit cards come with extended warranties and price protection. Thus, the extended warranty feature gives customers the right to double the length of a warranty from a manufacturer or store. But it’s only for items you purchase with eBay Extras MasterCard. Furthermore, the Price protection retroactively reimburses if there is a price change of the item you purchased within 60 days of purchase.

How to Redeem MasterCard Rewards

You can redeem Points for purchases and related taxes and shipping costs solely on ebay.com. You must earn at least 1,500 reward points to redeem. Each point is worth 0.67 cents since you receive $10 in credit for every 1,500 points.

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Application Terms & Conditions

  • Current eBay Extras MasterCard cardholders are not eligible for a new eBay MasterCard.
  • Purchases are subject to credit approval.
  • Subject to credit approval, an applicant must be at least 18 years old and leave in the US or its territories to apply.

eBay MasterCard – What you Need to Know

Purchases subject to credit approval. To earn 5 points per $1 spent on eBay, the account holder must make purchases totaling $1,000 on eBay that post to their account in the calendar year. At the beginning of each calendar year, the Reward Points you earn on eBay purchases are reset to 3 Reward Points until you reach the $1,000 purchase limits.

More so, purchases made on eBay from foreign merchants and purchases that are not made in US dollars will earn 1 Reward Point.  They will not count toward the $1,000 purchase threshold. Every 1,500 Reward Points earned will equate to $10.

On the other hand, you may only redeem your Reward Points for purchases on www.eBay.com. Accrued Reward Points that are not redeemed will be forfeited in certain circumstances.

Furthermore, New Accounts: Variable Purchase APR is 19.99%, 23.99%, or 26.99%. The APRs are accurate as of 4/1/2020 and will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate (as defined in your credit card agreement). The minimum interest charge is $2.00 for all types of cards in any billing cycle in which you owe interest.

Apply Now

To apply for an eBay credit card, you will need to visit the official card application page at https://pages.ebay.com/creditcard/ or visit https://ebaymastercard.syf.com/login/ and click on the “Apply” button, fill in the required information. Next,  proceed to submit your card application as you wait for the approval.

 Card Sign Up

To apply for eBay Extras MasterCard, sign up for an account at the synchrony application portal by creating a user login credentials. As a result, upon card approval, you will be able to activate your card, check card balance. Next, add an authorized user, make payments, sign up for paperless statements, and more.

Customer Services Phone number and Support

Finally, reach the eBay MasterCard and MasterCard Extras Customer Service.  You can through the Service Center for assistance with your eBay MasterCard by calling 1-844-435-0237.

You may also reach Customer Service via live chat from 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM EST, 7 days a week. Just access the eBay Service site at www.ebaymastercard.syf.com where you will see the Live Chat option.