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Why Paying for a Storage Unit Is Always a Terrible Idea

Have you tried using a storage unit? Renting a storage unit for a short period of time to keep items temporarily, is understandable but renting it for a long period of time is a bad idea.  Let me explain what I mean, how much do you think a storage unit costs? Keep reading to find out.Storage Unit

What is a storage unit?

The storage unit is a space that is an unusually interior or enclosed structure, that can be rented for a period of time to store personal items or business goods. Depending on the item being stored, some storage units can be climate conditioned.

Who needs a storage unit?

The storage unit is used for anyone who has many loads that cannot fit into the home. Usually, a storage unit is used during a move, storing business items or vehicles.

You can rent a storage unit for a short or long period of time.

Reasons you may want a short-term storage

  • Decluttering your home
  • Moving away for a season
  • Renovating your home
  • Setting your home for sale
  • Storing recreational equipment

Reasons you may want a Long-term storage

  • Moving abroad
  • Storing cars, motorcycles, or boats
  • Operating a business
  • Moving for military
  • Permanent downsizing your home

Where can you find a storage unit?

Storage units are common in the U.S. They are available in cities in act U.S. Hence, you can locate one close by to rent. In addition, most apartment communities provide storage units as part of the facility.

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It may be available on-site in the apartment or somewhere else offsite.

How Much Is a Storage Unit?

The majority of people that make use of storage units pay an average amount of $190 each month for their storage units, and the amount increases over time. The price of a storage unit varies depending on the location of your residence, and easy access. However, below are the average storage unit price.


5×5 to 5×10                                    $90

5×15 to 10×15                 $160

10×20 to 10×30                   $290

Why the Cost of a Storage Unit Isn’t Worth It

Let me give you reasons why renting a storage unit is a bad idea, keep them in mind before opting for a storage unit.

A Storage Unit Has a Steep Cost for Inconvenience

One of the disadvantage of storage unit is having to waste money on items you access easily. For you to access your things, you have to drive to the location and you have to make sure this is during the facility’s open hours. Also, consider the fact you have to go through boxes to find what you want.

Think about it, the average cost of a storage unit ranging from $1,080 to $3,480 each year depending on the size, location, and additional features is a lot! For items, you are not making use of.

Visualise it, if you invest this money instead of wasting it on storage unit. Your savings account will be smiling back at you.

Storage Units Often Have Hidden Costs

Don’t be surprised if the price of the storage unit is not the same as the numbers displayed on the storage facility’s website.

Most storage facilities charge additional fees for security and climate control. Also, some storage units have compulsory insurance fees to pay and sales tax is added too.

Storage Units Enable You To Store Things You Don’t Want for Longer Than You Need

You may have decided to put your belongings in a storage unit for a short period of time. However, you are likely to keep them longer than you expected. What you may not know is once your belongings are out of the house or if your monthly storage fee is set on auto-pay, it is easy for you to forget about them.

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You may find out you longer care about these things anymore and will have to clean them out.

Even if you decide to clean the storage unit every month you pay your bill. You may end up procrastinating because it’s easier to pay your bills than to clean the unit.

Even if you are storing valuable items, if you keep them for too long before cleaning them out, the price of the storage unit may become more than the sales of the item.

Items in Storage Are Typically Decreasing in Value

In case you are storing your belongings for sale, make sure you don’t keep them for too long because the longer they stay the more they decrease in value. Hence, the sooner the better.

Items in Storage Can Get Damaged or Stolen

You have to keep it in mind that storing your item in a storage unit is you trusting another person with your belongings.

You know, the way you will handle your things will be different from the way an outsider will handle it. You can’t control how secure a facility is.

However, you can determine if your belongings are covered by your renters’ insurance policy. Hence, you can recover your belongings. Make sure you have a record of what your are storing in the storage unit for insurance purposes.

A Storage Unit Can Keep You From Getting Organized

Do you know storage unit is an expensive, ineffective way to get organized? You pay to declutter your home, to store excess belongings and you bring in new clutter.

If your reason for renting a storage unit is because of more space or disorganization, you may want to pay a professional Organizer to help declutter your home.

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  • Are storage units a waste of money

A storage unit can be an affordable means of storing belongings for the short term. However, Long-term tends to waste money, since most people end up paying more for the unit than the stored items.

  • Is it worth buying a storage unit?

Consider the following questions to help determine if your possessions are worth a monthly cost of $90 to $290: How long do you think you’ll need the unit

  • Is storage a waste of money?

Instead of managing and organizing your space to fit your belongings, a storage unit will cause you more money. This is because you will hold unto more things, and you will keep putting things in your storage unit because you have that extra space.

  • What is an alternative to a storage unit?

You may consider self-storage alternatives such as a shed, a garage, personal space or storing with friends and family are excellent solutions. If you want to save money while keeping your items safe, make use of the alternative.

  • Why is storage so expensive?

Storage Units Often Have Hidden Costs

Most storage facilities charge additional fee for things like climate control and security. Some have compulsory insurance fee and sales tax is included.


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