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Tulane Acceptance Rate, Early Decision & Decision Date

Tulane Acceptance Rate: Are you a student at Tulane University? If yes, then you have actually made the right choice. Meanwhile, in this article, we will tell you all you need to know about Tulane University.

In fact, from your first day at Tulane University, even without being told, you should have discovered that you have entered into an institute of higher education that does things differently from other institutions of higher learning. Therefore, it is important that you go through this article with keen interest.

So, students will begin their studies at Tulane in the TIDES class. In other words, a class of no more than 15 students that specifically seeks to help students in both acquainting themselves with the city of New Orleans and engaging with multidisciplinary academics.

Hence, through these classes, students will have the privilege to explore New Orleans, and Tulane, and make connections across subject matters.

Consequent to this, students will be prepared to engage themselves with all the intelligent scholars attending university at Tulane. On the other hand, they will also have the opportunity to explore what naturally seems like the capital of the U.S., New Orleans.

Frankly speaking, Tulane likes this exploratory intellectual spirit so much. This implies that an acceptance into Tulane University is not only an acceptance into your college of choice but to every aspect of the university. Therefore, the whole school is open to exploration.

However, it’s not only exploration and academics that Tulane values, it also attaches so much value to public service. In fact, Tulane was the first university in the nation to introduce a public service requirement for graduation.

As a matter of fact, this commitment to service is what makes the university different from others. This is U. S. News and World Report ranked Tulane as the 4th best university in the nation for the quality of their service-learning.

In the same vein, not only does Tulane excel in academics and public service, but it also gives one of the best college experiences in the nation.

However, the fact that Tulane is one of the nation’s most prestigious universities doesn’t mean that its students don’t have a blast while there. Tulane was ranked as the second most entertaining university in the nation to be attended by business insider.

Meanwhile, all of these things come with some  caveats. So, Tulane is an excellent school, and as such, it is one of the hardest schools in the nation to be accepted into, according to CBS News.

As a result of this, students are likely to take every opportunity available to them to help them excel in the competition.

Therefore, the surest way and perhaps, the easiest way in which students can increase their chances of acceptance at Tulane University is by taking advantage of the early decision application option.

Hence, the early decision application undoubtedly is likely to increase one’s chances of acceptance into the university.

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As such, this article will help in no little way to break down everything you will need to know to begin the process of taking advantage of the early decision application.

In that case, you should endeavor to read on to learn the vital information such as admissions statistics, deadlines, deferment information, etc which you’ll need to know to take advantage of the early decision application process.

Tulane Early Decision Acceptance Rate – Tulane Acceptance Rate

Hence, the early decision Tulane Acceptance Rate at Tulane University is around 15%.

This, as a matter of fact, is a significant increase when compared to the standard Tulane acceptance rate, which is 11%.

On the other hand, part of the reason why an early decision applicant may be more likely to be admitted at Tulane is the binding nature of the early decision application.

Hence, those who submit an early decision application must sign an agreement stating that if they are to receive an offer of admission from Tulane, they must reject offers from other colleges, withdraw all other applications, and accept Tulane’s offer.

So, an early decision is a proof to Tulane that one is particularly committed to attending school there, thus making the applicant more attractive. Also, it guarantees that Tulane will not propose an offer and be rejected.

In that regard, students who apply under the early decision option will almost automatically give themselves a 5% better chance of being admitted.

On the other hand, it is necessary to note that admissions statistics never tell the whole story.

For instance, students who apply under early decision are more likely to make special effort to their Tulane application when compared to the available pool of students. Thus, early decision applicants have a more finely-crafted application pool compared to regular decision applicants.

Notwithstanding, it is still safe to say that an early decision does increase one’s likelihood of admittance significantly if one is ready to commit to Tulane.

Tulane Early Decision Decision Date

Are you an early decision applicant? If  yes, kindly pay  attention. Early decision applicants will get feedback regarding their admissions decision by December 15th.

As it has always been said, Tulane releases early admissions decisions when they are available. This implies that there is no one set date, and as such, many students will get feedback from Tulane sooner than this.

Hence, this is important to keep in mind because it is likely that some Tulane applicants will get feedback before others.

Meanwhile, if this happens, it does not mean that those who have received any information yet have been denied. It only means that a decision in one way or the other is yet to have been made.

While you are waiting for a decision, Tulane advises students to submit supplemental materials which may help them in their admissions decision.

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These are examples of supplemental application materials: “art supplements, short films, blogs, audio recordings, dance videos, writing samples, or supplemental academic work.”

Tulane Early Decision Deadline

Hence, the deadline to submit an early decision application to Tulane University is November 1st. So, on this date, students must submit their application, the early decision agreement form, one’s secondary school report, certification of finances (international applicants only), and an optional portfolio/audition.

On November 15th, students need to finish their financial aid applications for need-based aid. This includes the submission of the FAFSA and the completion of one’s CSS  profile.

Together with the need-based aid, students will have the option to apply to three major Tulane scholarships: the Deans’ Honor Scholarship, the Paul Tulane Award, and the Community Service Fellowship. All three of these major scholarships have applications that are due on December 5th.

Does Tulane Have Early Decision 2?

Yes, Tulane University does have an early decision 2 deadlines of January 12th.

So, this application has a very similar process as early decision 1, but the difference is that early decision 2 simply has a later due date.

Therefore, students will fill out the same early decision agreement form for this application. This gives the assurance that if a student is offered an acceptance from Tulane, they are guaranteed to choose Tulane over any other university.

Hence, the early action application is not to be confused with the early decision 2 deadlines.

In fact, the major difference between early decisions 1 and 2, and early action, is that early action is not binding. In other words, one can submit an early action application and still choose to attend another university.

As it is, the early action application usually priced the early decision 2.

In that case, early action applicants are expected to submit their applications before November 15th.

On the other hand, students will not have to sign an agreement for early action. Instead, they will merely turn in their application under early action before the due date.

On the other hand, those who apply via early action will get feedback from Tulane by January 15th.

Tulane ED Deferral Rate

Unfortunately, Tulane is somewhat secretive regarding how many students receive a deferral.

However, information regarding early decision acceptance and words of advice from Tulane admissions can be helpful regarding how early decision deferral operates at Tulane University. Meanwhile, the information does not give an idea of how many early decision students can expect to receive a deferral.

On the other hand, considering the 15% acceptance rate for early decision students, it is reasonable to assume that roughly 60% of students will be deferred for regular admission.

This figure is based on the average deferral rates for universities that are comparabl to Tulane University.

So when one is deferred, one is considered alongside those who applied for the regular decision deadline. Worthy of note is the fact that a deferral is not a rejection. It is merely a notification that one’s application will be reconsidered at a later date.

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The date on which both regular decision and deferred early decision applicants will get feedback regarding their admissions decision is April 1st.

How to Apply to Tulane for Early Decision

It is important to note here that the process of applying for early decisions at Tulane is very simple compared to most universities.

Instead of giving students the trouble of finding a section of the application through which one will gain access to the early decision form through the Common App, Tulane makes its early decision agreement form freely available to applicants.

As it is, the form contains details of the early decision agreement. Hence, if Tulane offers you admission to their university, you cannot accept an offer anywhere else.

So, applicants are expected to fill out this form and then have it signed by the applicant, a parent or guardian, and a guidance counselor at one’s high school. After that, students will email the filled-out and signed document to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Lastly, the final step an early decision applicant must take before beginning their journey to Tulane is to submit the enrollment deposit by January 15th.

Of course, this is the deadline by which an early decision applicant must confirm their decision to enroll at Tulane.

Once this is done, students will be all set to begin their academic journey to New Orleans, a university that provides rigorous academics & commitment to the betterment of the general public.

See the video below for the Tulane Acceptance Rate.


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