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Uber Visa Card Login – The New Uber Card, Apply Benefits, Changes

Hello, it’s not news, the recent changes made to Uber credit cards have revamped the features and benefits previously made available for its users – the previous Uber Visa Cardholders. Yes, it may be true – Like non-Uber-loyalist. I don’t frequently use Uber rides, order Uber Eats, or use the JUMP electric scooters and bikes. But this write will detail on Uber Credit Card Login, Application, Changes made and benefits that you can get.

Truth is, I made Uber my favorite credit card. Because it caters to my millennial needs and offers me the best rewards in daily things and places, I spend my money like dining in favorite restaurants, travel rewards, streaming rewards for Netflix & Hulu, vacation home rentals, mobile phone insurance for damages, and theft protection.

And most of all, you can redeem the cashback as a credit statement or in the form of a gift card. As it stands now, the Cashback reward benefit is no longer accessible. Thus, alternated with the newly designed Uber credit card for Uber loyalists that only allows cashback redemption as Uber Cash and applied only on Uber purchases.Uber Visa Card Login


Here is a breakdown of the value you will get from this post;

·     Uber Card Review

·     Who Does the New Uber Card Favour?

·     Uber Credit Card Features and Benefits

·     Summary of the Changes to the Uber Card

·     My last View on the Uber card

·     How to Apply using Uber App

·     Sign Up to Apply

·     Login to Apply

·     Uber Credit Card Login

·     Login On Mobile – Uber App

·     Uber Visa Card Alternative

·     Customers Care Services

Uber Card Review – The New Uber Credit Card

Sincerely, this review results from my sad final decision to put away Uber credit card from my wallet into my drawer for the moment, hoping new card benefits and features come into play. Benefits that offer rewards redeemable for none Uber purchases as usual.

Barclays introduced the Uber Visa card back in 2017 with card benefits, features, and rewards that favor modern-day spending across many spending lines.

Sadly for some and joyful for others (Uber fans), of recent. In October 2019, Barclays revamped the card features, benefits, and rewards, reducing the dining and travel rewards and placing cashback reward redemption restriction to only Uber purchases.

Thus, making Uber credit card only in favor of Uber loyalist who frequently uses Uber products and services.

Who Does the New Uber Card Favour?

Let’s face the gist, with the new refreshed Uber credit card, as we speak, if you don’t frequent Uber rideshare, Eat and JUMP transportation.

Thus, don’t make Uber-related purchases for as long as in a month or even more. Then, check out a different rewards card for dining, entertainment, or travel card.

Other cards offer similar rewards to Uber Visa credit card such as;

·     Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

·     Bank of America Cash reward credit card

·     Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

·     American Express® Green Card

·     Wells Fargo Propel American Express® card

·     Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 months BT offer

Nevertheless, if you’re a big fan of Uber, or you delight in using a few of their Uber services at least twice a week or a month, you might want to keep the card, seeing that it has no annual fee.

So, for the Uber loyalist, the New Uber credit card offers 5% back in Uber Cash for every ride and Uber Eats order, with other additional features designed to give you the best experience with Uber.

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Uber Credit Card – The New Uber Card: Features & Benefits of Uber Card 2020

Uber Visa card from Barclays bank from its inception in 2017 was one of the attractive and most applied millennials’ credit card aimed at driving and meeting the modern spending habits.

To start with, one of its charming and center of favoritism was it no-annual-fee added with its most loved cashback rewards for spending in categories most frequent by millennials such as; Uber services like ridesharing, eat, Jump along with dining in restaurants, takeout, and bars.

On the other hand, not to talk of its online shopping, video, and music streaming services accessed with its cashback rewards.

Below is a snippet view of what UBER VISA CARD was before the new Uber Card arrived and disarmed everyone, myself included.

Truth is, all these features and benefits remain the same except for a few changes made to halt-down none Uber rewards purchases and the major leap which is bad news to none-Uber users is the Cashback redemption retractions to only Uber purchases, which includes the halt-down of its $50 streaming rewards.

My best loving Uber Visa credit card benefit was the fact that it offered smartphone insurance and discounts on Netflix, Spotify, and Hulu. Although, you need to spend up to $5,000 a year or more to qualify.

Amazingly, its mobile phone damage and theft protection came in handy twice for me. Let me back out of the spotlight. In other words, here is the Uber card with general credit card features, benefits, and fees;


1.  Annual Fees – Uber card offers a $0 annual fee.

2.  Foreign Fees – It’s widely the international card is given to its $0 foreign transaction fee.

3.  Balance transfer & Cash Advances Fees– on the other hand, the Uber Card charges fees for balance transfers and cash advances. Thus, the transfer fee is $10 or 3% of the amount of each transfer. While the cash advance fee is the same as the transfer fee.

4.  90 Days Welcome Bonus – Its a welcome bonus newly approved cardholders waited in anticipation to earn. Of course, new cardholders can earn $100 in Uber Cash after $500 in net purchases in the first 90 days of membership.

5.  Sign Up Bonuses & Uber Services Purchase Rewards – cardholders not only enjoy sign up bonuses, but they also earn 5% back in Uber Cash from net purchases of Uber services, such as; Uber Eats, JUMP bikes, and scooters, and Uber rides. While it may be true, it happens through the Uber apps.

6.  Rewards on Restaurants, Hotels, and Travel – 4% back in Uber Cash from net purchases of restaurants, hotels, and airfare. Also, cardholders earn 5% of restaurant purchases ordered with the Uber Eats app.

7.  Uber Cash Reward on Purchases – Earn 1% back in Uber Cash for all other purchases

8.  Redeeming Rewards – Once the Uber Cash balance reaches at least $50 from credit card purchases, the balance is deposited automatically into the user’s Uber apps as their Uber Cash balance for future purchases. Furthermore, all rewards are redeemable only for future purchases in the Uber apps.

9.  Phone Damage and Theft Protection – Cellular phone insurance coverage if cardholder uses the Uber Credit Card to pay for monthly cell phone service charges

Summary of the Changes to Uber Card

As you can see, there are several notable changes. The biggest is that it is no longer a cashback reward card for everyone. Rather, it accumulates points that can be redeemed to pay the cost of spending on Uber rides and related Uber services like dining and travel, etc.

The card also ramped up the earning rate for Uber-related expenses to 5%, slightly dropped the earning on restaurant and bar charges, and eliminated the bonus for streaming services. It still has the phone insurance, but they have dropped the discount on streaming.

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Extra Features – Added & Removed Benefits to New Uber Card

There are a few added features and benefits to the Uber card customized for Uber fans or loyalists.

First, cardholders continue to receive cell phone protection up to $600 for damage or theft when you pay your monthly phone bill with your card. That said, it’s through the Uber app.

Second, the Uber card no longer offers up to a $50 statement credit for online subscription services after you spend $5,000 or more on your card per year.

Third, cardholders can receive roadside dispatch, which is a pay-per-use roadside help program. As a result, the fee for a standard service call is $69.95.

Collectively, these changes mean that to reap the most benefits from the card, you have to take Uber, order Uber Eats, and ride the company’s JUMP bikes or scooters.

Previously, the card offered value even to customers who never took an Uber ride because it had a high rate of earning at bars, restaurants, hotels, on airfare, and streaming services – and the rewards came in the form of cash redeemable at almost every purchases point.

Currently, the rewards only benefit you if you have Uber expenses to pay. If you never use Uber, there is no longer any sense in having the card. Although, since it has no annual fee, there’s no actual harm in leaving your account open if you think you might take an Uber someday, like on a trip out of town.

Keynote: New applicants should also know they will need to have Uber charges on the card to receive its benefits.

My last View on the Uber card – Who Should Apply for Uber Card

To be precise, Uber card is for Uber riders, eaters, and travelers given to the new refreshed Uber card and changes made to only accommodate only Uber loyalists.

More so, the Uber Visa The card is an excellent choice if you frequent other Uber products and services. Of a truth, it still allows you to earn rewards on dining and travel.

However, you can only redeem rewards as UBER CASH. That said, another attractive benefit is the Uber card complimentary FICO Score. Thus, with the FICO score feature, you can keep track of your credit score, which reflects your credit spending habit. As a result, boost your creditworthiness by either changing spending behavior or sticking to a spending style that works.

How to Apply using Uber App

Applying for an Uber card is simple and easy. It’s so easy in such a way that new intending card users can apply for the card in the Uber app with four-step clicks;

1.  First, click the “Menu,” button.

2.  Second, on “Payment”

3.  Third, on “View All Offers”.

4.  Finally, click on apply and follow the application process.

Sign Up to Apply

On the other hand, you can apply for the Uber card by visiting the Uber official website at On the site, you will need to hit the sign up button and provide the below information;

1.  Email

2.  First and last Name

3.  Phone number

4.  Create a Login Password

5.  City

6.  Invite Code if any

After this, you can hit on the “NEXT” button and continue with the last stage of the sign up to apply for the Uber card.

Login to Apply

Meanwhile, if you have registered for an Uber free account before. That’s good, all you need to click on the sign in or login button, enter your email and click “NEXT” to sign in and apply for an Uber credit card online.

Uber Credit Card Login

Uber Credit Card Login is an easy task. Thus, accessing your Uber card account requires cardholders to sign into their Uber credit card account at the Uber website using their login credential, which will give them access to lots of online account management. When you sign in with your login details, you will monitor your card transactions and activities, pay online, shop, and checkout with your card for online purchases view credit statements, and the option to print it, etc.

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The sign-in process is easy. You can log in with a web browser, a mobile phone, and a PC. We will start with how you can log in with a browser. With your username and password visit, with your web browser, tap on the login button, and provide your;

1.  Username

2.  Password

After this, tap on the sign-in button and it redirects you to your Uber credit card account where you can use the Uber card online features to manage your card.

Login On Mobile – Uber App

Your login through mobile can be through the Uber mobile app

1.  Download the Uber app on the App Store (Android; Google Play Store & iOS; Apple app store (iPhone & iPad).

2.  Launch the app

3.  Tap on login

4.  Key in your login details

5.  Click on the sign-in button

Uber Visa Card Alternative

Earlier in this post, I mentioned a few alternatives to the Uber card. No doubt, these alternatives apply to those who are not Uber Loyalists and are looking for Other credit cards for dining, travel, ridesharing, and even for entertainment with amazing rewards compared and even higher to what Uber Visa credit card previously offered its cardholders.

With this in mind, I strongly recommend these three credit cards.

To be fair to you, I opted in for the Wells Fargo Propel American Express® card after I received the disheartening news of the recent changes made to the Uber Visa credit card.

As a result. No doubt, I can say of a truth that Wells Fargo Propel American Express® card offers better rewards. More so, it offers benefits and features better than Uber.

·     Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 months BT offer

·     Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card

·     Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Customers Care Services

It’s no lie, I went through other Uber cardholders’ comments on review sites. Thus, I read a few reviews on the Uber Visa credit card and the New Uber Card. To my surprise, lots of cardholders complained of experiences relative to poor or no customer services during the pandemic. In a way, that’s true. But I think Uber has made few leaps to getting in place their credit card customer services.

Thanks for your time.


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