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What is Luster Photo Finish?

Have you been wondering what the difference actually is between luster and glossy? Have you been grading all in the same category? If yes, don’t be quick to do so because there’s a little more to it than that. We are going to break it down for you using four photograph print finishing options. These will get you the best result for your particular project.What is Luster Photo Finish?

What is Luster Photo Finish?

It is the finishing of your printed photos that makes a big difference in color saturation, detail, and glossiness. So whether it is reproduced from film negatives or printed from a digital file, it is the finishing that matters. The most common photo finishes available to consumers are glossy, matte, luster, and metallic. Each of these photo finishes has its own advantages. You can ask for a certain finish from the store processing your film or files. You can even buy special luster photo paper for your printer at home.

That said, let’s start analyzing the four most common photo finishes available to consumers.

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Matte Finish

A matte finish is one that is very smooth. It does not show fingerprints and is non-glare. A matte finish looks quite professional and is ideal for portraiture and framing. Photos printed with a Matte finish look quite classic and beautiful with a black and white picture. It also gives a more luxurious feel to your project.

Glossy Finish

A glossy finish is shiny and is one that reflects light well. It has a high color saturation and tending which shows fine detail crispy and sharp. The glossy photo finish is one that most people are quite familiar with. Owing to its smooth surface, glossy photos are well suited to be scanned into a computer. Be it as it may, glossy paper tends to pick up oily fingerprints on the surface. This can be problematic if you plan on passing photos around.

Luster Finish

A luster is a combination of both the matte and glossy finish. The luster finish brings the best of both worlds together. It has a semi-gloss finish and offers better color saturation than matte. However, it is more protected from fingerprints and other damage than a glossy finish.

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A metallic finish comes slightly glossy with a stunning metallic look which sets it apart from other finishes. The metallic finish is extremely durable and has a polished, pearl-like appearance producing sharp images and bold colors. Metallic comes as an excellent option for an image you want to appear sharp and clean, but also really want it to be distinct. However, it is advised that you frame these photos without glass to let the colors pop.


A glossy finish is best suited for everyday color snapshots, which might be placed in a photo album. A glossy finish is a good choice because of its vibrant color and vivid detail.

Matte, on the other hand, comes in handy for black and white prints or prints that get handled more often.

If you are looking for color saturation and detail of glossy but without the glare or tendency to show fingerprints, then you should go for the luster finish.

These four finishes each have their perfect uses. Thus knowing which one is best for your project is a key factor in your success.

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