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How to Play USB on a TV

Most of the TVs manufactured these days are Smart TVs which are crafted to play content from a wider range of sources other than traditional sets. So if you are looking for how to play a USB on your TV, then your Smart TV may just have a provision for it. You can go through either the TV’s native software or use a workaround with another piece of technology.How to Play USB on a TV

You can play files on a USB stick or hard drive, as long as they are in a format that is supported by your TV set. However before you go ahead to play one, you should actually research it to avoid running into issues.

Check the Capability of Your TV

It would be best to physically inspect your TV for a USB port. You are likely to find a USB port somewhere on the unit. The USB port may be used entirely for maintenance purposes. On the other hand, if you have a flat-screen TV with a USB port you may be able to play content from a USB.

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If it happens that there’s a USB port, but you can’t really say what its purpose is or you can’t find any USB port, but think there should be one, you can always check with the manufacturer of your set.

Format the USB (if Necessary)

If you have a USB port (and support)  on your TV set, but the TV does not recognize the USB device, it may be that the USB is in the wrong format. To know what USB drive format your TV set supports, you can check the website of the manufacturer of your TV set.

In a situation where you need to reformat your USB, you can connect it to your computer and locate it in the file manager. You have to understand first, that formatting the USB, deletes all the content that is currently in it. So you have to copy all the files you still want to keep to another location first before you format the USB. To format:

  • Right-click the USB drive
  • Click on ‘Format’
  • Choose an appropriate option under ‘File System’
  • Then select ‘Start’.
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How to Play USB on a TV

To play music, pictures, or videos from a USB device on your TV, follow these simple instructions:

  • On the remote control, press the HOME button.
  • Connect the USB device
  • Hold on until the message USB device that is connected displays on the screen
  • Choose from the following options depending on the type of file you want to access in your USB device.

‘Open with Album’

Also, ‘Open with Music’

‘Open with Video’

  • Then do any of the following depending on the model of your TV:

For Android TV released in 2020 –You can press the left arrow button which is on the remote control to move the cursor to the left edge.

For other models –You can press the left arrow tab which is on the remote control in order to move the cursor to the left edge, and thereafter tap on the same button to display the menu.

  • In the left pane, choose ‘Folders’ or the USB device name
  • Choose the folder where you placed your files.

If your TV does not play the content, you can disconnect the USB device and thereafter reconnect it back.

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