How to Move Pictures to a Folder in a Windows Photo Gallery

Want to learn how to move pictures to a folder in a Windows photo gallery? Then you are just on the right spot where you can learn the technique involved in a matter of minutes. It’s an easy process and one you can complete using our detailed steps once you can follow it accurately. Now let’s get right on to it.How to Move Pictures to a Folder in a Windows Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery most times does not display the pictures you would love to see. This means that by default, the program detects all picture files in the Pictures library. However if you save your photos elsewhere, you may need to move them to another folder or better still import their folder to Photo Gallery. You can also import pictures from somewhere else on the hard drive or from a removable media, like a CD or external hard drive.

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How To Move Pictures

Here let’s see the steps you can use to move pictures to a folder in a Windows Photo Gallery:

  • For the first step of moving pictures, you have to click on the Windows 7 “Start” menu. Then you have to type “Photo Gallery” in the search box. Then check on the “Windows Live Photo Gallery” option in the search results. Photo Gallery will be launched and display the last folder used.
  • For the second step, you have to click on the folders to display their contents. You can easily collapse a folder tree by clicking the arrow close to it. Simply click on the folder which contains the picture or pictures that you wish to move.
  • The third step involves you clicking through the folders again. However this time around to find the destination folder where you want to move the picture. Don’t click the folder, just allow it display in the folder tree.
  • Now for the fourth step you will be required to click on the picture that you want to transfer in the right navigation pane. With this, you should discover thumbnail previews of the pictures in the picture’s folder.
  • Take the fifth step of right clicking and dragging the file to the destination folder on the left pane. Select the “Move here” option if you want to move the file and delete the original in the starting folder. Simply select the “Copy here” option if you want to copy it and leave the original where it is.
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How to Import Pictures

Now that we are done with the part of showing you how to move pictures, we will now show you how you can import those pictures. Here are the simple steps that will make it possible:

  • Start by launching Windows Live Photo Gallery.
  • Tap on the blue button with an arrow in the upper left wing of the Photo Gallery window. Then click on the “Include folder” option.
  • Tap on “Add”, then click to select the folder that contains the picture you want to display in Photo Gallery. Click on the “Include folder”.
  • Check the “OK” option, to have Photo Gallery import the folder and all the pictures contained in the Photo Gallery collection.
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