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With this post, you will learn how to do MyLoweslife Employee login with your login credentials. Just by visiting www.myloweslife.com with your username and password, you will be able to access the Benefits Of Social Network.

My Lowe’s Life Employee Login

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. doing business as Lowe’s, is an American retail company specializing in home improvement. Headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, the company operates a chain of retail stores in the United States and Canada. As of November 2018, Lowe’s and its related businesses operate 2,015 home improvement and hardware stores in North America.www.myloweslife.com

About Lowes – Home Improvement

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (Lowe’s) is a home improvement company. The Company operates approximately 2,370 home improvement and hardware stores. Also, the Company offers a range of products for maintenance, repair, remodeling, and decorating.

The Company offers home improvement products in categories, including Lumber and Building Materials; Tools and Hardware; Appliances; Fashion Fixtures; Rough Plumbing and Electrical; Lawn and Garden; Seasonal and Outdoor Living; Paint; Flooring; Millwork, and Kitchens.

The Company also supports communities that focus on K-12 public education and community improvement projects. The Company serves its customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Myloweslifelowes employee login – MyLowes Account – www.myloweslife.com myhr

The MyLowes account is available on Lowe’s online shopping portal. Using the account, customers can track their product purchases. Customers can also save inspirational content and products to certain lists. The account gives them the freedom to view in-store purchases online and request a MyLowes card.

How to Create MyLowes Account – MyLowes Sign Up

Creating mylowes account to track and keep a list of your shopping item on lowes site is quite easy following the below instructions;

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Visit www.myloweslife.com
  3. Click on the MyLowes icon on top of the homepage.
  4. Provide the required information
  5. Click on create account
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My Lowes Life – www.myloweslife.com

With the Lowes Employee account, the employee can receive important news about MyLowesLife events that will be sent to the Lowes Employee website and accounts. Current and retired employees have separate portals and they can check their various benefits, such as retirement and a pension for former employees.

Current MyLowesLife employees can manage their wages, salaries, and payment statements. They can print previews at any time with Lowes Employee Login so they do not need to go to the HR team and request them every time about these details.

How to Login to Employees Lowes Portal

Here is how to access My Lowes Life Employee Portal SSO Login, you will first need to register for Mylowes life employee benefits which will require your personal information, follow the instructions below;

  • Open a browser and visit myloweslife.com.
  • Provide your information like your name
  • Enter your email address
  • Key in your phone number,
  • Input zip code
  • Fill in your password.
  • Click on the created account

Login Instruction

To login to your account, you will need your login username and password;

  1. Visit myloweslife.com
  2. Enter your sales number
  3. Key in your password
  4. Click on the login button

Employee Benefits By My Lowes – myloweslife.com benefits

With the Lowes Life account, each new and former employee has an organizational platform for all their data, including job scheduling, professional email verification, performance management, job review and pension plans, employee transition details, and some other details of the Human Resources Department. Lowe’s employee benefits plan includes the following but is not limited to;

  • Health Insurance.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Dental Insurance.
  • Vision Insurance.
  • Temporary Disability Insurance.
  • Prepaid Legal.
  • Long-term Disability Insurance.
  • Severance Pay.
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Online Lowe’s Employee Commissions And Discounts

If you currently work at Lowe’s, you will receive a 90% discount at several Lowe locations. Currently, more than 60,000 Lowe employees work in the online discount center. You can sign up at any time to enjoy some excellent discount benefits.

  1. To register at the Employee Renewal Center, you must have a valid email address preferably a company email.
  2. To get an online discount, simply login to your account.
  3. You can buy different categories of items. Find what you want to buy.
  4. Choose your ideal distributor and look for discount offers.
  5. A window appears where you will receive information about the redemption code.
  6. Now click on the shop and continue shopping.
  7. Use your promotional code at the end of the purchase to receive the discount.

Access My Lowes Life (Former Employees)

  • Visit myloweslife.com
  • Click on the question like “Are you a former Lowe’s Employee”,
  • Provide information regarding your previous job at Lowe’s.

Forgot password – How to Reset your Password

In the event you forgot your employee’s lowes login password, you can reset the password, but you will have to provide either your username or sales number.

Useful Lowes Links 





MyLowesLife Customer Support – Myloweslife phone number

If you need help or have questions, contact MyLowesLife Customer Service at 1-888-HRINFO5 (1-888-474-6365).

Former Lowe’s Employee Customer Support – Myloweslife contact number -www.myloweslife.com

844-HRLOWES (844-475-6937)

Lowe’s Benefits Service Center

8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday


Outside the United States

8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday

Myloweslife payroll – Myloweslifemyhr – Employee Info

Via the Myloweslife employee login, portal page employees can monitor their paystub, paystub history, contact information, W-2 info, and more.  The site is convenient for employees as they can access their payroll files to view their paystub information.

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The same information this is available on your paper paystub is displayed electronically inside your online account.  Users can see their hours worked, OT hours, wages, taxes, deductions, company benefits, etc.

Myloweslife Employee Login Portal – MyloweslifeMyHR

The Myloweslife employee login portal is convenient for employees as they can monitor their pay file online without having to depend on their Supervisor or HR Departments.

They can easily use their smartphone, tablet, or home computer to log on to the site and find an answer to any questions they may have about their timesheet, benefits, or other payment information.  The employee login is safe to use on a public computer as well, employees just need to make sure they log out of their account when using a public computer.

When you want to review your past paychecks you can log in and view your past paychecks.  These paychecks can be printed out if you need an additional copy.  W-2 forms are also available to employees at the beginning of the year from inside the MyloweslifemyhrEmployee Portal.

You can select to receive your W-2 faster when you receive it electronically inside your employee portal account.

Myloweslife Former Employee

Former employees of Myloweslifecan also access www.myloweslife.com employee login website by clicking the link “Former Employee.”  They can view their prior employment information by entering the last 4 digits of their social security number, the first 4 letters of their last name, and date of birth.  By entering this information they will be able to access their online file.

Employees can also make edits to their personal information from inside their LA Fitness employee login.  They can edit their contact information such as their address and phone number.