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With your organizational login details, you can access your employee’s benefits at login navigator. The portal is mainly for the management of employee’s payroll and employee benefits meant only for RSC contractors, Restaurants Managers, and team members who work at red lobster.blank

The login navigator can be accessed when an employees visit the with a browser on any mobile phone, or internet-enabled device of all sorts including personal computer, iOS users; iPhone, iPad, and with Android device both at home or at with a work or office computer. – Online Access

To access your employees’ benefits and payroll on the you will need a login credential from your HR department or your work supervisor. With the login details, you can access the portal with an internet-enabled device and view your employment information, personal information, and work information including shift, work schedule, and time and lots of other employee’s details. To do that visit login navigator;

  1. On the login interface, you will see two fields requesting to key in your organizational details.
  2. Enter your username; email address.
  3. Input your password.
  4. Tap on the sign-in button.

Forgotten Password

In the event your organizational account details or red lobster login password is forgotten, you can recover it using the forgot username or password link at the down part of the login interface when your visit login navigator.

Red Lobster Navigator Forgotten Password Identification

To recover your password or reset to a new one you can easily remember, you will have to pass through three different password recovery or identification stages; identification, verify identity and reset the password on the red lobster login navigator page.

  1. Visit
  2. Navigate to the forgotten username or password, under it, tap the “for help” click here link.
  3. Enter your User ID (ask your HR department if you don’t know what your user ID is).
  4. Follow the identification process.
  5. Next, reset your password.

Red Lobster Navigator Login – How to Secure your Account – Employees Login Features

The Red lobster login navigator is designed in a way that login access is granted easily so long the right username and password are provided by the employee or the organizational personnel wanting to access the organizational account. However, the issue of account security is most considered by account owners. But the best rarely do employees experience security breaches on the portal except for employees who don’t observe the security login measures. To secure your account at the red lobster login portal;

  1. Make sure you don’t disclose your employees’ login details to people you don’t trust.
  2. When signing in to access your account make sure no unwanted or unknown person is looking at your login details.
  3. Log out from your account after use, especially if you are accessing your account from a public system or a device that you are not in full control of.
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Red Lobster Employees Work Schedule – Payroll Online Access

With your login details, you can check and view your paystub, payroll and employees work schedules such as shift, work hours, scheduled shift and hours, view your timesheet information on current and past payments period and as well make inquiries on just any confusion and work schedules you would want to correct or request for a reschedule online and view employees benefits including 401K, health and issuance plan and a couple of other employees benefits; all of this online access is possible with your Red lobster login organizational account detail.

Employees Personal Information

Employees are given access to make changes or edit their personal info on the Red Lobster navigator login panel or portal with their account login credentials. When you log in to your account as an employee, you can affect changes like; edit your;

  1. Contact info.
  2. Change the employee’s name.
  3. Edit or add a new home address.
  4. Add or change to a new Email address.
  5. Update your phone number and other personal credentials with access, or permission from your HR department or supervisor.

Employees Communication Tool to Employers

Your login to the lobster navigation panel not only gives you access to certain features that will help you check, view, and manage your both personal, work, or company information, you can as well make inquiries using the communication tool feature embedded in the login portal.

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You can reach out to the management, the admin, the manager, your HR departmental head, your supervisor, or just any superior person you are answerable to with the communication tool with just a click.


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