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Activate your OlloPlatinium and Rewards Credit card before use at www.ollocard.com/activate. While certain card issuers, including Discover and Wells Fargo, mail cards that can’t be used without activation, some, such as Capital One and Bank of America, may allow small purchases — a coffee at Starbucks, for instance, or an online buy.

Still others, reluctant to slow down a dedicated shopper, will allow a handful of purchases before you’re forced to activate. In the case of the Ollo Credit card, you will have to activate it before use.Ollo Card Login

Customers who purchased the New Ollo Platinum and Rewards credit card should visit the activation page at www.ollocard.com/activate to activate their card. The activation process is simple and easy with your personal information and your card information you can activate your Ollo card in minutes.

Ollo Card Activate Instructions

Your Ollo card can be activated from any device that is connected to the internet provided it has a web browser installed in such devices as a smartphone or a personal computer. Follow the below guide to activate.

  1. Go to ww.ollocard.com/activate
  2. Provide your first name.
  3. Keying your date of birth.
  4. Input the last 4-digits of your social security number.
  5. Enter 16 digit Ollo Card Number (found on your card or account statement)
  6. Enter card expiration date mm/yy
  7. Tap on the Next button
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Ollo Card Login – Enroll in Ollo Card Login Service

When you are done activating your Ollo credit card, you can then enroll in the Ollo card login service that helps you to manage all your card activities and transaction with your login credentials.

  1. Go to the URL at ollocard.com.
  2. Navigate to the“Looking to Register? Enroll here” link
  3. Key in your Last name
  4. Enter your Date of birth
  5. Input the last 4 digits of your SSN
  6. Fill in your 16-digit card number located on the front view of your card.
  7. Enter the Card expiration date also on the front view of your card.
  8. The Next thing is to create your login credentials; set up a username and password.
  9. Set up your security questions to help you recover your password in the event you forgot your username or account password.
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Online Access Benefits – Ollo Card Online Dashboard

When you log in with your login credentials through www.ollocard.com, you will be able to manage, view, and in some cases make changes to your credit card or personal information. When you enroll in the Ollo credit card services login you will be able to do a couple of things such as;

  1. View your credit card balance
  2. Review and check your credit card limit.
  3. View your recent or past transactions.
  4. View your personal information and edit.
  5. Pay bill online with your Ollo credit card.
  6. Setup an email notification alert to monitor all your account or credit card activities from any device your email is open.
  7. Set up auto online payment on the payment due date.
  8. Add your Bank account information for payment beyond your credit card limit.
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Ollo Platinum Credit Card Features

The Ollo credit card platinum and Reward come with certain features that make it preferable to other credit card issuers. Some of those features are why we recommend you purchase the Ollo credit card if you don’t have one yet.

  1. No over-the-limit or overdraft fees
  2. Automatic credit line increase
  3. Free of returned payment fees
  4. No rate hike when you make a late payment
  5. Free fico score available online
  6. Ollo Rewards Card Features
  7. No foreign transaction fees
  8. There is no annual or monthly fee charge.
  9. No rewards program
  10. $39 annual fee
  11. The rewards program offers 2% cash back on gas station, grocery store, and drugstore purchases
  12. 1% cash back on all other purchases