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YouTube progress Bar not Hiding – How to fix? 2022/23 – Rich Guide

There are different tools and features on YouTube that enables a smooth streaming experience, the Progress bar is one of these features. It enables you to keep track of the video you view, showing the length and duration of the movie.

In some cases, you had to leave a movie or close YouTube to attend to other things. The YouTube progress bar is very relevant as it helps you return to the exact point you stopped streaming. YouTube progress Bar

Normally, the progress bar disappears automatically almost immediately after using it. However, in some cases, the progress bar won’t hide and even remains permanently on your screen. This can actually get really annoying.

What causes the YouTube progress bar not to hide?

Your YouTube progress bar might not automatically hide for various reasons. The major cause of this is a bug problem, which can occur after, apps, and themes on your browser.

  • Installing or updating add-ons or extensions
  • Outdated browser
  • Faulty mouse (causing movements that make the progress bar appear and disappear).
  • Installing themes on your browser

This experience can be not just annoying, it also distracts you from focusing on the video you’re trying to stream.

Since this progress bar shows directly on the screen while streaming, it can hinder you from seeing some parts of the video especially subtitles.

Luckily, we’ve gathered some solutions below to help you fix the issue so that you can return to enjoy your streaming.

How to fix YouTube progress bar issue?

  1. Activate full-screen mode using the shortcut (F)
  2. Reload the video
  3. Restart your browser
  4. Update your browser
  5. Uninstall incompatible apps, add-ons, and themes

SOLUTION 1: Activate full-screen mode using the shortcut (F)

You might be experiencing the ‘YouTube bar won’t hide’ issue because you haven’t enabled the Full-screen mode on your YouTube.

To activate the full-screen mode, simply tap on the “F” button on your keyboard while you’re streaming.

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SOLUTION 2: Reload the video

The YouTube progress bar issue may be due to a minor problem such as the improper loading of the video, slow download speeds, or a little error in the browser.

To fix this, you may have to reload the video. If you’re using your computer, click on REFRESHon your browser. While using your phone or smart TV, you’ll have to exit the app and reopen it.

SOLUTION 3: Restart your browser

This solution should come to mind first once you encounter this error.

Updating your browser to the latest version will solve the problem. As the new version would have been modified and void of the bug.

To restart your browser, close all tabs and windows then reopen the browser again.

SOLUTION 4: Update your browser

You might be experiencing this issue as a result of an outdated browser. This is because the outdated browser may contain a bug that alters your YouTube functions.

Updating your browser to the latest version will solve the problem. As the new version would have been modified and void of the bug.

Better still you can switch to another reliable browser if you still experience the issue after updating the previous one. Try using Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox.

To fix the issue, simply install the latest version of the browser and then load the video you want to stream.

SOLUTION 5:  Uninstall incompatible apps, add-ons, and themes

While using a browser, go to extensions and disable all of them before you reload the video, except for those important to you.

Some of these extensions possess contents that may obstruct flash player on some browsers, while some theme features can affect the progress bar on your YouTube.

Bug issues can also occur when you install/update desktop applications that affect browser media players. Like the Adobe Flash player. You can fix this by removing and reinstalling them again.

10 Tips for Optimizing Your Video Ads

Launching a video ad campaign is a great step, but there are some things you should set up prior to starting to pay for views. That way, you make the most of your budget and see the highest return on investment.

  1. Define your metrics and goals

When analyzing the results, there are four main categories of metrics you can track for each video. They are:

  • Views and Impressions
  • Audience
  • View Rate
  • Conversions
  1. Track low-performing placements

If you’re running in-display ads that will appear across the Google Display Network, you can review where the ad has appeared in by

  • Navigating to Video Targeting
  • Go to Placements > Where ads were shown
  • Display network from your Google Ads Campaigns dashboard
  1. Use a custom thumbnail image

Use a high-quality still image from the video to entice a viewer to click on your video. Make sure to look into the camera, if you’re the only one in the video. it should be clear enough for users to stream on any device If you are featuring a product, make sure the product is in focus, without contradicting backgrounds.

  1. Drive people to buy with cards

A YouTube card is represented with a small “i” symbol, which the viewer can click to expand. You can time this appearance so only users who are engaged with the video and content will see the notification.

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You can feature a product related to or featured in the video to drive product purchases, using a card. You can also use cards to drive fundraising donations, traffic to a URL, or traffic to other videos. Each format will allow you to customize the card with text, images, and other features.

  1. Create calls-to-action

When promoting a video on YouTube, you can include call-to-action overlays that link to a URL. You could also link people to an important report or interview featuring the brand.

  1. Create a YouTube end slate

Create an end screen to drive subscribers to your channel, promote your social networks, or increase interest in your brand. If a user has streamed your video till the end, it’s a good sign they enjoy your content and might be interested in subscribing to your channel for future updates.

  1. Use negative remarketing

If you are running a campaign for a longer period of time and want to only attract new users to a brand, we advise you to create a list of people who won’t see your ads.

  1. Use close captioning to meet viewers’ needs and wants

Include a quality video transcription you’ve generated and approved. You may also want to include transcriptions in various other languages, this is audience based. You can also offer users the option to download or visit a site page with the full transcription in your video description.

  1. Qualify your Viewers

In some cases, some viewers may not be interested in the product you’re advertising. Encourage them to skip the ad if the content isn’t relevant so you don’t have to pay for the view and they don’t waste their time watching irrelevant advertising.

  1. Consider making your ads longer

You may want to put messaging at a certain point so uninterested viewers can skip the ad, or you might provide special offers towards the end of the video. so you don’t have to pay for the view.

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