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Activate Roku device and fix activation code – 2022/23 – Rich Guide

Activate Roku device and fix activation code and linking issues

Roku is one of the popular streaming devices. It is a digital media player produced by the American company Roku, Inc. It gives you access to amazing services such as video streaming. You get to stream live videos and enjoy free access to live news, sports, and much more.Activate Roku device

Once you get a Roku device. You just need to connect it to the internet. Create your own account and start enjoying amazing offers.

How to activate your Roku device

To activate the Roku device is simple. Below is a step-by-step guide that can help you achieve this.

  • Visit
  • Connect your TV to your Roku device and switch it on
  • An activation code will display on the group
  • Enter this Activation code on the web browser and submit
  • This will link your device automatically and you can stream.

Roku activation code and linking issues

When you are activating Roku, there are times you will face an error as regards the linking Code. Where the link refuses to work or you can’t find it on your screen after generating it. You can resolve this error by following the steps below:

Error when entering the link code on the website

When you have issues linking the activation code on the website. First, try to fix it by entering the code for the second time. You might have omitted a word.

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If the issue persists, check your network. The problem could be a network issue. Having done all, you are yet to resolve the error. Try the steps below:

  • Go to your device
  • Click on the start button and request a new code
  • A new link code will appear on your screen
  • Go back to the website and enter the code

Also, have it in mind that the activation Code expires 30 minutes after getting it. So, in case you see ‘Your account activation link expired’ or ‘We can’t seem to reach you by Email’. You will have to click on Resend on your Roku device. So that a new activation code will be sent.

The link code is fixed on the screen

When it seems you are stuck, the link code remains fixed on the screen. Wait for some minutes, the activation process can take a while to complete. But if the issue persists, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you activate your Roku device. You can even try using a different email address to activate it
  • In case you encounter Error 001, that means your device is not connected to your network
  • Try the activation process again
  • Go to and complete the process

The web browser displays a blank page

When you are in the activation process and a blank page appears. This could occur because of a browser extension blocking the contents from loading. Most especially Ad-blockers.

What you need to do is to disable all browser extensions and reload the page.

In addition, you could try to avoid linking issues by making sure your internet connection is good. Also, by linking your device to your account.

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Furthermore, apart from the activation code error Roku users experience. There are times when the Roku remote will stop working. This can be frustrating. But this error occurs as a result of some factors.

A Remote will stop when someone or something tampers with it. This applies to all remote. To fix the Roku remote error, you have to identify the problem to know the method to use to fix it.

Solutions to fixing a problematic Roku remote

1. Check the remote for any physical damage

It is possible that the remote was tampered with physically. The reason why you are facing those errors. Make sure you check if the remote is physically damaged. If not, try out the next steps.

 2: Restart your Roku device and remote

Try restarting your Roku device including the remote. Unplug your Roku device From the power source for like 10 minutes. Also, remove Roku batteries. After waiting for a few minutes. Connect your device back and reinsert the remote’s batteries.

Wait for a little to see if this does not resolve the issue. Check out the next steps.

3: Check the batteries

The battery powers the remote. If the battery has issues, it will affect the remote. So check your battery. Make sure you get a battery that is of high quality, and offers high battery life.

4: Check for blocked Signal

Roku remote should be in direct link with the device. The reason being is, that it contains the majority of the command to operate the device. If there’s a blockage in the signal. It won’t work.

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Remove all obstructions and your remote is in direct line with your device.

6: Replace the remote

Having tried out the steps above and am still unable to resolve the issue. Change your remote. This should be the last option if the issue can not be fixed on your previous remote.

In case you cannot change your remote immediately. Try downloading the Roku app. This has some features that can help control your Roku device.


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