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Pizza Hut Near Me – Pizza Hut Near Me Delivery – Hour – Now Open

For all Pizza lovers, there is good news. There is a sure connect American restaurant With over 130,000 locations across the countries of the world, named Pizza Hut which doesn’t only serve pizza but a variety of Italian dishes like pasta and some other really appetizing desserts. Amazingly, you can place your order online and have Pizza Hut deliver at your doorstep.Pizza Hut Near Me

All you have to do is to turn on your GPS, using any browser to browse “Pizza Hut Near me” and locate the nearest pizza hut to you, start ordering to enjoy your mouth-watering pizza of different flavors.

Pizza Hut Near Me – How to locate a  Pizza Hut near me using the map

You can find the closest tanning salon in an area using google map by searching online ” Pizza Hut  Near Me”

  1. Turn on your location in your internet access device
  2. Open any browser of your choice and grant it access to your location
  3. Type in “Pizza Hut  Near me” in the search tab of your browser
  4. From the results of your search, click on the google map and this will serve as a guide to lead you to the nearest shop in an area.

History and Origin of Pizza Hut

One of the founder’s wife came up with the pizza hut name and design upon the fact that their first store took a resemblance to a hut. This restaurant was founded by two brothers with the help of a $600 loan borrowed from their month. A large pizza was sold at $1.50 and the small one for 95 cents.

The Closest Pizza hut near me – What you should Know

To start with, Pizza Hut has introduced new pizza recipes and every frequent pizza hut customer knows that there are several pizzas on the menu. Thus, Pizza Hut came up with five pizzas that you will love to try out first from the many varieties of pizzas. Starting from least favorite we have;

Veggie Lover’s

The difference between this pizza and your everyday veggie pizza is that Pizza hut’s veggie pizza comes with a twist of adding three different cheese brands. Veggie lover’s pizza is well garnished with pepperoni, mild sausage, green pepper, mushrooms, beef topping, onion, and mozzarella cheese. Yummy right? Pizza hut has got you covered for all veggie lovers.

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Hawaiian Pizza

The most appealing feature of this particular pizza is the ingredients, you can actually clearly taste the sweet pineapple in this pizza. Hawaiian pizza is one really delicate pizza that most people spoil with unnecessary toppings and end up creating a horrible mix of salt and sugar. But at Pizza hut, we make sure that our Hawaiian pizza tastes like a slice of heaven. It’s Ingredients: Ham, pineapple, and extra mozzarella cheese.

Skinny Italy

For weight watchers who love pizza and want to enjoy their pizza and still maintain that sleek summer body, then this pizza is for you. The name skinny pizza is derived from the claim that this pizza doesn’t contain more than 250 calories per slice. Skinny Italy tops the list of the skinny pizza family.

Ingredients for skinny Italy: classic marinara sauce, classic meatballs, fresh red onions, and fresh spinach with a balsamic drizzle.

Supreme Lover’s

This pizza tastes yummy and out of this world! Many people have voted it the best in pizza hut. The ingredients are pepperoni, mild sausage, beef topping, green pepper, mushrooms, and onion, and mozzarella cheese.

Cheese pizza

We want you to know that cheese pizza from three different companies was compared and pizza hut’s cheese pizza was voted the best. Do you still stand with me that when it comes to pizzas, Pizza Hut knows their onion? At Pizza hut, there is no holding back on the cheese when it comes to their cheese pizza and the crust is perfectly crispy.

Restaurant Locator

Pizza Hut has its own online store locator for the US, for easier online ordering which can be found at

The store locator only works for US locations, but the results will show opening hours, the local phone numbers, plus a location on a map. For international locations, you must visit the local country-specific website. for example, the UK restaurant locator can be found at

The Best Apps for Finding Pizza Hut Locations Near Me

These Restaurant Finder/Fast Food Finder Apps are currently the best on the market. The apps can be installed on iOS, Android, WP7, WebOS, and BlackBerry. Such Download them to find restaurants near you in seconds:

  • Urbanspoon App
  • Foodspotting App
  • OpenTable App
  • Google Places Restaurant App
  • Yelp Restaurant App
  • Official Pizza Hut App

You can download Pizza Hut’s own app here:

Pizza Hut iOS Device – Apple Store:

Pizza Hut Android- Google Play Store:

Pizza Hut Phone Numbers (US & UK).

Contact customer service by dialing:

Phone Numbers

Customer Services (US): 1-800-948-8488.

Average Weight (US): 39 mins  – Line open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Corporate Headquarters  (US): 1-502-874-8300.

Gift cards: 1-877-302-7777.

Customer Service (Canada): 1-866-364-0825.

Customer Services (UK):  0800 028 7034 (FREE). Or 0330 123 0790.


Our Customers can send a mail to this corporate address:

Yum! Brands. Pizza Hut Headquarters.

1900 Colonel Sanders Ln, Louisville, KY 40213

How can I complain?

On the Pizza Hut website, click on the CONTACT US.

File in as many details as you can, including the nature of the problem, the date, time, and location of the restaurant.

Alternatively, you can make your complaints or sing us praises on Pizza Hut’s official Facebook or Twitter page.


There are typical Pizza Hut opening hours to avoid a disappointed face if you visit Pizza hut only to see a  closed slate board across the door, these are their working hours:

Monday: 11:00 am-11:00 pm
Tuesday: 11:00 am-11:00 pm
Wednesday: 11:00 am-11:00 pm
Thursday: 11:00 am-11:00 pm
Friday: 11:00 am-12:00 am
Saturday: 11:00 am-12:00 am
Sunday: 11:00 am-11:00 pm

Pizza Hut hours vary from restaurant to restaurant, as it is up to the franchise owner to decide the opening hours.

Holiday Hours

Most Pizza Hut restaurants in America are closed for Thanksgiving, Easter Sunday, and Christmas Day.

Pizza Hut franchisee owners can choose to either close or close early on the various holidays listed below.  Call your local Pizza Hut first to verify the opening hours.

Limited opening hours:

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday
George Washington’s Birthday
Memorial Day
The Fourth of July
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran’s Day
Christmas Eve

Pizza Hut Near Me –  Facts

Here are some interesting facts about pizza hut you know nothing about

Do you know that pizza hut has delivered to space unexpectedly?

In 2001, pizza was delivered to the international space station launched on a Soyuz by the very amazing pizza hut. They were also the supplier for a pizza party held in the white house in 1989. Big-time celebs like Donald Trump have also been featured in their advertisements. Nobody, absolutely nobody understands the phrase “Go big or Go home” like these guys at Pizza hut.

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Everybody knows that pizza hut goes all out when it comes to its ingredients. They use 360 million gallons of milk to come up with 300 million founds of cheese for their pizzas. What this means is that 170000 have to be milked in a year. So next time before you throw away that extra cheese pizza, remember that cows & calves had to miss out on milk.


Pizza hut is a franchise with very unique qualities. They are the first pizza company to start accepting orders & deliveries from the internet. They also have unique stuffed cheese, hot dogs, chicken fillets, cheese pockets, and other stuffing. This great shop also came up with a proposal package that cost approximately $10010. This pack includes; a Rubi engagement ring, a professional photographer, a limo ride and fireworks display among other things.

You can discover a pizza hut restaurant near you through the map to enjoy a wide selection of pizza with different flavors they offer.

I know that by now you must have started craving pizza from any pizza hut location near you, Do not forget that this has other really delicious sides like wings, sauces and other delicacies search now to find out more.

General Information:

Founded in 1958, in Wichita, Kansas.
Founders:    Dan Carney, Frank Carney.
Headquarters: 7100 Corporate Drive, Plano, TX 75024, U.S.
Several locations worldwide: 15605 (as of 2014).
Several locations in the USA: 13602 (as of 2014).
Number of employees: 160,000+
Owned by Yum! Brands.
Slogan:     Flavor of Now


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