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FedEx Near Me – FedEx Near Me Drop Off – Shipping

I would straightly go to why this post is in front of you. First, I would like to how glad you felt coming in contact with this post. Of course, you should let us know using the comment box. That said, this post will guide you on ways to find FedEx near me.FedEx Near Me

By the way, the postal service industry has changed drastically with the advancement of delivery service through the instrumentality of technology. So, if you want to locate a nearby office, simply key in “FedEx near me” on Google map, ask around, or use the FedEx store locator to find the closest store location within your area.

FedEx Near Me – Find it on the Map

I will start with how you can find the closest store near me. To begin, the Google app or was developed to help people locate the different places they are looking for, in this case, the FedEx store near me.

Thus, the interface used is very user-friendly and therefore you will not experience any hurdles while trying to use it. All you have to do is key in the name of the place you are searching for and click the search button. In just a few seconds you will have your results.

On the other hand, be rest aware that the Google map uses your IP address to generate the nearest to where you currently are. Be it as it may, the result is usually displayed with an image that looks like a red pin. So, upon clicking one of the pinned down locations, the map will zoom in to give you finer details like the exact location like in which street, road, or lane the FedEx is located.

LOCATING NEAR ME – STORE LOCATOR – How to find FedEx store Near Me using City, State, and Zipcode

  • Firstly, Open up your browser and visit the official website at
  • On the page, you will get to see the search bar in the upper part of the page.
  • Also, Key in your City and state or Zip Code.
  • Also, you can use the “Use My Current Location” Button.
  • Here comes the list of stores in your city or state. You will get to see the hours of each location and more.
  • Lastly, on the website landing page, scroll down a bit to see the locations of FedEx and the number in each of them.

FedEx – Delivery Service near me -Ask around

I must say that asking around might appear simple and very straightforward but I can assure you that it will not give you any hurdles or frustrate you in any way.  Thus, all you have to do is find the right people to ask and you will be good to go.

You can ask your friends, relatives, family, neighbors, or even an associate. As long as they have good knowledge of FedEx near you, they will be able to give you a great answer to your questions at any given.

Thus, you will not need any internet connection for this; you may not even need any electronic device like a telephone. Sometimes all you have to do is walk up to them and ask them.

See how easy it can be? It is not weird to ask around for directions. Our forefathers depended on this method and they got good results

FedEx Unit of Operation – FedEx Services

#1: FedEx Express (Orange “Ex”): The original overnight courier services, providing next day air service within the United States and time-definite international service. FedEx Express operates one of the largest civil aircraft fleets in the world and the largest fleet of wide-bodied civil aircraft; it also carries more freight than any other airline.

Caribbean Transport Services: Until 2008, a part of FedEx Freight. Provides airfreight forwarding services between the US mainland, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and other Caribbean islands.

TNT Express: An international courier delivery services company, now a subsidiary of FedEx, with its headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. The firm has fully owned operations in 61 countries and delivers documents, parcels, and pieces of freight to over two hundred countries.

#2: FedEx Ground (Orange “Ex”, formerly Green): Guaranteed day-definite delivery within Canada and the United States at cost savings as compared to time-definite FedEx Express. Uses a large fleet of trucks that are owned by the independent owner/operators and drivers are independent contractors who control individual delivery routes and territories. Formerly Roadway Package System (RPS).

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FedEx Home Delivery: Specializes in residential delivery Tuesday through Saturday and offers delivery options to provide more flexibility for residential recipients. The logo includes a drawing of a dog carrying a package. FedEx Home Delivery only operates in the United States. In the US it is not uncommon for Home Delivery packages to be delivered by Standard Ground trucks. To make up the difference, FedEx Ground in Canada performs the business deliveries and residential deliveries.


FedEx SmartPost: Consolidates parcels from merchants such as e-commerce and catalog companies and uses the United States Postal Service for the final delivery. Formerly the independent company Parcel Direct until FedEx acquired it for $120 million in 200.

#3: FedEx Freight (Orange “Ex”, formerly Red): LTL and other freight services. The largest LTL carrier in the United States, with $4.5 billion in revenue for 2008.Formerly American Freightways, Viking Freight, and Watkins Motor Lines.


FedEx Freight Canada: Formerly Watkins Canada Express.

#4: FedEx Logistics (Orange “Ex”, formerly Platinum): Known as FedEx Trade Networks until 2019, FedEx Logistics provides supply chain solutions, specialty transportation, cross border e-commerce technology services, customs brokerage, and trade management tools and data. Formerly Caliber Logistics and Caliber Technology.

FedEx Air & Ocean Cargo Networks: International air and ocean freight forwarding. Formerly C.J. Tower & Sons, TowerGroup International Inc., and FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage, Inc.

FedEx Cross Border: Provides cross border enablement technologies and solutions that help retailers and e-tailers reach international e-commerce consumers. Its capabilities include duty and tax calculations, export compliance management, HS classification, currency conversions, shopping cart management, and protection against credit card fraud. Formerly Bongo International.

FedEx Custom Critical (Orange “Ex”, formerly Blue and then Red): Delivers urgent, valuable, or hazardous items using trucks and chartered aircraft. Freight not accepted for transport includes perishable food, alcohol, medication, livestock, household goods, hazardous waste, and money. Drivers are independent contractors who own their vehicles. Service in Mexico uses interline carriers. Formerly Roberts Express.

FedEx Customs Brokerage: Services related to customs and international trade compliance. Formerly World Tariff, Ltd., and FedEx Trade Networks Trade Services, Inc.

FedEx Forward Depots: Critical inventory and service parts logistics, TechConnect repair and refurbishment of business technology equipment, 3-D printing, and the FedEx Packaging Lab.

See FedEx Supply Chain

FedEx Supply Chain: Third-party logistics including transportation management, warehousing, fulfillment, and returns. Formerly GENCO.

#5: FedEx Services (Orange “Ex”, formerly Platinum): Provides global marketing, planning, and information technology (IT) services for the other FedEx operating companies.

FedEx Customer Relations: Offering a customer service toll-free telephone line for customer questions. It is operated by an automated operator then will prompt the user to a live agent for uses of tracking, claims, scheduling pick-ups (Express, Ground, Same Day, Custom Critical, Freight Express, and Freight LTL), compliments and complaints, locations (both staffed counter locations and drop-boxes), ordering supplies, setting up FedEx accounts, billing, etc. Formerly FCIS or FedEx Customer Information Services.

FedEx Delivery

FedEx Delivery Manager: Provides U.S. customers with options to schedule dates, locations, and times of delivery. Customers can also track and manage deliveries en route to or from their home, without a tracking number or FedEx account.

#6: FedEx Office (Orange “Ex”, formerly Blue): The retail arm of the corporation, offers copying and digital printing, professional finishing, document creation, Internet access, computer rentals, signs and graphics, direct mail, Web-based printing, and FedEx shipping. Formerly an independent company, known as Kinko’s until it was acquired by FedEx in 2004 and rebranded to FedEx Kinko’s. In June 2008 the company was finally rebranded as FedEx Office.

FedEx Office Print and Ship Centers: Provides services such as copying, printing, Internet access, and shipping. They are a central location for FedEx customers to deposit their packages for shipping, offering self-service photocopy and fax machines, office products for packing and shipping, boxes, and packaging services. They also offer “Hold at Locations” for FedEx Ground & FedEx Express shipments for easy pickup. Transfer to Office/Ship centers takes 1 to 2 business days (example: calling the customer service line one day before pick up. This ensures the package is put with a proper route of the courier that services that area). Office counts with its own Couriers for Center to Center and local customer deliveries. Formerly, these locations were called FedEx World Service Centers.

FedEx SameDay City (Orange “Ex”, formerly Platinum): Offers a delivery service between select ZIP codes in as little as two hours. Services include Standard, providing pickup by noon and delivery by the end of the day, or Priority, providing delivery within two hours. FedEx SameDay City is currently expanding in all major cities across the country and is planning on becoming its own operating unit in the next five years.

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FedEx operates in over 220 countries. As a result, they publish the full list on their website. However, there are a few countries that they do not ship to. Thus, these include North Korea, Iran, Somalia, and several small Pacific island nations.

Thus, it is best to check the full list when shipping packages overseas. Most popular mail destinations such as China, Europe, most of Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia are all supported by FedEx.

Furthermore, it has over 300 thousand employees, which is about half as large as the USPS. It has approximately $15 billion in equity. It earns over $47 billion each year, with a net income of about $2.5 billion.

The USPS, on the other hand, has a revenue of about $68 billion, however, it operates at a net loss, usually of around $5 billion. The company operates a fleet of over 600 aircraft and over 63 thousand delivery vans, including 43 electric vehicles and 365 hybrid vehicles. Every day, couriers travel 2.5 million miles – enough to circle the Earth one hundred times!

In sum, I don’t mind going back to history a little bit. Thus, the first shipment was 186 boxes, sorted by hand on a card table, and then sent to 14 jets. Today the company has over 680 aircraft, including eleven Boeing 777s.

FedEx created the concept of a tracking number so that customers could find out where their packages were at each stage of delivery. The system was also originally used internally as a method of quality control.

In the 1980s, the company began buying parts of the radio spectrum for their own use and established a radio communications network, used by the drivers and also by automated locating equipment – all before cell phones became popular.

Contact info

USA and Canada 1.800.GoFedEx
U.S. Customer Service 1.800.Go.FedEx
FedEx Customer Relations
3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634
Memphis, TN 38116
U.S. International Customer Service 1.800.247.4747 FedEx Customer Relations
3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634
Memphis, TN 38116
U.S. TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) Services
(7 a.m.-8 p.m. CST)
1.800.238.4461 FedEx TDD/Hearing Impaired Customer Service Operations
3885 Airways Blvd. Module J
2nd floor
Memphis, TN 38116
Hearing Impaired Relay Desk 1.888.464.0709 FedEx TDD/Hearing Impaired Customer Service Operations
3885 Airways Blvd. Module J
2nd floor
Memphis, TN 38116
U.S. Billing Inquiries 1.800.622.1147 FedEx Corp. Revenue Services
3965 Airways, Module G
Memphis, TN 38116
Cargo Claims Inquiries 1.800.Go.FedEx
1.800.463.33391.877.229.4766 (Fax)
FedEx Cargo Claims Department
P.O. Box 26628
Salt Lake City, UT 84126
U.S. FedEx Express Freight Services
(shipments over 150 lbs.)
1.800.332.0807 FedEx Customer Relations
3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634
Memphis, TN 38116


Austria 0800 123 800
Belgium 02 752 75 75
Czech Republic 800 1 33339
Denmark 70 233 332
Estonia 8002345
Finland 010800515
France 0825 886 887 (0.15 EUR TTC/mc)
Germany 01806 111 800 (20 cents per minute from a German landline. Mobile rate max. 60 cents per call.)
Hungary 36 80 980 980
Ireland 1800 535 800
Italy Regular 199.151.119 (0.10 € / min, VAT included)
Outside of Italy +39 02-
Latvia 800005300
Lithuania 8800 20200
Luxembourg 8002 35 55
Netherlands 0800 0222 333
Norway 63 94 03 00
Poland 801 002 800 or 22 211 80 00 (for mobile phones)
Russia 7 495 788 8881
Spain 902 100 871
Sweden 0200 252 252
Switzerland 0848 1 33339 (0.08 CHF./min from a Swiss landline; mobile charges depend on provider)
United Kingdom 03456 07 08 09

FedEx Middle East/India

Bahrain 973-17-334448
India 1 800-22-6161
Israel 1-700-700-339
Kuwait 965-1802233
Saudi Arabia 9200 24422
+966 12 633 84 05
(for mobile phones and international callers)
UAE 800 33339
Outside of UAE +971-4-2994440


FedEx Africa

South Africa 08000 33339
For all other African countries, you can direct your inquiry via electronic mail to or find a contact phone number on the country homepage.

FedEx Latin America

Argentina 011-5411-4630-0300
Brazil/Sao Paulo 0800 703 3339
Chile 011-562-361-6111
Dominican Republic 1-809-565-3636
Jamaica 1-876-960-9192
Mexico 011-525-55-228-9904
Panama 1-507-271-3838
Puerto Rico 1-787-793-9300
Trinidad 1-868-645-2579
Uruguay 011-598-2-628-0100
Venezuela 011-58-212-205-3333
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Find FedEx Near Me – The Use of yelp and Yellow pages

To begin with, you can find any store around using Yelp. To start, you will need to download the yelp application into your phone. With the help of the above sites, you can easily trace down the nearest location near you.

As a result, all you need to do is feed in your zip code and click the search button, then wait for a few seconds or minutes, and there you will have it. They are efficient in such a way that they will give you more relevant details.

Some other websites can also come in handy in trying to locate a store near you. They include,, and More so, these websites can help you locate the best around you so that you can give them a try. And settle the issue of looking out for the closest FedEx near your current location.

That said, you must have a way of accessing the net before you can be able to access the sites listed above. Be it as it may, finding a nearby location these days is the easiest thing to do, soon you will not need to ask around.

To a greater extent, you may have a specific Mexican restaurant in mind that you want to search for. And see if they have a location near where you are, this way, you should visit their website and use their locator, if available, to search for a location near you.

Be it as it may, by visiting the specific website, you are most likely going to get a better and satisfying answer to your search. Thus, including any other extra information like their services and what other things they do.

More Tips

More so, if you can locate a store that serves or sells what you want to buy before you visit the shop, you will have firsthand info first before you arrive in the store. Thus, that is why many people prefer searching with their phones and laptop instead of looking for who to ask.

Finally, there is nothing good as to what the change in the tech world has brought to use. Thus, the beauty of access, the worth of security, and other things tech brought along is why businesses have moved forward today.

By the way, this post has gone a long to let you know lots of things, so I would like to finalize here. But before I drop the pen, I would like to charge you to help me out with something.

In the End

To cap it all, if you read to this point, I trust the post was helpful. But, if proved otherwise. As a result, if there is a fact or info you would want me to correct or add to the post. Maybe a question, best of all, a thank you comment. It’s no big deal, use the comment box below. I delight to hearing from you.

One more thing, if you know a friend this post will be of help. Be it on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. Don’t forget to use the share button below. Remember, when you help a friend, a whole community benefits. Thanks.


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