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eRenterPlan Insurance – eRenterPlan Insurance Login

You might think that it doesn’t make sense to mention the obvious at first. But I do think it will help potential customers or to be policyholders to make the right decision and to do that quickly. So, without painting words, eRenterPlan Insurance is expensive Policies with few features. This post explains why as well as opens you up to other information you need to know about eRenterPlan Insurance. Only keep reading.eRenterPlan Insurance

eRenterPlan is a renter’s insurance policy that may be offered to you by your property manager when you sign up for a new lease on a property. But there are flops. What exactly?

Due to its basic policies, high rates, and poor customer service, I would recommend you review other insurers for cheaper and relatable policies before reaching out to eRenterPlan. Be it as may there still exist reasons why you should opt-in for eRenterPlan Insurance policies.

Let’s start with the Insurance review…

eRenterPlan Renters Insurance Review

first, I will delve a bit about the company’s information. To do that, I will start this way. eRenterPlan company is an insurance company that covers over 7,500 properties and 1.8 million units throughout the U.S.

Be it as it may, the policy availability is not for all. Here is what I mean by that, you only get to purchase its policy if your Landlord or property manager is in partnership with eRenterPlan which is a way to ensure their tenants are covered.

It is not mandatory that you purchase its policy due to its limitations. You can fill out requirements to subscribe to a different Renters insurance company.

What is eRenterPlan?

eRenterPlan is a Renter’s insurance policy with almost no depth for a buyer to alter so as to suit individual specifications on their coverage. It’s simple, just select your personal property coverage and deductible, a minimal choice of add-on coverage options will be given to you.

For property management companies to ensure their tenants are covered, subscribe to eRenterplan policy. But for tenants, we recommend that you seek out other insurance companies with policies that fit your needs and offer you this and more at a cheaper rate.

How does eRenterPlan work?

You may come across eRenterPlan if your apartment requires you to obtain renters insurance coverage, where you are directed to or where you can find available rates and coverage for your building.

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A licensed Insurance agency based in Irvine, California named Leasing Desk insurance services offers eRenterPlan as a product that acts as a broker for renters insurance policies.

If you purchase eRenterPlan coverage, you are insured by one of its 3 partners (underwriters) companies:

  1. First, American Modern Insurance Group
  2. American National Insurance Co.
  3. Lastly, Market Corp.

eRenterPlan services

Who exactly does the company serve? eRenterPlan services are only available for people who rent a building that has been subscribed to eRenterPlan’s policies. In other words, you get to know this when you enter your Zip code into eRenterPlan’s website.

That is to say, if your building isn’t  subscribed to its policies, you will receive a quote from a partner organization known as Covermystuff whose services differ from eRenterPlan’s services.

eRenterPlan Renters Insurance Policy Coverage

To begin with, eRenterPlan offers the standard coverage features any other renters insurance policy would offer. But it doesn’t give much room for alterations to suit individual specifications by adjusting base coverage and adding features.

For example; a maximum limit of $50,000 serves as coverage for property damage. And so if your property is worth more than this, eRenterPlan renters’ insurance company won’t cover you in full.

More so, $100,000 serves as limited coverage for personal liability, which prevents you from opting for higher levels of coverage offered by insurers typically.

Although insurers will generally provide choices for liability insurance far in excess of $100,000 at limited additional cost. This level of coverage offered by eRenterPlan is fairly standard in renters’ insurance policy.

For instance, if you opt for $20,000 of property coverage with State Farm. You can increase your liability coverage from $100,000 to 300,000 for the same price, all else equal. eRenterPlan coverage for emergency medical payment is inflexible at $1,000.


Although eRenterplan offers adjustable limits for theft and jewelry damage. it doesn’t allow you to adjust limits for other high valuables which gets you stuck with eRenterPlan’s standard limit.

It is important to know that neither of the 2 positive features of eRenterPlan coverage makes it worth considering above other options. Although these 2 features are super interesting;

  1. The company value property damage at replacement cost.
  2. Fairly generous coverage for the Additional Living Expenses (ALE) incurred beyond your normal living expenses – if your residence becomes uninhabitable.
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More on What ERenterPlan Covers

ERenterPlan will cover ALE up to 100% of your personal property limit until your apartment becomes habitable again. Unlike most Renters Insurance Policies that cover ALE to a percentage e.g 30% of your personal property limit until your apartment becomes habitable again.

For example,  if your normal living expenses are $2,000 a month and you’re forced to leave your apartment if your additional monthly expenses are $2,500 a month.

Also, your ALE is the difference between that and your normal expenses, which is $500. If you have eRenterPlan’s lowest ALE limit of $10,000. And are paying additional living expenses of $500 per month, this would take you 20 months to reach your limit.

Additional coverage options offered by eRenterPlan

  1. Water sewer backup: costs an additional $12 per year, this covers damage from the backup of the city water system through the toilet, sink, tub, and water drain.
  2. Increased limits for jewelry theft: To the standard of $1,000, you can increase the limit to $2,500 for an additional $ 24 per year or $5,000 for $60 per year.

eRenterPlan Quote

They base these rates on sample quotes with common features and do not account for the fact that eRenterPlan doesn’t offer discounts like major insurers. You can check out for other insurers to see the discounts they offer.

eRenterPlan customer reviews and ratings

It is no news that customers often make complaints about the out of reach habits of our customer representatives and our poor customer services.

Reviews from customers quote difficulty canceling their eRenterPlan insurance policy due to the out of reach habit of its representatives. And the fact that as a policyholder you cannot use your eRenterPlan login to cancel online instead your only option is calling eRenterPlan’s phone number at 1 (888) 512- 4204.

Also, you may have to worry less when making a claim if you have purchased an eRenterPlan policy due to the decent reputation of its 3 underwriters. It is nice to know that these 3 eRenterPlan partners have customer complaints which are slightly above. Or below the median level of complaints about insurers.

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eRenterPlan login

First, to access your account, get a quote, manage your account, or file a claim. You will need to log in or sign in with your username and password to go to your customers’ dashboard.

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This post seeks to open your eyes to why you need or need not become a policyholder. As such, this content was well researched and facts on the post are well or duly referenced.

In the End

To cap it all, if you read to this point, I trust the post was helpful. But, if proved otherwise. As a result, if there is a fact or info you would want me to correct or add to the post. Maybe a question, best of all, a thank you comment. It’s no big deal, use the comment box below. I delight to hearing from you.

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