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Fix Twitch error 4000: Resource format not supported

Twitch error 4000 can occur when you try streaming on Twitch.  This error is usually backed by the “Media resource format not supported” message.

You’d agree that errors popping up while streaming can be so irritating, else, you wouldn’t be here. Especially the Twitch error 4000, which pops up almost immediately you start streaming. Anyways, this post is for you. You’d be able to fix the error in no time.How to fix error 4000 on Twitch

You may have experienced this error due to “a struggle” in sharing your computer’s resources (mostly audio) with another stream. However, Twitch can display the ‘error 4000’ due to many other issues.

As a result, Twitch breaks down, and hence, the “Media resource format not supported” message.

Now that you know the possible cause of this error, let’s now show you how you can fix this problem.

How to fix error 4000 on Twitch

  1. Ensure other media players are closed

Check if any media player or stream is playing on another browser before you reload twitch. In most cases, Twitch won’t load when another media stream has occupied a resource that it needs in order to stream.

If after closing the streams and media players the error still continues, go to the Task Manager on your computer and close all the open apps. Restart your browser again and try streaming with Twitch.

  1. Refresh the stream

This may seem really easy, but it’s capable of ending those frustrations you experience. The error might also be due to a poor or disconnected internet connection that occurred while you were streaming.

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If restarting the playback doesn’t solve the problem, you should refresh your browser.

You may also need to switch browsers, to confirm the source of the error. If switching browser makes the error go away, then you’ll need to check Plugins on the browser where you experienced the error.

  1. Disconnect and Reco

Your connected audio hardware may be interfering with your Twitch stream. Unplug all external audio Plugins, including any Bluetooth audio device, even to the least headphones.

When this is done, try streaming again, by restarting your stream.

After a while, you can reconnect your audio hardware when you no longer experience the ‘Resource format not supportederror.

  1. Use the twitch pop-out player

When you experience the ‘Twitch error 4000: Resource format not supported,you can continue streaming from that channel via pop-out player.

Although this fix is temporary, it can be a way out in a time of need. it can be a quick fix for this error in no time.

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To access the pop-out player on Twitch, locate the gear iconin your player and select Pop-out Player.

  1. Change autoplay settings on Chrome

Changing autoplay settings on Chrome can help to avoid audio and video from playing in the background to provide a fix for the ‘video not supported’ error on Twitch.

Here’s how to change autoplay settings on Chrome:

  • Open a new tab on your Google Chrome browser
  • Type chrome:flags in the address bar
  • Press enter
  • Locate autoplay policy
  • Select Document user activation is required in the dropdown box

When this is in place, videos and audio won’t play unrequested when you visit a website. You will be required to click the play button on a video if you want to play it.

  1. Change your audio card input to the primary audio driver

If you are a Windows PC user, you might find it difficult to stream on Twitch Tv. Especially when the primary audio driver is switched to an audio device.

If you experience this, here’s how to switch back the audio input to the primary audio driver:

  • on your Windows PC, press the Startbutton
  • Search Sound
  • Click Playback
  • locate the primary audio input based on your audio driver
  • Click Set Default

And that’s it, it is switched.

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