How to Set Up a MLA Format in Microsoft Word

We are offering tips on how to set up a MLA format in Microsoft Word. Once you follow these tips, it will be very easy to set it up without stress. You can do it yourself in no time. Apart from showing you how to set up a MLA format in Microsoft Word, we are also going to show how to set up MLA formatting in Word 2016.How to Set Up a MLA Format in Microsoft Word

MLA offers formatting guidelines for use in for professionals and academicians. Most employers and educators are required to use the manuscripts to follow the MLA’s guidelines since the format is uniform and quite easy to use.

How to Set Up a MLA Format in Microsoft Word

Start by setting the page margins: You can do this by selecting ‘File’ from the main menu. Tap on ‘Page Setup’ from the drop-down menu. Tap the ‘Margins’ button. Set the top, bottom, left and right margins each to 10 inch. Then click on the ‘OK’ tab to save the settings you have created.

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Set the font: According to MLA, all manuscripts are to be written in the Times New Roman font at a 12-point pitch. To do this, select ‘Format’ from the main menu, thereafter ‘Font’ from the drop-down menu. Then set the font to Times New Roman as well as the font size to 12. You are not to use bold, italics or underline for the main text of the manuscript. Tap on ‘OK’ to have these changes saved.

Set double spacing. To do this, you have to note that all MLA documents are double-spaced, which is why they contain one blank line between each line of text. Choose ‘Format’ from the main menu, thereafter ‘Paragraph’ from the drop-down list. Click on the ‘Indents and spacing’ button. Set ‘Line spacing’ to ‘Double’ then tap ‘OK’.

Set your header – To set your header in an MLA format note this. In an MLA format, the header gives your last name as well as a page number on each page. Tap on ‘View’ on the main menu, then ‘Header and Footer’ from the main menu that drops down. The header section will pop up on your document inside a dotted-line gray square. Enter your last name and a single space. On the floating menu, tap the image of a pound sign (also known as the number sign) on a page. This will insert the page number.

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How to Set Up MLA Formatting in Word 2016

  • Find your way to the home tab
  • Choose Times New Roman from the font list and change size to 12.
  • Go to the Home tab, tap on the arrow that expands Paragraph Settings.
  • Beneath Spacing, select Double and make sure Before and After are set to 0 pt.
  • Tap on OK
  • On the Layout button, tap Margins and choose Normal (1” on all sides)
  • Tap on the Insert button.
  • In the Header & Footer group, tap on Page Number
  • Select Top of Page and then Plain Number 3.
  • Enter your last name and click on the space bar once
  • Highlight the text and click on the Home button
  • Change font to Times New Roman, size 12
  • Thereafter double click beneath dotted line to start typing your paper.
  • Enter the following details, each on a separate line: Your name, instructor’s name, the course number, as well as the date (Day Month Year).
  • Click on the Enter Key to navigate down to a new line.
  • To center your title, tap on Center icon in the Paragraph section and enter the title of your paper.
  • To start your paper, click the Enter Key to navigate down to a new line.
  • Tap the Left icon in the Paragraph section.
  • Click Tab Key to Tndent and begin typing.
  • Don’t forget to hit the Tab Key each time you start a new paragraph.
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