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How to make a Twitch overlay

How to make a Twitch overlay:Twitch overlays also called stream overlays are graphics seen on your screen while streaming on Twitch.

For example, an overlay can be anything like a border around a webcam or a high-definition image of your favorite video game.Twitch Overlay

Generally, it is a transparent PNG graphic that you place around or above your webcam or game capture window. It is like masking your stream and positioning graphics below it so as to appear presentable and professional.

Obviously, you can’t use an overlay if you don’t know how to make them. Aside from this, you have to also learn how to fix them in your stream.

How to make an overlay for Twitch

There’s no one way to add overlays on your Twitch streams; there are various ways to do this. Below are some of the ways to do this:

  1. By using a template

In this method, you’ll have to download a template online and add it to your stream. You can use an OBS overlay template to simplify this process.

You’ll be successful at this if you are using the OBS Studio software.

These steps below will help you add the overlay to your stream.

  • Download the template online
  • Select the location where you want to add the overlay on the OBS software. OBS will create the scene by default
  • At the sources box, right-click
  • Select Image
  • Name the image and click OK.
  • Click on Browse to locate the overlay you want to add to the stream
  • Select the overlay
  • Click OK
  1. Designing the overlay yourself

One way to get a free customized overlay is to design it yourself. This is probably the best way to add overlays to your stream.  In this guide, we will use Adobe Photoshop.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open Photoshop
  • Go to File
  • Open New
  • Set the width of your image as 1920 and the height as 1080 pixels
  • Select OK
  • Click on Edit
  • Select Fill
  • Choose any background color of your choice
  • Press OK
  • Add an invincible layer to the background you chose.
  • Click on Layer
  • Select New
  • Select Layer (on this layer that you can add, edit, or draw your designs)
  • Get your mouse to the workspace
  • Start creating your designs by typing words. Or by clicking and dragging the rectangle tool to create shapes.
  • When you get your desired shape, select Edit, then Fill. Choose a color for your shapes and Click OK
  • Continue designing your graphics by creating more content. You can also add a subscriber list or chatbox.
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After creating the designs;

  • Select File
  • Click on Save As
  • Choose should be JPEG or PNG format

Have in mind that the Adobe Photoshop used in this guide is just for illustration. You can use any editor to make your live stream overlay. Just ensure you add the overlay to your OBS Studio as seen in number 1 above.

In summary, there are no specific rules as to making a Twitch overlay. Just make sure it is presentable and attractive to your viewers.

You may find it difficult to make your own customized overlay, you can stick to using the number 1 method above. That is, use a template and add it to your Twitch stream. You can also add an animated file to your stream overlay.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What size is a Twitch layout?

Twitch panels have a fixed length of 320 pixels. The height can vary with 75 pixels as the minimum and 600 pixels as the maximum dimensions.

What format are Twitch overlays?

The best size for Twitch overlays is 1920 × 1080 px. This ensures the highest screen resolution when importing broadcasting software tools.


What makes a good Twitch overlay?

When it comes to overlaying elements, less is usually more. Make sure that every extension serves a clear purpose. Keep it very tidy and always in service of the gameplay. Get creative and design something original and unique

What size are Twitch logos?

What is the Twitch Profile Picture Size? The right profile picture size for your Twitch channel is 1600 px by 1600 px.

Do streamers use overlays?

Most successful streamers use a simple animated overlay design focused on bordering the webcam screen and animating streaming events such as new subscribers.

How do you make an overlay in Canva?

In Canva, you can make a transparent overlay by selecting the square element and dragging it over your design. Set the desired color and use the opacity slider to achieve the right transparency level. Lastly, add any text or elements that should go on top of the transparent overlay.

What overlays do streamers use?

The most common software used for streaming is Streamlabs OBS, OBS, Lightstream, and OBS. live and xSplit. You can use these programs to set up your overlays within a few clicks. To apply your elements, simply choose the overlay file and start positioning it where you would like it to be applied.

What is an OBS overlay?

A stream overlay is a graphic frame or border around your webcam. It can be used for your stream starting soon or offline message, or for Twitch stream overlays and webcam overlays.

How do I fit my screen on OBS?

  • How Do I Make OBS Fit My Screen?
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and right-click on the “Sources” box.
  • A pop-up window will appear. Click “Filter.”
  • You’ll be redirected to a new window. Click on the plus icon in the bottom-left corner to add the “Crop/Pad” filter.
  • Adjust the cropping parameters to fit the screen.

What size is Twitch offline banner?

1920 x 1080 px

How do I resize a canvas in OBS?

You can now right-click a source and hit “Resize output (source size)” to have the canvas resize to fit your source.

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Are Streamlabs overlays free?

Streamlabs OBS comes with thousands of overlays to show your style. Some are free, and some are premium, but the program never disappoints

What’s the best stream overlay?

Best Stream Graphics & Overlays

  • Free, Premium.
  • Tactical Lion. Premium.
  • streamplay Graphics. Premium.
  • Free.
  • Premium.
  • Premium.
  • Free, Premium.
  • Free, Premium.

Where can I sell my Twitch overlays?

Run your online business with Gumroad

With Gumroad, selling your Twitch overlays and graphics online doesn’t require you to know to code. You can both sell products directly from Gumroad with a personalized URL, or embed them on your own website: Simply copy & paste to embed your Gumroad store on any webpage or site!


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