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Hobby Lobby Credit Card Login –

Apply for Hobby Lobby Credit Card at today.  Join millions of other cardholders who are ripping the benefits. They get the reward for spending when they make purchases both at the Hobby lobby and anywhere a Visa card is used.

Hobby Lobby Credit Card is one of our favorite rewards credit cards. Why?  Because of its ability to earn lots of rewards, points, and rewards cards used for purchases at any hobby lobby stores in the United States. With Hobby Lobby Credit Card you earn points on a variety of purchases.  Mostly Online shopping at, in-store, and everywhere Visa credit card is accepted.Hobby Lobby Credit Card

Hobby Lobby Credit Card also features a bonus category every quarter. For spending in the bonus category, cardholders can earn 1,000 points within the first few months of procurement.

More so, Hobby Lobby Credit Card earns a $5 bonus point per dollar spent at the Hobby Lobby. You get a $1 bonus point per dollar spent anywhere a Visa card is accepted. Furthermore, with the Hobby Lobby Credit Card Credit Card, you don’t have to worry about rewards expiring. How? rewards do not expire as long as your account is open.

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Review – Hobby Lobby Credit Card at

If you went through the introduction, you would have discovered lots more benefits that come with Hobby Lobby Credit Card. However, we understand that lots of credit card companies are striving for your attention. That is on which credit card to opt in for.

With Hobby Lobby Credit Card and what cardholders have said in review sites and in person, we did advise to give Hobby Lobby Credit Card an excellent consideration. This is if you are a reward-oriented credit user. That said, to make sure you got the clear features, benefits, and rewards that Hobby Lobby Credit Card provides, we would highlight a few of its features, benefits, rates, and fees below;

  1. No annual fee is applicable.
  2. Hobby Lobby Credit Cardis issued by US Bank.
  3. 0% intro APR on Purchases.
  4. 24% APR on Cash advance.
  5. Earn2500 points and be get $25 rewards card use only at hobby lobby stores
  6. Earn 5 points per $1 spent at the Hobby Lobby stores.
  7. Also, earn 1 point per $1 spent everywhere Visa is accepted.
  8. Earn up to 1,000 bonus points on your first purchase.
  9. 24/7 customer support service.
  10. No foreign transaction fee was applied.
  11. A 3% introductory fee on the balance transfer.
  12. Online credit card management.

Login – Hobby Lobby Credit Card login at

The online account management is without a login at Hobby Lobby Credit Card login with your login credential. However, the login process is extremely easy. In the event you don’t have online account login details, you would need to do a Hobby Lobby Credit Card sign-up. The login process will give you access to many of the account management features such as;

  1. Help desk Line – the Customer representative support at 1-800-888-0321 for help and assistance
  2. My Account tab – an online management feature to help check your balance, view your card statement, pay the bill, make transfers, and some other personal account transactions
  3. Store Finder button – this account management tool helps you to locate a nearby Hobby lobby store
  4. Gift Cards tab– this of the card issued for the rewards points you earn, it’s used for purchases at Hobby Lobby, with the gift card tab, you can check the balance left on the card, pay with it, as well as claim accrued points.
  5. Rewards Visa Card tab – this is also another rewards points card but can now be used anywhere Visa is accepted, you can check its balance, pay with it, and redeem other accrued points.
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You would also come across many other online account management features like careers, customer service, contact us, shipping & returns, and the order status check tab. All of these features and functions help in managing your account and transactions online.

Login Instructions

Here is how to log in with your account username and password.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the manage my account button
  3. Key in your user ID
  4. Enter your password
  5. Tap on the sign-in button

Forgot Password – Forgot User ID or Password?

In the event you forgot your Hobby Lobby Credit Card account password or username, you can easily recover it or reset the password following the below guide

  • Visit
  • Click on “Manage Account”
  • On the login page, tap on the “Forgot Username or password” link
  • Provide the required information; usually your SSN, Date of Birth, etc.
  • Enter your email address
  • Click on reset password and an email with a password reset link will be sent to you
  • Locate the email and click on the link to initiate the password recovery

Hobby Lobby Credit CardCard Application – How to Apply forHobby Lobby Credit Card online at

The robust rewards and benefits on the Discover it® Cash Back make it an irresistible offer for the customer who is looking for a cashback reward card. Here is how to apply for Discover it a Cashback credit card.

What you need to apply forHobby Lobby Credit Card

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Citizenship status
  • Employment status
  • Income
  • Monthly housing/rent payment
  • Bank account

When you have the above-listed information ready, follow the instruction below;

How to Apply

  1. Visit
  2. Navigate and click Apply Now
  3. Fill in the above-mentioned information
  4. Tap on the continue button
  5. Review your information and submit

How toActivateHobby Lobby, Credit Card

To start using your new Hobby Lobby Credit Card, you will need to activate it first. Hobby Lobby Credit Card is activated in two ways; card activation online and activation via telephone by contacting a customer care service representative at 1-800-347-2683.

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Sign Up

After your Hobby Lobby Credit Card application is approved at the US Bank application page, and your card delivered to you via mail, you will need to create an account at Following the below instruction will help out in opening the best buy account.

  • Visit
  • Navigate to credit cards and tap on it
  • Click on manage account
  • Tap on the “don’t have an account? Create One” link
  • Fill in the required field with your personal information
  • Hit on the “Create an account” button.

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Online Activation Instructions

You can activate your card with or without a login on the discover website. To activate your card online, follow the instructions below;

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your account
  3. Enter the date of birth
  4. Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  5. Key in the 16-digit card number
  6. Card expiration date as inscribed on the card
  7. Input the card’s 3-digit sequence ID located on the back of the card
  8. Click Continue
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Alternative Card Options to Hobby Lobby Credit Card

If you are looking for alternative cashback cards with rewards and bonuses, check out;

  • Chase Freedom Unlimited
  • Blue Cash Everyday® from American Express
  • Blue Cash Preferred® from American Express
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

How to check Hobby Lobby Credit Card Application Status

If you have applied for Hobby Lobby Credit Card, you can check your application status by contacting a customer care representative at 1-800-888-0321.

How to cancel Hobby Lobby Credit CardApplication

In the event you want to discontinue the Hobby Lobby Credit Card credit application or want to close your account, you can call a customer care representative at 1-800-888-0321.

To pay your credit bill online, you will need to visit the official site and make use of the Bill Payment option.

  1. Visit
  2. Manage my account
  3. Login to your account using your login credential, if you don’t have one create it, we might show you how to sign up for Hobby Lobby Credit Card Payment
  4. Tap on the Pay bill online button
  5. Log in if you have not
  6. Locate the bill payment section
  7. Click and chose how you want your bill paid and the amount

Customers Care Support

In case you have certain inquiries to make or need assistance, you can contact a customer service care representative at 1-866-546-9241.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Hobby Lobby Credit Card Site

Just Turned 18, what do I check for before Applying for a Credit Card in the US?

There are considerable factors to look out for before applying for a credit card, things that when carefully checked you wouldn’t regret applying for a credit card with a particular credit card issuer. Before you apply check for;

  • Access
  • Compare credit card features.
  • Rewards, perks, and Incentives.
  • Fees, charges, and Interest rate.
  • Credit limit.
  • Application process.
  • Credit score minimum and maximum criteria.
  • Introductory Interest rate (APR)

How Do I Apply for Credit Card online? And What Do I Need to Apply?

How to Fill a Credit Card Application Form Online – Apply Online – Apply Via Telephone – Apply in Person – Apply Via Mail

Remember, that most credit card issuer offers different options or ways for customers to apply for their credit card, some of which are; customers can apply for a credit card on their online website, over the telephone, application through mail, and through the in-person application.

But before you proceed with the application process go through the company website and check for all the required info. Once you have assembled all the info, you can either apply online, by telephone, in person, or with a copy of the signup that you will send via the postal service (mail).

Here are some basic personal, employment, asset, etc data frequently asked for by a credit card issuer.


  • Driver’s license number
  • Social security number.
  • Also, Work phone numbers
  • Previous residence
  • Referrals
  • Name
  • Also, the Email address
  • Current home address
  • Personal Phone number
  • Employment status
  • Annual income
  • Monthly income
  • Bank account
  • Investments
  • Birthdate

After you’ve provided all the information required during the form-filling process, the issuer goes on analysis with your details to find your credit history, scores, reports, and your loan behavior, debt, and past credit signup.

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After the analysis, if you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be approved with notice, and when you will be mailed your new credit card alongside the activation process to follow to start making use of your credit card.

Most times mailed in days, depending on the terms of the credit card company. However, if you are didn’t get approved, if your application is declined you will receive a message or a decline letter telling why your credit card wasn’t approved. Below is the list of eligibility criteria commonly required by most credit card issuing companies.

Most Credit Card Issuers Eligibility Criteria

Though different banks and credit card issuance companies have different eligibility criteria they’re the most commonly seen criteria among Banks and other credit card issuers. They’re as follows;

  1. People who are 18 years and above can apply for a credit card.
  2. Also, The person must have a bank account in their name.
  3. The applicant is required to have a good CIBIL score of 650 and above (depending on the type of credit card the person is applying for, some rebuilders credit card companies accept credit card scores below 650).
  4. Also, The income of the applicant should be regular and stable, as it ensures timely repayment.

Documents required for applying for a Credit Card

Here are important and non-negotiable documents a customer or credit card applicant must provide during the credit card application process;

  1. Identity Proof: Passport/ PAN Card/ Driving License/ Voter-ID etc.
  2. Residence Proof:Aadhar Card/ Voter-ID/ Utility Bills/ Bank Statement etc.
  3. Income Documents: Salaried Individual (Last 3 months salary slips, latest 6 months bank statement showing salary credit), Self-employed Individual (Latest Income Tax Returns with the total of income or certified financial documents, Proof of Business Existence).

Note: In the event, you are already using a credit card, income documents are not required. Instead, you are required to give the front copy of the credit card you are already using and the latest statement within the last 15 days.


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