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How do I Program a Dollar Tree Universal Remote?

Want to know how you can program a Dollar Tree Universal remote? If yes, then you are on the right page and have nothing to worry about. You will get the answer you want in no time.

What is a Dollar Tree Universal Remote? The Dollar Tree Universal Remote is a brand of inexpensive universal remote control that can be programmed to control various devices. This remote can be programmed to control your TV, VCR, DVD player, stereo or other components in minutes. This remote is offered by the Dollar Tree retail store.

This now brings us to the next point – how do I program a Dollar Tree Universal Remote?

Using these simple steps, you can easily carry out these processes without as much as sweating. The process is represented in four steps.

 Here let’s get on with it:

  • You will be starting the process by pressing and holding the “Set” key on your remote. Then press the key for the component that you are programming (“TV” “VCR”, etc.) at the same time.
  • The next thing you should be doing is to hold both keys until the LED light on the remote switches on. Then you can release the buttons.
  • Thirdly, key in a three-digit code for your device on the remote’s keypad. You can find the code in the manual for the remote.
  • Hold on for the LED light to blink two times. Then press the channel up button on your remote until the device responds. Now the process is complete and your Dollar Tree Universal Remote has been successfully programmed.
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Congratulations!! You just succeeded in programming a Dollar Tree Universal remote using just four steps. You can always refer to this page anytime you get confused about how to program your Dollar Tree Universal Remote.



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