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How to Dial a Phone Number Extension

Getting confused about how to dial a phone number extension? we are here to help. We will be showing you how to dial a phone number extension using an iPhone, Android phone and Windows phone. These steps should cover any device you are using. However, before we start, let’s get a little information about phone extensions.Phone Number Extension

Phone extensions offer extended directory options to make up for situations where using the regular phone system is impractical. This is seen more in an office building where potentially hundreds of individual phones are being used. Using traditional phone extensions implies dialing the building or service’s main number. Thereafter, waiting for an operator or automated system to ask for the extension number you are trying to reach. This method is the only method used by landlines, while smartphones on the other hand, have other tricks for expecting calls to extensions.

Now that we have gotten a little information about phone extensions, let’s get started with showing you how to dial a phone number extension.

For Android Phone

If you are using an Android device, you can dial extended numbers in two ways:

  • First, by using the + symbol on the number pad when dialing a number, not in your contacts.
  • The second option is by entering + when adding a new contact.
  • To add an extension when dialing, after you have entered the main number, just press and hold the 0 buttons until a + is added to the number. Then enter the extension number.
  • You can use the same steps when entering a number with an extension into a new contact.
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For iPhones

iPhone users can simply dial extended numbers by:

  • Entering the main number or building number.
  • Then press and hold the ***** key until a comma appears in the number.
  • Then key in the extension and send the call as normal.

For Windows Devices

Even though Windows phones do not have the option to add an extension when entering a number to dial, you can still add an extension to the number in contact.

  • Start by opening the text or email app.
  • Type the main phone number.
  • Type w, for the extension, to instantly dial after the main number.
  • You can also type p, to pause three seconds before the extension number is dialed.
  • Click the full number you typed and drag the circles at each end in order to highlight the entire number.
  • Then click on “Copy”.
  • Load the “Start” menu
  • Tap on “People”.
  • Swipe over to “Contacts” and click on “New +”.
  • Click the “Mobile” field and choose “Paste” to add the number.
  • You may need to swipe to the text suggestions menu in order to get the Paste option.
  • Then use the contact card to make the call.
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There you have it. So if your device falls in the category of the three devices mentioned above, you can use the steps listed to sort the phone number extension issue out. It’s that easy.

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