How to Find Out My Cell Phone’s Email

Have you ever bothered about finding out your cell phone’s email address? If you have never considered this option, you can do that right away as you can benefit from this. You may be wondering how? Here’s your answer. Your cell phone’s text communication capabilities is designed not only to send and receive texts to and from other cell phones. Rather you can also use it in sending email messages to your phone and receive them as text messages. It has the capability of allowing you to reply to a message sent in this way and have the reply pop up in your email inbox. However before you can try any of this, first, you need to find out your cell phone’s email address.How to Find Out My Cell Phone’s Email

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To find out your cell phone’s email address and enjoy the benefits that accrues with it:

  • Scroll to where you have your cell phone’s text messaging section. Start composing a new text message as you would normally. Compose a brief text message.
  • Type in your email address into the “To” or “Recipient” section of the text message you just composed. Understand that you may manually need to switch your phone’s entry mode from numbers to letters to do this. You can typically accomplish this by pressing a single button. However the process differs based on the phone you are using. You can check the manual to get details that are specific to your phone if you do not know how to do this.
  • Send the message. Instead of going to another cell phone, the massage will pop up in your email account instead.
  • Then check the email account to which you sent the message. You should see a new email from an address which starts with your 10 digit cell phone number. You are to open this message and read the line that tells you the address from which the email came from. Now, this is your cell phone’s email address.
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