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How to Activate a Sprint Phone Over the Phone

How to activate a Sprint phone over the phone – Did you just get a new Sprint phone and want to know all about how you can activate it over the phone?. You are certainly on the right page as we are about to set that boat sailing right now to help you with the answers you need.How to Activate a Sprint Phone Over the Phone

We will be giving you more than one option of how you can activate your Sprint phone. It is easy simple and quite an easy-to-do process. You just need to follow these article to learn just how you can do it.

Let’s start by telling you what you need to do while you prepare to activate:

Preparing to Activate

You need an account for your phone

When you are preparing to activate, you must make sure that you have an account for your phone. If you happen to be switching over to an iPhone or an Android device, you’ll have to set up an iCloud or Gmail account respectively.

Remove the old phone’s SIM card

You will only need to remove the SIM card only if you want to use the same phone number on your new phone as you used on your old phone. However if you are using a brand new SIM card from Verizon you can skip this step.

Back up your old phone’s information

If it is necessary, you can back up your old phone’s information. You’ll need to back up your data to your old phone’s cloud storage service or computer if you want to restore an old phone’s information onto your new phone.

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Locate your phone’s MEID or IMEI number

If you just bought the phone, you can find the number in the phone’s packaging or manual. You can also find the MEID or IMEI number by dialing *#06#. iPhone users can find theirs in the heading of the ‘About’ menu in the ‘General’ section of the Settings app.

If necessary turn off iMessage

In case your old phone is an iPhone and you are switching to an Android, you’ll be required to disable iMessage on your iPhone before you go further. You can simply do this by clicking on Settings. Find your way down and click on Messages, then click on the green ‘iMessage’ switch.

Have the necessary information handy

Ensure you have your Social Security number, any Sprint account number, billing address as well as phone number handy. You will also need to have your credit card, debit card or bank account information handy in case you need to pay for phone service.

If you are already a Sprint customer, or you are a customer of another carrier and you have to port your phone number to Sprint you’ll need to be acquainted with your cellphone account information, including your phone number as well as any PIN you may have set for security purposes. You also have to charge your phone to full capacity to avoid power outage while you are in the middle of activation.

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Now that you are all ready and eager to get started, let’s show what to do.

How to Activate a Sprint Phone Over the Phone

To activate a Sprint phone over the phone, call the Sprint assistance line – 888-211-4727. You can use another phone if necessary, and provide whatever information is required by the Sprint customer service.

After you have called the number, you’ll have a Sprint customer service agent who will walk you through the whole process.

How to Activate a Sprint Phone Online

To activate a Sprint phone online via the Sprint website:

  • Visit the Sprint official website using a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Enter the required information.
  • If you are making use of Boost Mobile or you are using another virtual network operator that uses the Sprint network, you can use that organization’s network instead of Sprint’s.

How to Check If the Activation was Successful

If you want to check before or after you finish up online the success rate of the activation, you can do these:

  • Try making and receiving calls
  • Send and receive messages
  • Try using your data plan if you have.
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Note, if you are porting a phone number from another carrier, it may take some time to process.


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