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How to Make a Discover Card Payment

Have you been looking for steps to guide you on how to make a Discover card payment? We will be giving you tools and tips, to help you make your Discover card payment with ease.How to Make a Discover Card Payment

What are my payment requirements?

Before we start with the different payment options, first let’s see the payment requirements.

Here are the information on the payment posting:

For Non-Discover It Card Members:

  • Payments submitted before 5:00 PM Eastern Time (ET) with a payment posting date of the same day gets credited to your account that same day.
  • After 5:00 PM ET, payments cannot be submitted with a posting date of that same day.
  • Payments that are scheduled for a future date will be credited to your account on the date selected.
  • Online and phone payments scheduled, but not yet posted, can be canceled online up until 5:00 PM ET on the payment posting date will not get posted on your account.

For Discover It Card Members:

  • Payments that are submitted before midnight Eastern Time (ET) gets credited to your account that day, except for payments made on the cycle date. Payments made on your cycle date submitted before 5:00 PM, gets credited as of that same day.
  • Same day payments submitted before 5:00 PM ET can be cancelled until 5:00 PM ET that same day. Same day payments submitted after 5:00 PM ET but before midnight ET can be cancelled until midnight of that same day.
  • Payments that are scheduled for a future date will be credited to your account on the date selected. Future scheduled payments can be cancelled until 5:00 ET of the scheduled date.
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Make an Online Payment

Opting to make your Discover payment online is one of the best decisions you can ever make. That is because making payments via this medium comes with so much ease makes making payments fun. From anywhere you are, straight from your device, you can make payments with just a click of a button. Let’s see how you can make payment online:

  • Visit the
  • Click on the “Pay Online” section
  • As the portal opens, log in to your Discover Card Account.

You can log in by, providing your User ID and Password. Thereafter you click on the “Remember User ID” option if you want to stay logged in.

  • Then click on the “Log In” option.
  • After you have successfully logged in, you can follow the prompts to make your online payment.

You can make up to two online payments a day using different bank accounts.


Discover® Click to Pay

Learn here on how to use your Discover Card with Click to Pay. When you are making purchases, its easy and secure to check out online with Discover® Click to Pay. This medium offers you easy online shopping as there is no need for billing and shipping information. All you have to do is, simply check out using the email address for your Discover Card. You also enjoy enhanced security without entering passwords wherever you see. Customers also earn rewards when using their Discover card in Click to Pay. Additionally, you’re never responsible for unauthorized purchases made using your Discover card in Click to Pay.

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Let’s get started with Click to Pay:

  • Choose Click to Pay as your payment method at checkout.
  • Provide email you use for your Discover Card account.
  • Confirm your order and checkout.

Discover Card Payment by Phone

Another easy way of making a Discover card payment is via phone. This method offers you security and convenience in making your payments. Let’s see how its done:

You can pay your Discover bill anytime by calling 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683).

Discover has no pay-by-phone convenience fee.

Pay From the Discover Mobile App

You can use the Discover Mobile App to make payment. You can simply text App to DISCOV (347268) to download the app to your phone.

Other Payment Options

Here are other payment options you can use in making payment:

  • Use the online “bill pay service” from your bank account.
  • You can start making a monthly automatic payment to ensure you make your payment online to avoid late fees.
  • You can also mail in your payment with the payment coupon on your statement.
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Offering you more than one medium of making payment, Discover makes it more easier than ever before for you to make payments. For whichever medium you choose to pay with, it is safe, fast and secure.


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