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Discover Mobile App

The Discover mobile app is available only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It is an app that helps you access your money wherever you are. You can spend, save, borrow and earn rewards from the app.Discover Mobile App

From Discover’s mobile app, you can conveniently and securely manage your Discover credit card and bank accounts from anywhere. You can check your account balance, view your account information, make and edit payments, add your card to Apple Pay, manage your rewards, etc. all from your mobile device.

In this review, we will be outlining the different categories of benefits you’ll be enjoying with the Discover mobile app should you download it. From fast account access, managing your Discover credit card and account and managing your Discover bank deposit account & personal loan account.

Fast Account Access

For easy account access, you can:

  • Log in faster with a 4-digit passcode.
  • Log in quickly with Discover Touch ID, available for users with Discover passcode enabled on an eligible device – not supported on modified or jailbroken devices.
  • Enables Quick View to view account information without logging in.
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Manage Your Discover Credit Card Account From the App

You can securely and conveniently manage your Discover credit card account from the app. You can:

  • Check your balance and available credit, as well as view or download monthly statements.
  • View and search transactions activity.
  • Make payments and edit or cancel pending payments.
  • Redeem rewards in any amount as a statement credit towards your monthly bill, including your minimum payment due.
  • Redeem rewards in any amount, as an electronic deposit to your bank account.
  • You can redeem rewards for gift cards starting at only $5, and additionally, get an added bonus on every card.
  • Now you can link your Discover card to your Amazon and Paypal accounts. This will make it easier for you to earn and pay with rewards for eligible purchases at checkout.
  • Easily view your FICO® Credit Score® for free and learn what it means to lenders.
  • See FICO® Credit Score terms at
  • Easily freeze and unfreeze your account to prevent new purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers.
  • You can now add your card to Apple Pay to use for purchases in-store on eligible devices with iOS 9
  • Easily send and receive messages from Discover Customer Service.
  • View and edit your account profile from the app.
  • Right from the app, activate a new card or report a current card as lost, stolen or misplaced.
  • Make use of the Travel Notification feature to help ensure uninterrupted use of your card while traveling.
  • Sign up to get alerts about your account.
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Manage Your Discover Bank Deposit Account & Personal Loan Account

Here is how to manage your Discover bank account and personal loan account from the app:

  • View your account balances, summary, and transaction history.
  • Track your account activity and schedule transactions.
  • Transfer money
  • Pay bills
  • Deposit checks
  • Locate ATMs – Nationwide ATMs available to use your Discover debit card
  • View statements
  • View and send secure messages
  • Make personal loan payments.


Wallet –Get all of your passes, tickets, cards, and so much more in one place.

Family Sharing – The family Sharing set up, gives room for up to six family members to use this app.

Siri –With Siri, you can get things done within the app using just your voice.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or comments about Discover’s Mobile App, you can email them at:

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With Discover’s mobile app, your money matters wherever you are. You can spend, save, borrow, and earn rewards wherever you are. Enjoy the Discover mobile app!!!



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