How to Make a Restricted Phone Call

So many reasons might necessitate the need for you to make a restricted phone call. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t want the person you are calling to have your phone number, you can make a restricted phone call. When making a restricted phone call, your call goes through, but the other party cannot see who is calling in caller ID. When you use this feature at the right time, it will help you to avoid the costly and complicated process of having to change your phone number in the future.How to Make a Restricted Phone Call

How do you make a restricted phone call? It’s easy, you can take a cue from our well-represented steps here to complete the process.

  • Start by initiating your call. Press 67. The 67 code is known as a “call display block”. This code hides your phone number from other parties.
  • Next, dial the phone number as you would normally do. When the call goes through, the other party will see your call pop up as “private”.
  • On your cellphone, proceed to “Settings” and then “Call Settings” (or similar). If you happen to see an option for making all of your outbound calls private, choose that option.
  • Put a call across to your cellphone service provider. Ask to set a call restriction on your line. With this restriction, every outbound call you make comes up as “private” or “unavailable” on the other person’s phone.
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However, the downside to this is that most people may not respond to calls that appear private. As such, you should know when to use this method, as this may not work well for everybody. Be it as it may, you can still use it whenever the situation demands you use it. It can come in handy in some situations.