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Meaning of a Restricted Call on Verizon

So many Verizon users often wonder what a restricted call on their Verizon phone means. If you find yourself asking these questions, it means you need answers, and I am here to offer you the answers you need, so you’ll know what to do.

Verizon offers call restriction services for free. Users don’t have to pay to use the Caller ID blocking code when making a call. If you want to have your phone number permanently restricted, simply place a call to Verizon customer service at 800-922-0204or dial 611from your Verizon Wireless phone.

Incoming Call Restriction

Anytime your Verizon phone rings and your caller ID is displaying “the call is restricted”, here is what it means. It simply means that the caller on the other end wants to stay anonymous, thus blocked his phone number from being displayed on your caller ID display. This happens when the caller blocks, or restricts their number from your caller ID. When this happens, you will not be able to know who is calling until you answer the call to know who is calling. If you do not want to answer, you can let the call go to voicemail to see if whoever is calling leaves a message.

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Outgoing Calls

If you want to restrict your outgoing caller ID in order to stay anonymous when making calls, you can do this:

  • Enter a simple code before make your call.
  • Enter *67 before you enter the phone number you want to call.
  • Note, area code first.

How to Block Restricted Calls on Your Verizon Cell Phone

Here is how to block restricted call on your Verizon device:

  • Visit the Verizon app
  • Search for and click on “Block” then “Spam filter on”
  • Set a risk level. (Set it at “All risk levels”).
  • If you are using an Android phone, you can open the Verizon Caller Name ID app
  • Click on “Block management”
  • Click on “Spam filter”
  • Thereafter, toggle the feature on and choose the risk level.

Find Out Who Has Been Continuously Calling You From a Restricted Number

If you want to find out who has been continuously calling you from a restricted number here’s what you should understand. Anyone who wants to place a call with a phone, can dial “*67” before calling a number. When this happens, instead of their identity being revealed, the number will appear as “Private” “Unknown” or “Restricted” on the recipient’s caller ID.

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How to Unblock a number

If you have restricted your number when making calls but want to unblock it, here’s what you should do:

  • Click open your phone app
  • Click on “More”
  • Click on Settings – Blocked numbers
  • Close to the number you want to unblock, click on “Clear”. Unblock.

In as much as restricting your call helps you stay anonymous, it also comes with some disadvantages. This is because you may likely not have your calls answered by the people you are calling. Some people choose not to answer calls from recipients they do not know. People are more careful these days with the high level of increase in fraud and scam, thus may not want to answer calls from unknown sources. However if you wish to permanently restrict your Caller ID, you can do well to notify your close friends and family and even work colleagues so they know when your call comes through.

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