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Belk Employees Login is an online portal created and controlled by Belk associates for employee benefits access. The portal is designed for simply storing employees’ information and access to their benefits information.Belk Employees Login

This is so good in that employees with their login credentials from anywhere and from any device can access their employee’s benefits. In the event that you don’t have your employee’s login details, you can request one from your HR department.

But if you do have login credentials, you can visit and key in your username and password to access your benefits and other payroll information.

My Belk Associate Portal – Online Access – Users Dashboard

When employees do users login with their login credentials, there are been taken to the employee’s dashboard that helps them in accessing personal information, the company’s information, and payroll information including employee benefits. The easiest part of the Belk Associate Portalis the fact that it can be accessed from any device; Android, iOS; iPhone, iPad, tablet, and even on a personal computer or work desktop.

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When you log in to Belk Associate Portal with your employee’s login credentials, you will be able to access;

  • Employee HR file.
  • Your employee assistance plan.
  • 401k Plan.
  • Employee self-service (Name, phone number, Address).
  • Employee work time.
  • Schedule,
  • Timesheets

On the portal employees can access their paycheck information and Belk Scheduling/Time & Attendance for monitoring their work schedule and timesheets. Remember, you will need your employee’s login credentials to access your personal and company details on the website.

Online Access Homepage

When Belk employees visit the Belk Associate portal through the http://associate.belk.coma list of features will help in navigating in the portal such as’

  1. My Benefits (Workday, Belk benefits, Belk Discount, and Rewards).
  2. My company (Apply for Open Job Position).
  3. My News (News Releases and View Magazine).
  4. Special Tools.
  5. My links
  6. Excel program
  7. My tools.
  8. Submit an online report.
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Belk Employee Portal Login

These features above help with a lot of the information you will come across on the Belk Associate portal, some of which are most important to employees such as My benefits; which is where information about employees’ benefits, rewards, and discounts are stored, another helpful feature is “My links” which helps to access employees payroll information, work schedule, timesheets, and lots more.

They are also special tools like Belk Associate special tools like the Belk App for mobile users for easy access. However, here is how to access the employee’s dashboard on the site. With your mobile device or desktop, visit the official URL at and Navigate to “My Links”.


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