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Google Chrome Plugin – Plugins Settings – Chrome Extensions

Google is always rolling out new changes to its product for so many reasons. Google has been at the forefront in making its users get bets of service. Recently, Google rolled out another change by removing the Chrome plugins page. This came with Google Chrome version 83. Thereby, bringing up the hassle of users locating the Chrome plugins Settings.Chrome Plugins

However, the Google Chrome SuperUser Q&A daily post gave an answer to how users can access the plugin’s settings page on the Google Chrome browser and extensions. It is an easy one. Yes! simple and cool.

Google Chrome Plugins Settings Page – Chrome Extension

Chrome users have blown out a lot of questions on what happened to Chrome://plugins in Google Chrome. This is because they can’t locate the plugins settings page anymore. Thereby, using the formal nav button or option on the chrome settings>extension>plugins page.

The formal nav allowed Google Chrome users to enable and disable Adobe Flash Player. This is a Chrome extension and other third-party chrome extensions like; HubSpot Sales, Todoist, Reply. The rest are; StayFocusd, LastPass, Add to Trello, Extensions Manager. Basic extensions like adobe acrobat, google Docs offline, and lots more other useful extensions according to users’ preference and accessibility choice.

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On findings, users discovered that the options using Chrome://plugins page have been removed in Chrome 57.0.2987.98. This is the same for the latest Chrome version which prompted the recent lookout on how to access Chrome Plugins for disabling or enable options.

In the same vein, A lot of users are on the search with the question What happened to chrome://plugins in Google Chrome? The Chrome plugins were removed in the latest chrome.  Content settings were created with an option to enable or disable Adobe Flash Player.

For instance, The Enable and Disable option gives users the control either to display the installed Adobe Flash Plugins installed or not. It works for all users.

Browser Extension – How Browser Extensions Works

In other words, In Chromium, what happens is that each of the extensions is an HTML/JS/CSS webpage.  But they have certain special JS functions that are given to them. This enables them to get what is called the DOM element of each page.

The DOM element of each page has the complete HTML stuff of that page. Also, once you get it, you can get it to trigger specific elements like for example if there is a credit card text field, the DOM element allows you to watch the text field for changes. For example, if there is a form, it allows you to check what is the data that is there when it is submitted, this includes passwords.

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Browser Plugins – Google Chrome

Google chrome is the best web browser platform in the world. Chrome is injected in almost every computer system because it has infinite extensions. Thus, these extensions are helpful to you in your day-to-day Internet life.

Browser Plugins – Google Chrome

A browser extension is a small software application that adds capacity or scope to a web browser. A browser extension, also called a plug-in, can take advantage of the same application program interfaces (APIs) that JavaScript can on a web page. But the extension can do more because it also has access to its own set of APIs.

Browser extensions are usually written in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Like other types of software, browser extensions can be coded for undesirable behaviors. Also, it can be misused to deliver malware. Though most add-ons are reviewed prior to being listed. But, malicious extensions that violate browser developer program policies are not uncommon.

While extensions are typically used to add features and enhance the scope of a website, they can also be used to remove unwanted website elements. As a result, elements such as pop-up ads and features such as auto-play for online videos. Here is a list of useful Chrome extensions;

  • Firstly, AdBlock
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • Next, StayFocusd
  • Highly
  • Awesome Screenshot
  • Buffer
  • Grammarly
  • Also, LastPass
  • Tab Wrangler
  • HubSpot Sales,
  • Todoist
  • Again, Reply
  • Add to Trello
  • Next, Extensions Manager
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Lastly, Google doc offline
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