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RockAuto introduced an online order status checker and return page where customers can simply enter their email address or phone number and item order number to check their order status, request for change, report any challenges with an order or shipping, track their order, change Shipping information like address, and lots more simply by visiting order status website.Rockauto

Online Access Features – What Customers can Do when they Visit order status

RockAutowebsite provides customers with different ways they can manage and control their order and shipping with the order status online page access, which is easily accessed at Features accessible to customers when they visit the RockAuto site are;

  1. Check order status
  2. Request a change
  3. Report a problem with an order or shipment
  4. Get return instructions and shipping label or return tracking Instructions – How to check your Order

The process below will guide you on your visit to website for order management.

  1. Go
  2. Enter your email address or phone number.
  3. Key in your order number.
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How to Find Order Number

For customers who can’t remember their order number scroll down to the Order Look-Up interface and enter your email address, the list of your recent 10 orders linked to the very email address you supplied will be sent to you.

Sign Up – How to Create an Account

For account sign up on the Rockauto site, follow the below guide;

  1. Go to the homepage at
  2. Tap on the Create Account link
  3. Key in your email address.
  4. Input the security code shown in the image.
  5. Hit on the Submit button
  6. A confirmation email will be sent to you.
  7. Verify you’re the owner of the email by clicking on the link on the email.
  8. Create an account password.
  9. Confirm password.

Benefits of Account Sign Up

When you sign up for a account will be able to not only manage your order online but as well carry out some personal account and order changes like;

  1. Customers can use several addresses from past orders
  2. Enjoy quick access to the catalog vehicle.
  3. View order history.
  4. Search orders by part numbers.
  5. Find and search orders by category.
  6. Change your email address.
  7. Choose the language you want.
  8. Customers can as well manage past orders.
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Rockauto Online Login Access

Customers can log in to their Rockauto Account with their account credentials; username and password and manage their personal information as well as information related to their orders, such as;

  • Add and save a new Address.
  • Find and save Rockauto catalog vehicle information
  • Search post order information.
  • Search and view the Rockauto parts catalog list.
  • Customers can also search for parts by numbers, manufacturers, or part group
  • Finally, customers can view part catalog by car make


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