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Ninite Installer – Ninite Download– Ninite Windows Programs Installer – Install & Update Windows Software with Ninite

Ninite is a windows program installer perfectly designed for Windows users; Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. It installs and updates all your favorite software with just a single click.

Let’s say you reformatted your windows or installed a fresh Windows operating system on your personal computer and would want to have all your software installed at once without having to download them one after the other online. You definitely need the Ninite windows app installed and updated.Ninite Installer

Imagine the task, of spending hours in front of your newly installed windows or OS installing application whereas you still have a lot of tasks waiting for your attention. While not install that app at once and with just a single click.

Ninite Windows Program Installer

Ninite is an open-source application and a popular freeware app developed and deployed for the Windows operating system. The application was built by a combined effort of two programmers leaving in San Francisco. The basics of it are that you can install your favorite application while you concentrate on the most important task. Ninite can install just any app when launched on your PC. But you have had to first download the Ninite app from the official site page and install it on your computer by downloading the Ninite installer file.

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How to Download Ninite Installer File

The first step to using the Ninite app installer on your windows is to download the installer file form the with millions of users and billions of installs and updates on a daily basis, Ninite is worth trying. The amazing thing is that Ninite takes away the stress of occasional checking of outdated apps, it does the auto-update of outdated apps for you when a new app update is released by the app developer.

Download Ninite Installer

Follow the below download procedures;

  • Visit
  • Pick the apps you want to download.
  • Click on the get your Ninite
  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Launch the Ninite Installer

You will need to be connected to the internet to be able to download all the needed apps. There is no limit to the number of apps you can install and update with Ninite-app installer and Updater such as ninitete amviewer, ninite Malwarebytes, niniteccleaner.

Ninite Features

  • The app starts working the moment it’s launched
  • There is no choice or option complication of what app you are installing because it’s installed just the right app you selected.
  • It installs apps in the default location on your windows C program disk.
  • It doesn’t force toolbars or extra junk installation into your computer.
  • Analyze your system bit and installs the right app bit into your computer; it Installs 64-bit apps on 64-bit machines
  • Amazingly it installs apps in your PC’s language or one you choose
  • It does all its work in the background
  • Be sure to have the app Installed in its latest stable version.
  • skip up-to-date apps
  • Skip any reboot requests from installers
  • Use your proxy settings from Internet Explorer
  • Download apps from each publisher’s official site
  • Verify digital signatures or hashes before running anything
  • Work best if you turn off any web filters or firewalls
  • Time-Saving.
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Ninite Updater – Ninite Pro

With the updater pro offer, you can check your program updates or software updates and get them updated automatically without any manual support or search whatsoever. Making security easy, because when your apps are up-to-date, it will be hard to perpetrate fraudulent activities on your windows system. Neither will it be easy for hackers and key loggers to access your security login PINs and details.

Here is how to pay for the update checker at $10 price a year, but it worth the price compared to the risk of your information when your app is outdated and vulnerable to online fraudsters.


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